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  2. Clay for me....Taylor should be back under center which will help Clay
  3. Jrue Holiday 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    He's so up and down.. Can go off any game or put up a dud with high TO or low FG%.. Smh
  4. Flex option help. WHIR

    Tough to sit Dez, would roll with him this week
  5. 3rd time ive picked him up on my 10 teamer. Please be breakout time.
  6. Mike Conley 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Also just traded for him, KAT and Fox for Kawhi, Jrue Holiday and the Markksman. I dont see his FG% stay this low once hes healthy.
  7. I'd go Ryan, he is at home and a good matchup
  8. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    Ha. I'm speechless. Keep them all.
  9. I wasn't the only one to bench him today right? WCS hasn't played a god game for me this season, every big game has either been on someone elses roster or on my bench. Sigh
  10. Go Stafford, i agree they will be throwing often, plus he usually does well on Thanksgiving
  11. Deep Dynasty Pickups

    Shaheen, Hannibal Ekeler, Erik Swoope, Brissett, Phillip Dorsett, Robert Davis, Tyrrell Williams, Josh Malone, Rico Gathers, Davante Mays, Krishaw Hogan, Keelan Cole
  12. DeAndre Hopkins 2017 Season Outlook

    What do you project for Nuk this week? I know he's practically unbenchable, but I have other options with really good matchups.
  13. Alfred Morris 2017 Season Outlook

    I have D Walker at my Flex, because of his matchup at Indy and being the primary end zone target. TD just makes up for a lot in a standard league. I would put Morris in if Cowboys would use him well and get in end zone frequently.
  14. Andrew Wiggins or Rubio? Quick plz WHIR 100%

    thanks for the help, btw do u think hollis jefferson or jeremy lamb is a better pick up? to drop d.mitchell
  15. Start Jamison Crowder over...?

    I like Thomas more then Crowder, but like Crowder as your flex
  16. Austin Rivers 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Thoughts on Today? Bev out for Season
  17. Thomas has been great, regardless of the qb...stick with him!
  18. With your settings I think I still prefer Rubio....he's still potential 10 assists for that DD cat....and personally, I'm not a huge fan of wiggins cuz of the lack of defensive stats...but that's me
  19. I'm leaning more towards murray...been pretty darn good the past two weeks
  20. Who to start at flex? WHIR

    Go Ajayi
  21. Life comes at you fast
  22. buh bye. Hell-ooo Wesley Johnson...
  23. Dude does everything. Sucks at it too.
  24. Deep Dynasty Pickups

    Plays for the 49ers
  25. Trevor Ariza 2017-2018 season outlook

    Still en fuego with 7 treys tonight. Pity the rockets are only playing twice this week.
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