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  2. it's baseball man..there's gonna be some o-fers.
  3. Amir Garrett. I know there is no collusion, as they don't know each other.
  4. He's making a believer out of me by the hour... I can see a .285 35HR 100RBI season in store for the next decade
  5. I'm not that picky if you need a gm shoot me an email.
  6. I'm wondering about Gausman as well. He has more upside than Maeda. I think Gausman's a stash and wait if you have room.
  7. Color me simply clueless here but are we saying that the guy giving Greinke and who Amir Garrett or Garrett Richards? and getting Scherzer is getting screwed or the other way around? Either way if this is Amir Garrett and Greinke for Scherzer I'm not sure how I see the "obvious" collusion...
  8. Did you do a 1 for 1 offer or 2 for 1? I would not give up as much for Santana.
  9. lolol..of course he rejected the seager was a clown offer and if he has half a brain he will reject the santana offer as well
  10. Is this actually happening?
  11. Bump
  12. this deal is an obvious joke, anyone who thinks otherwise is simply clueless
  13. Shoe can't buy a win. Hate to see my Angels be so bad.
  14. The trade is ok but you could have done better. I think the point here is that it would be really wise to use the forum for ideas and suggestions BEFORE you make a decision. To use the forum for a pat on the back seems silly to me and quite unproductive. That pat on the back often turns out to be a pretty sharp knife.
  15. I wouldnt trust Collins at all to do the smart thing......but still think things will shake out despite Collins...Id grab him with the #1 WW - he could be a monster if given a chance
  16. I personally don't think so although Crawford is under rated. I also would say that in a league devoid of speed you can never have enough. I'd rather roster Andrus because of the speed that gives me options to deal someone then to own Crawford as I think their batting lines will be similar.
  17. I don't see an elite Rim protector on the market right now. Maybe the Clips will give up DeAndre if they do blow it up in LAC? Heck they would've done well to trade for Nurkic and took a risk there. I know the Celts are not out of the playoffs yet but down 2 home games is pretty bad for their chances. Rondo being hurt may give them the lead back though.
  18. I love Harper but there is no chance I pay Rizzo and Yelich for Harper. Rizzo and Upton I would do and I would add the pick in there as well if it gets it done. But like others have said Rizzo and Harper are pretty close in value (although I like Harper more) so I don't think the difference is Yelich.
  19. That's what I figured. It was so obvious I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Thanks all!
  20. Is he going Tuesday/Sunday next week? The rotation seems a bit in flux
  21. you got bent over gave up a top 5 STUD for a great arm in noah, and a 10-15 range guy at 3rd base
  22. Yeah...I'd try Rizzo/Upton/8th Round Pick for Harper. In a keeper league his value is immense. Harper is zoned in this year. I have Rizzo in my keeper league currently. It would take a lot for me to trade him. He finished the season ranked 11th overall last year in my league. It's not usual for a manager to trade Harper in a keeper league, so when you have the opportunity it is wise to seize it as long as you don't mortgage your team(future).
  23. As a Cubs fan and a jhey owner last year I just feel so burned that I don't know if I can pick him up again
  24. He trying to hit more flyballs i guess... Still the same inconsistent puig. Probs with flyballs... U gotta hit them far or they are outs. He cant hit lefties either. Maybe cuz hes pulling out front trying to drive balls and vulnerable to changeups? Him and Polanco are killing me this week with their Ofers.
  25. hilarious
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