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  2. You can replace him with Chris Davis still, he only has a .004 lower average and has more home runs
  3. His start is very Ian Happ like. Happ had 13 HRs and 3 SB in his first 200 MLB PAs. People assumed either Happ would start to K less or accept him being a high K and HR hitter. Yet his HR rate declined in Y2 as pitchers got more familiar with his weaknesses. Giving less pitches he can crush. They are different players, Happs issues are different(high fastballs). Yet the warning sings are the same(extreme K, SwStr with above average, but not elite Power). It could either way. He could make adjustments as a developing young player can do. This current approach will lead to all around major(not just minor)regression in both BA and HR rates. He does not have Gallo power and his plate coverage isn't exactly that great either.
  4. I fully agree with that notion but Puig hasn’t proven to be an elite talent that I consider in that category. In a 10 team H2H league .260 25HR hitters are a dime a dozen.
  5. So with Kemp injured he should pretty much play every day now right?
  6. France's BB rate is also puke level low. 4 total BBs in 82 PA
  7. Riding the pine again tonight. Looks extremely bleak.
  8. Well 3 guys are over .400 currently in the PCL, which includes Travis Snider. Jorge Mateo is batting .386 after hitting .230 last year in the PCL.
  9. Can't edit my original post, but I'd like to post a reason #7. 7. The Chiefs intentionally signed Hyde and did not sign Yeldon. Maybe there were reasons why they couldn't sign Yeldon, but it seems when they had a choice, at the start of free agency, they chose Hyde. Shouldn't that mean something?
  10. Rules of Football (Soccer) A match consists of two 45 minutes halves with a 15 minute rest period in between. Each team can have a minimum off 11 players (including 1 goalkeeper who is the only player allowed to handle the ball within the 18 yard box) and a minimum of 7 players are needed to constitute a match. The field must be made of either artificial or natural grass. The size of pitches is allowed to vary but must be within 100-130 yards long and 50-100 yards wide. The pitch must also be marked with a rectangular shape around the outside showing out of bounds, two six yard boxes, two 18 yard boxes and a centre circle. A spot for a penalty placed 12 yards out of both goals and centre circle must also be visible. The ball must have a circumference of 58-61cm and be of a circular shape. Each team can name up to 7 substitute players. Substitutions can be made at any time of the match with each team being able to make a maximum of 3 substitutions per side. In the event of all three substitutes being made and a player having to leave the field for injury the team will be forced to play without a replacement for that player. Each game must include one referee and two assistant referee’s (linesmen). It’s the job of the referee to act as time keeper and make any decisions which may need to be made such as fouls, free kicks, throw ins, penalties and added on time at the end of each half. The referee may consult the assistant referees at any time in the match regarding a decision. It’s the assistant referee’s job to spot offside’s in the match (see below), throw ins for either team and also assist the referee in all decision making processes where appropriate. If the game needs to head to extra time as a result of both teams being level in a match then 30 minutes will be added in the form of two 15 minute halves after the allotted 90 minutes. If teams are still level after extra time then a penalty shootout must take place. The whole ball must cross the goal line for it to constitute as a goal. For fouls committed a player could receive either a yellow or red card depending on the severity of the foul; this comes down to the referee’s discretion. The yellow is a warning and a red card is a dismissal of that player. Two yellow cards will equal one red. Once a player is sent off then they cannot be replaced. If a ball goes out of play off an opponent in either of the side lines then it is given as a throw in. If it goes out of play off an attacking player on the base line then it is a goal kick. If it comes off a defending player it is a corner kick.
  11. Well let's see, major league talent usually has the talent to play in the majors... teams seem to think he DOESN'T. Which would be why he got ONLY a minor league deal and then the Yankees refused to call him up and cut him instead. He's way past his prime, at best a 5th starter on a bad team. There is a reason the Nationals would rather have Hellickson and Anibal Sanchez then Gio.
  12. Precisely my point, Christian Walker was who I snagged up (him and Frazier). I’ve been doing this for several years and to me at some point you have to be honest and ask yourself realistically what will Puig’s numbers look like? Are there players on the wire I feel will match or surpass his numbers? If that answer is yes then proceed. I’ve always liked Puig but the guy is just too emotional and is a hacker at heart. He has all the talent in the world but falls short between the ears IMO.
  13. See, all it took was a post by me to wake the kid up 😜
  14. With Hunter Dozier out I need my boy Rendon to come back tonight!
  15. Play the long game. A lot of the guys blocking Astudllio will end up on the IL eventually. It is baseball, after all.
  16. Ackley has a CAREER .283 average in the minors. He did ok. Biggio isn't undervalued in fantasy. Teams are holding onto him expecting Story like you said, yet forgot that a lot of owners gave up on Story after 2017 when he hit .239 and had almost 200 ks in the majors.
  17. Just would like to welcome Xander to the 2019 season. Now lets get a couple more bombs tonight.
  18. Low risk High reward situation. Not sure why they are underselling him. Will be the ace of a very good ball club (which should only get better).
  19. Hard to imagine that he's not going to be a top 50 OF option the rest of the way. But giving up on guys in April is a fantasy tradition that I support, makes it easier to win leagues
  20. MLB career thus far: 137 At Bats 46 Hits 32 Singles 8 Doubles 1 Triple 5 Home Runs 4 Strikeouts 19 runs 28 rbi 3 BB (+ 2 HBP) He is on pace for 421 at bats this year. His minor league numbers suggest his major league production is not out of the norm. 421 at bat projections: 141 Hits 98 Singles 24 Doubles 3 Triples 15 Home Runs 58 Runs 86 RBI 9 BB (+6 HBP) .334 AVG / .357 OBP Now who wouldn't take the above from their catcher at the start of the year? Of course you would. In fact that would be a top 3 catcher off the board. That would essentially be Buster Posey in his prime minus a few walks.
  21. Replace him with those guys? Not in a deeper league. Threee of those guys were drafted in both of my leagues, and Dozier didn’t last long on the wire. For me, there was no replacing him with Dozier, Walker, Bell, or Smoak.
  22. What a great job by Boyd in a very tough environment, and being economical to get through 7 and give himself (and the team) a chance at a win.
  23. Wander Franco 3 for 3 today, 3 doubles, and a walk. Raises average to exactly .300
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