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  2. On an individual basis it's not as apparent, but they had a stat on sportscenter yesterday where the most HRs in a season is something like 5500 in 2000, and this year is on Pace to shatter that record at 6100 (not exact numbers just from memory)
  3. I know, that pick gave me the red a**.
  4. ***Update*** Countered back and forth got him to offer: Beckham, Watkins, Gronk, Abdullah for Crabtree, Moncrief, Zeke, Hunter Henry I accepted? How'd I do?
  5. I agree on MadBum and being able ru watch him pitch is always nice bonus
  6. Thanks guys, yea i had no intent of trading goldy but that trade looked too good. My last OF spot i was just riding the hot hand so JD will be a nice addition there, and Faria has been a stud since he was called up barring his last start. Pretty happy about this one.
  7. One owner has become inactive. League has been running several years at ESPN. View settings here- Email me at lanechaffin@gmail. com if you are interested. LEAGUE IS FREE TO PLAY Thanks Lane
  8. Lots of possibilities still. Only saw one save, and it was prime for a LHP. Madson getting the majority saves still an option, Doolittle running away with it is an option,and WAS acquiring another RP to close is still an option. Agree he's a hold though as of now.
  9. I would not move Arenado for less than Greinke + another arm/bat
  10. Agreed.
  11. No
  12. buzz off squirt
  13. Madbum is he safer bet.
  14. I always felt that the umps try to extend the count as much as they can, and maybe they're instructed by mlb to do so. I'm not saying it's right, but you notice on a 2-0 or 3-0 count, the next pitch would have to be way outside to call it a ball, or on an 0-2 count, the pitch would have to be straight down the middle to call it a strike, I've even seen obvious no-question strikes called balls on an 0-2. That's why I don't think they wanna go to a robot strike zone, so they can control the count when they need to and fall back on the excuse that it's a "judgement call". Just a theory.
  15. From the alpha on a bad team to joining a QB that should throw for 250-300 yards per game. Everyone loves Reed (and rightly so) but he's almost always hurt. His 686 yards last year represented the 2nd highest total of his career. I think Crowder is really good, but I don't see him straying too far past 1,000 yards. Even if Doctson does make some sort of impact, I see a good 70+ yards per game avail for Pryor. Terrelle might be their top deep threat and a top-two option in the red zone. He should be used all over the field really. I think he can match last years output, and maybe pass it because I see his ypc being higher. Very solid wr2 that I'm buying.
  16. I'm definitely in. Looking to be in a league for a long time. Serious and dedicated owner. Send invite to if there's still room.
  17. Im still holding hope Madson takes over in DC
  18. This. Not a hugely fantasy relevant this year imho.
  19. Yes, Team in Signature & Dynasty league keep everyone. Always been a Bumgarner fan, so leaning towards doing it. Also have the MLB Extra Innings package and it annoys me that I can't watch the Dodgers, Roberts frustrates me pulling guys early too. Agreed on Cruz, another one of my guys, tough to let go although he still is producing he looks pretty feeble.
  20. Agree. That did not stand out to me. Yeah the ball is juiced but that was a hanging curve in a hitters park.
  21. Since the ASB, he's been what I expected when it comes to BA and OBP (.250, .379). But as @brockpapersizer stated above, the K% is really troubling. He's striking out 34.5% of the time VS 17.2 walks (HOW?!) and his BABIP is really high at .385. I grabbed this guy in a trade fully expected a .250BA to go along with 25HR and 20SB, which would be fantastic in my league. Rest of season: ZiPS: 29 doubles, 3 triples, 28HR, 85R, 78RBI, 18SB with a line of .256/.335/.461 .796OPS. 188SO to 68 walks Steamer: 28 doubles, 3 triples, 29HR, 81R, 77RBI, 17SB, with a line of .253/.333/.460, .794OPS. 190SO to 69 (hehe) walks. Not much of a difference, really... I'd be happy with either, especially since it could mean he's on a tear during H2H playoffs. I'm also worried because he really fell off the map in the 2nd half. Just need this kid to do something.
  22. He has already offered this and I declined His Kershaw for my Arenado and Cespedes
  23. 5x5 redarft I was offered Greinke for Arenado I have other 3B options so that is no issue. I am very bad in all pitching categories and decent in hitting
  24. Still need one more. Need to add an owner today and need payment of $50 today. Please give me your email if interested. Brandon
  25. this is what I have been saying all along I had him all the lines of 98/1300/14 TD's. If they double coverage him that's going to leave someone open for Brees and that's the last thing a teams wants and its hard to cover Thomas unless you shut down CB with the same Height and hes a RZ Threat
  26. He's a Yankee now. It's no longer an option. Cards may acquire someone else though.
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