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  2. I personally prefer Colome. Theyre adjacent for me I believe but Colome was really good and as impressive as it was we have very little track for Diaz
  3. Gortat for Collison lol??? Absolutely not. You got robbed
  4. Who do you think they would have to give for him? Gallo and Chandler They would have to give up Jokic...
  5. I am in a 10 Team 8x8 catagory league where we keep 10 people per year. When I originally came into the league my team was a mess due to the pervious owner being a mess. we have a few rules for keepers 1- infielder, 1-outfielder, 1-starter, 1-RP, 6-anything. I have about 8 def. and about 4 others that I can keep. IF-Kris Bryant OF-Bryce Harper SP-Yu Darvish RP-Craig Kimbrel MISC- Anthony Rizzo MISC-Carlos Correa Misc-George Springer Misc-Alex Bregman Misc-?????? Misc-?????? options: Danny Salazar Justin Upton Albert Pujols Willson Contreras I am thinking about keeping Willson Contreras and Danny Salazar. I know Pujols is older and hurt to start the season and J-UP is a pain in the butt to have. I have had him the last two years because he fell into my lap but most weeks he isn't worth owning. thoughts. please leave your links.
  6. Seems to me everyone is trying to figure out if the Celtics will throw the two Brooklyn picks for the names. No one wants to deal but everyone will listen.
  7. I hope Nuggets make a run for Butler.
  8. Drafting Wednesday March 1 at 8 a.m. Seattle 4 pick in draft Miami 26 pick in draft San Fransisco 28 pick in draft Come join a great group of guys. ;'
  9. Would Sac use Tyreke at the PG spot along with SG/SF? If Collison stays is he the man at PG?
  10. Starting is great but will he get 25-30 minutes on a consistent basis? He started a couple games before the break but Kidd had him capped around 20 minutes.
  11. The talk keeps this period of sports going that is notoriously one of the slowest, right after the Super Bowl. No baseball, football, and no playoff hockey.
  12. Butler, PG, Drummond, Melo, Favors, Okafor, Rose, etc, etc... All this talk, and I just get the feeling that tomorrow will come and go and Courtney Lee and Wilson Chandler will be the biggest names dealt.
  13. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  14. Kidd says Maker will stay in the starting c position when games resume. Might be time to prep the 'it's happening' gif.
  15. I think PG actually wants to win 🌝
  16. he should be drafted as a top closer though. I value him above Colome as someone who owns both in dynasty...
  17. U were able to get him yesterday off your wire???
  18. Why does it matter? Rockies would be stupid to trade him. He's likely their 3B for the next 5-10 years. Such a silly argument to make.
  19. id lean turner. i saw that dude literally carry this team in my league last year when he came up. MI eligible makes it even better.
  20. 1: What? In 5 years he's only been in your alleged '800-1000' range ONCE. What are you talking about? Even if you scramble to reword your phrase in an attempt to be accurate, it's hardly a fair statement. He ran for 1,099 in 2014 and just ran for 1,073 in 2016 despite missing 2 games. His rookie season he carried the ball 51 times... and you're going to include that and call it analysis? Stop it. 2: I won't argue that Miller doesn't strike me as a stud, or season winning RB, but you clearly haven't taken a look at the landscape if you think there are 4 rounds worth of studs in 2017. Miller, on arguably the worst offense in the league, with a garbage QB, stacked boxes, failing WR, first year on the team, new offense, and being utilized in the wrong way for his skillset... was on pace for 1,229 rushing yards. A number only 7 RBs would have exceeded in 2016, and a number that only 3 would have exceeded in 2015. He was a top 10 back 2 years in a row leading into 2016. By my quick math (grain of salt) I only see 5 RBs who have more fantasy points over the past 3 years than Miller's 655. D.Murray with 840, L.Bell with 798, M.Forte with 745, L.McCoy with 684, and D.Freeman with 695. 7th would be Ingram with 638, followed by DJ at 8th in 2 years has managed 622. While you may be chasing 'true studs' some people are avoiding 'true duds' in those same rounds. How many 'true studs' with 1300-1500/11 to 12 TD type season potential, absolutely destroyed people's seasons last year? A.Rob? Hop? Gurley? AP? Any of these '1600/15' studs ring a bell? Yes, ceilings are fun in theory, but completely dismissing players because of their 'reliably consistency' can be just as detrimental to your fantasy season.
  21. Just throwing this question out to my fellow auction drafters in an attempt to get a feel of top end value: In a 12 team Standard 5x5 roto Yahoo Pro mixed league, how much would you spend on Mike Trout? Rosters are: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, P 5 bench spots.
  22. I would flip those two softies, Randle and Russell for PG in a heartbeat... Funny how players want to play for the Lakers again after Magic's arrival in the front office.
  23. I'm stuck with same choice sucks
  24. Isnt that why we're all here? hahaha
  25. But you're still using the basis of a near first rounder by many's proclamation as the baseline. I don't understand why you think someone with Arenado's raw contact skills would have a below average BA anywhere. I just don't believe at all that Nolans' numbers are purely a product of Coors, not saying it doesn't help but he's not a Coors product. Nolan Arenado is a high WAR, high power, good BA hitter in any ball park. You're completely ignoring skills to build your argument. I literally don't understand what your argument is that he'd be so much worse outside of Coors or that he's a pure coors product when there's pretty much zero data suggesting it. If anyone in the Rockies line-up is not a Coors product, it's Nolan freaking Arenado.
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