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  2. Yes, Zeke has been one of the best RB over the last few years - consistent and healthy. Plays for one of the better defenses and the offense runs through him. Your roster easily allows that move. Pull the trigger.
  3. How many Receivers can you start in your league? What is available on the WW (RBs)? Is it std, half-ppr or ppr? Depending on how many receiver you can start and if it's standard scoring I would do the trade. You're receiving corps looks pretty deep.
  4. Pretty much. I'm taking them in all 3 of my pools just like I took the Patriots in all 3 pools. There are a few juicy matchups in week 4 but none as clear as this week's Patriots pick and next week's Dallas pick. Week 4 is when I will have some actual decisions to make.
  5. I'm currently debating - with myself - if I should go for AB. The team that holds AB is the weakest in our league and therefore needs everything. AB is the only "shining" spot in his team (besides Kelce maybe). This is his team: Cam, Fitztragic AP, Burkhead, D.Montgomery, Lindsay AB, Hollywood Brown, Amendola, Fuller, Albert Wilson Kelce, OJ Howard My team: Wentz, Murray Cook, Carson, Murray, Brown, Mattison Thomas, Godwin, Samuel, McLaurin, Miller Waller, Doyle The trade that we talked a little bit yesterday during the games was Murray, Murray, McLaurin for Fitztragic, Montgomery, AB I don't care about Fitz since I can always pick up Brissett or the Jax-Hipster QB. Montgomery would be more like a potential Flex in later in the year when bye weeks hit and he is hopefully deployed correctly by Nagy AB would be the main guy here. He would be my second receiver and move Godwin to the Flex spot (or the other way around). Positives: a receiving corps with MT, AB Godwin would be the best - by far - in the league AB has - in my eyes - a clear path to being the WR1 if all pieces fall correctly. Murray, Murray, McLaurin are bench players, maybe Flex players if Samuel continues to disappoint, so I won't lose any starter Negatives: AB could be pulle by the league even if not guilty just because he f''ked with the league integrety by playing the raiders it will maybe take some weeks until he fullfills his whole potential with the pats D-Mont may never be used correctly this year McLaurin seems like a rising star What is your opinion on this trade? Any other trade constellations you would prefer? Feel free to post your opinion and a link to a question of yours and I will try to help you with yours, too
  6. Edelman got 4 targets. Really risky to start him
  7. Haven't heard anything at all except one report that said DJax was seen limping from the locker room after the game. If it just kept him out a couple of weeks that would be ok, but groin injuries are usually accompanied by a great deal of uncertainty. Could keep him out longer or linger after he returns. I'm preparing to go without him for awhile but I'm definitely holding and hope if he misses games that they he will get IR eligibility
  8. I'm waiting until he discounts at $4.95. And then I still won't take it.
  9. Started him in 4/5 season leagues and had him in almost all DFS entries, plus virtually every best ball league
  10. So, we're all agreed it's Dallas this week and no need to post any other comments for another week, right?
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  12. He could hit stretches of 50%+,but i’m not sold on him adjusting to being one of the top offensive options on a team just yet, especially since he projects as one of MEM’s better spot up options (lots of jumpshots). His shot selection is very good though; combined with his physical tools, he is unlikely to dip in the mid 40%s FG-wise over a time frame with a legit sample size.
  13. Sent Dede Westbrook for Miles Sanders 10 man PPR before week2 started
  14. My rotster Zeke/D.Williams/Miles Sanders OBJ/Hilton/Godwin/AJ Green/Terry McLaurin Do you make this trade?
  15. What you blind? You didn't see that? It was clear as day for anyone actually paying attention. You can pretend like you don't notice anything but its there. I don't wish anything bad toward Gurley. He was a great football player hope he gets better and gets back to his old self but he is obviously not the same. Why else are they giving the guy around 15 touches when he used to be the bell cow? Giving Brown goal line work? Had the ball on the one yard line today and Gurley is riding the bike grimacing. Common man.
  16. Did you go Dak? Looks like Sanders has a better game than Brown. But that was hard to predict. The Bears D has been tough. I sat Rodgers and played Dak. Thinking I’m going to ride Dak for a while. Hope you made out well.
  17. That weighted vest’s name is “Arizona Cardinals’ O-Line”.
  18. Without Brees this guy would be droppable...
  19. The question is, can he produce better stats (or play more minutes) than starting center Willie Cauley Stein? Warriors have often used a center who had not played much minutes like Bogut or Pachulia. When I did a prerank I ranked WCS higher than Looney, but maybe I am wrong?
  20. This guy's nickname at Ohio State was Touchdown Terry. He can make big plays and he's a beast in the red zone.
  21. My college roommate dropped $30+ on him this past week to get him in both of our leagues. I so badly want to make fun of him for overpaying and being wrong on this cat, but the usage today suggests he’s gonna have a big season if he stays healthy. 😔
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