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  2. Mitchell Trubisky 2017 Season Outlook

    Tickets sold vs tickets used are two entirely different things.
  3. DeMarco Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Man I don't know - if Murray plays and Howard sits it would be hard for me to start Henry over Cohen or even Carson tbh. I think people are sleeping on Henry he is a superb talent but Murray still being there caps his upside a bit.
  4. CTE could end the game of Football as we know it

    Relative the revenue the industry they are raking in? Most are probably underpaid truthfully.
  5. What about dropping Eifert now? And would you roll with Cook this week or pick up Engram or Watson instead?
  6. Derrick Henry Hype train caused this trade

    I don't love it. Long term it works but what about short term? If Murray sits this week(hasn't practiced yet) or next, Henry is a must start. I think you squeeze more out of that trade.
  7. Kareem Hunt of Ezekiel Elliot?

    I think both will be extremely hard to pick up. I think you really could go either way. I think right now you have a better chance getting zeke then hunt just because of hunt's first two weeks. If you want zeke I would try to get it done this week. There is no way he plays as poorly he did last week again.
  8. Big Ben, Wentz or Rivers? WHIR!

    Up for any more opinions
  9. Flex help! WHIR

    Thielen if Bradford is in, Buck otherwise.
  10. JJ Nelson 2017 Outlook

    Fake news he'll be fine start with confidence
  11. WHIR pick Flex

    I'd avoid Watkins and Lee. If this is a PPR league, I'd go with Kamara since he's likely to get plenty of work as a pass catcher. In standard, I'd gamble on CJ since Arians says he wants to give CJ more touches.
  12. Dez for Melvin? WHIR 100%

    In PPR I like this, in standard I like it even more. I think you want the stud RB here, Gordon is a true bellcow which there aren't a ton of right now.
  13. CTE could end the game of Football as we know it

    Football won't be banned, but market forces will bring it to its knees.
  14. Drop Cupp? Matthews? WHIR

    yea i agree with dropping matthews
  15. JJ Nelson 2017 Outlook

    Oh yeah!
  16. Carlos Hyde 2017 Season Outlook

    I got Hyde starting in my Flex tonight. Are we confident? Hate starting Thursday night players but I got Gurley and Hyde and I just this game being a run fest.
  17. CTE could end the game of Football as we know it

    That's absurd. Do you have any idea how huge the football market is? The NFL pulls down BILLIONS and that's not even including the insane market for college football all over the country. And on Fridays high school, and lower levels of kids. Is this the twilight zone or something. Do you really think there is even the SLIGHTEST chance of that market suddenly disappearing because everyone suddenly feels sorry for a few retired players?
  18. Kareem Hunt of Ezekiel Elliot?

    I'd take Zeke all day. He's been a top 5 back for a whole season, Hunt has looked great but it's only been two games.
  19. How can I get OBJ and Murray? WHIR

    If he's really low on Murray, a package consisting of McCaffrey and Adams wouldn't be a bad place to start.
  20. Jared Goff 2017 Season Outlook

    Rolling with him in leagues where I punted QB for Andrew Luck. Not happy about it.
  21. Flex help! WHIR

    i like buck in this one
  22. Mitchell Trubisky 2017 Season Outlook

    You couldn't give a Bear ticket away last year after October ...significant no shows ($) when the MLB playoffs started.
  23. Dez for Melvin? WHIR 100%

    I'd make that trade for Gordon if you can. You could use another RB too. It leaves you thin at WR but that's too good of a deal to pass up and there are more usable WRs than RBs.
  24. CTE could end the game of Football as we know it

    You don't just start playing football on a whim at 18. All these guys played started playing in their youth, when the risks were not known as well as they are today. Eventually parents won't have their children playing the sport -- youth participation is already on the decline -- and the pipeline of talent will dry up.
  25. Melvin Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Was just designated as questionable on Yahoo. Anyone know what's up?
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