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  2. What makes you think he's a .300 hitter? And 20-20 is probably a "best possible outcome" situation, really doubt he does that. I'm just talking about this year, not his long term prospects. He's still only 22 and he's OPSing .747 so far. He's clearly going through an adjustment phase and struggling with it at the moment. FWIW, I wouldn't cut him, just think if you're in an 8/10 teamer and there's a great option available it's a feasible move to make.
  3. Or he needs replacement players to make up the production he is losing. Hard in H2H to essentially start punting three out five categories in a standard 5X5. Otherwise you are just mailing in the season already. Going to try Blackman/Polanco in one league with a slight chance it works.
  4. Best OPS in AA. Most HR in AA. Road OPS .100 higher than home. Half his home runs on the road. 12/14 SB. Longenhagen said 70 speed. Hello. The 2019 Phillies at my new favorite team.
  5. Have had my eye on him for a while.. hes been picked up and dropped multiple times by impatient managers in my league. Haven't been able to pounce myself due to have a million guys on the DL and only 3 DL spots. Finally picked him up yesterday. Nice start with the HR today The guy has 30 HR power and could steal 12 bases playing for the run happy Brewers. Always had a good eye and hits the ball hard. Only issue that was plaguing him was strikeouts and hes cut that big time down to a more tolerable 25%. If he keeps his rates where they are with the pwoer and speed, hes more than serviceable especially in an OBP league
  6. Seems weird they let Altuve steal (arguably their most important player) but not Springer or Correa. Obviously they're both slower than Altuve, but still. Kinda surprising to see. Hard to see Correa even getting to 5 at this rate :/
  7. Looks nice so far. Thoughts?
  8. I can imagine him a tiny bit of value in a 20+ team or AL only league. 1 cat specialist is still worth owning there especially if you need to gain ground in steals. All of that said, Eric Young sucks.
  9. Even Colon?! His whip is 2.02 for his last 3 starts
  10. Right, but the points are the same compared to players from other teams so there are obviously going to be down weeks. Meaning you will lose games you could have won or even lose more games like you yourself mention. You can also score the same amount of points because Matt Ryan doing good =/= Jones doing good. Let's say you score 1,600 PPG over 16 games. 100 every game without stacking and 80/120 with stacking. Now, it is 100% luck on where you will win more dependent on your opponent. Making the strategy quite irrelevant in my opinion. I'm sorry but purposely going out of your way to get players on the same team seems like a waste of time to me. I always figured spend the first 3 rounds drafting the best player, if they are all RB/WR start filling in and if not continue to draft the best player, and then fill in the holes. Is it detrimental to your team? Not necessarily but I also don't see a point to it. If you, however, take Evans and then draft Winston over a guy like Carr or Newton just so you can "stack" then I am sorry but that is quite foolish and ridiculous reasoning.
  11. i'm in an 8 teamer and the options are limited in the outfield. certainly no ~300 hitters with 100R, 20/20 upside plus pedroia just got hurt so he'll probably go back in the 2 spot now dropping this guy? wtf
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  13. The homers have always been a problem for Julio. That and the mediocre strikeout rates make him hard to get excited about going forward but I still think he bounces back to have a productive season
  14. It's not crazy to make that drop. I think Frazier eventually will step it up and he's actually a decent points league asset. But if you don't believe in Frazier, I don't blame you for making the drop.
  15. Tough. I think you can handle it though. Best case scenario is that Trout is back just after the all-star break.That would make your offense incredibly scary though. I would pull the trigger. Trea, Arenado, Seager, Pollock, and Trout is an insane offense.
  16. Got the win, but three home runs against the Angels without Trout is disturbing. Especially when it gives him 7 HRs allowed in his last 15 1/3 IP. Now at 4.82, 1.47 and on pace for about 140 Ks. I'm not sure I can hang on.
  17. Very nice deal for you. Getting a huge amount of pitching help there. I'm not sure who to drop for Guerra. Maybe Bauer? I'm thinking maybe Baez but he's been pretty decent and offers nice versatility across the IF. Gut call really but your roster looks pretty nice.
  18. Depends on who the "three really good players" are. It took me my first, second, and sixth round picks to get Trout in my dynasty league, and my price to move him might be more, even with the injury. I'd definitely need a prime dynasty asset back -- Altuve, Arenado, Seager, someone in that range -- plus another top 20 player, or two top 40 players, something like that. There isn't a more bankable asset in the league, and that security needs to be valued over and above whatever on paper production you might get in the deal.
  19. Happ for Maybin, for the speed. BA not too great, however. Keep your eye on Kepler.
  20. I'd re look at his home/road splits if I were you. 9-24 .392/.432/.843 vs. 4-22 .272/.300/.430 1.276 OPS vs. .730. Geez
  21. I wish no one jumped in. Looked like it would've been a damn good fight
  22. And Springer
  23. My personal rule of thumb is that if a prospect has good tape and good measurables, I won't bet against him. McCaffrey destroyed the Pac-12, and his Combine results were absolutely elite for a speed back. Seriously - check out his spider chart. I personally have some doubts about him being able to run inside in the pros, or if he's too small for a top 10 RB. But a 6.57 3 cone, plus the all-time single season yardage crown: I'm not betting against that. The bigger question is how the Panthers plan to work him into the offense. This is a stable organization where everyone seems to be on the same page: if they're spending the #8 pick on a guy, they definitely have a plan to use him. But until we know what that is, it's hard to say what kind of fantasy value that will translate into. His preseason is going to be crucial for his ADP. My best guess is that Newton and Stewart will hog most of the scoring, and while McCaffrey will get yards, it'll be on shotgun runs and checkdowns between the 20s. If that's the case, then picking him in the first 5 or 6 rounds is a lot of risk for a very uncertain reward.
  24. to give the other team a chance
  25. Gallo is having a much better season so go for it. Hopefully Beltre coming back doesn't hinder his playing time.
  26. I have the same situation. DL: Syndergaard, Braun, Pollock No room for Duffy so I'm dropping him for Guerra
  27. 6th ranked hitter in my yahoo points league. Doesn't seem so bad to me, unless that was sarcasm, on your part. Trout, Goldschmidt, Harper, Blackmon, Votto are only ones doing better (passed Freeman and Arenado today). He is equal with Zimmerman
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