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  2. I would add Burkhead asap. I'd consider cutting Jags defense for the time being.
  3. I agree that Mixon has some of Lev's "stop/start" style to his game. Saying Mixon is the next Lev is a bit of a stretch at this point though.
  4. I like your team. Pretty strong on WR. As mentioned above, you could try to use that to upgrade on RB
  5. Like your WR depth. Maybe you become some problems in the first Weeks till Zeke returns, but your roster ist strong enough to stay in the playoff-race until he comes back. Crowell and Hyde for the first weeks and maybe a Homerun with Hunt. Just hope Luck stays healthy
  6. I don't see how the Bears don't game plan for him to get a handful of touches each game. He has a burst/explosiveness that nobody else on the roster has.
  7. Agree with @Finally Detroit Wins - I picked up Richardson post draft after he cleared waivers. I don't expect to play him as my league has a deep bench, but there are scenarios he could be a diamond in the rough. (Example - Baldwin injury)
  8. 14-Team Standard Scoring league. Starting 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 FLEX (WR/RB/TE), 1 TE, 1 DST, 1 K Didn't draft a Kicker and will pick up one just before Kick-Off. QB: Marcus Mariota RB: Dalvin Cook, Ameer Abdullah, Derrick Henry, Terrance West, Darren McFadden, Jamaal Williams WR: Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Demaryius Thomas, Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Maclin TE: Eric Ebron D/ST: JAX K: Streaming What do you think about my team? Currently thinking about picking up Golladay or Burkhead, but don't really know wether it's necessary and who I should waive. Leave link for WHIR.
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  10. Dynasty Year 8; 12 teams; 9-cats; Picks 1.6 and 2.6 Harrison Barnes  Dragan Bender Avery Bradley  Jae Crowder  Monta Ellis  Kenneth Faried  Marcin Gortat  Roy Hibbert  Al Horford  David Lee Timofey Mozgov Tony Parker  Terrence Ross  Marcus Smart  Kemba Walker  Andrew Wiggins 
  11. Aside from several SP's you mentioned (at least in terms of possible 2018 impact, not just any of the many helium SP prospects) I'd also go with Honeywell, Flaherty, Chance Adams, maybe Puk, Gonsalves, Tanner Scott (if he can get the walks under control) and Luiz Gohara.
  12. I'd prefer the 50 but if it's full the 100 will work.
  13. Uncommon for me to grab a QB in the third, but too much value in Rodgers to let him slide any further. He is usually gone by this point, so I'll "zag" and pay up for his Top2 QB floor. 3.01 - JHM - Derrick Henry3.02 - Bartos - Leonard Fournette 3.03 - Impreza178 - Marshawn Lynch3.04 - Mr. Blonde - Keenan Allen3.05 - Wink - Aaron Rodgers3.06 - VikingApocalypse - @vikingapocalypse3.07 - Packdog - @Packdog3.08 - PeteKrum -3.09 - Sh*tOutofLuck -3.10 - Lord Varys -3.11 - ToO_Bad -3.12 - 96mnc -3.13 - Iron-Cock -3.14 - Predator -
  14. Watching the broadcast yesterday I got the feeling a RP was more likely the callup as the 26th man. Molitor was protecting his bullpen and left Colon in even after ARI started crushing him. You also figure neither Perkins or Pressly would be available today. Pressly with 2 innings and Perkins with 1 inning. If Sano is D/L'd then Vargas is the callup
  15. I would pick Middleton too among these candidates
  16. 14 team Yahoo keeper league. This is a free league. Keep four players year to year, for a maximum of three years. Players are kept in the slot they were originally drafted in. FA pickups are kept in round 10. The team has pretty solid keepers, especially for a 14 teamer, including Bell, Jordy, Watkins, and CJ among other potential options. Roster Andy Dalton Cin - QB Jordy Nelson GB - WR John Brown Ari - WR DeSean Jackson TB - WR Bilal Powell NYJ - RB Le'Veon Bell Pit - RB Eric Ebron Det - TE Tevin Coleman Atl - RB Breshad Perriman Bal - WR Ryan Fitzpatrick TB - QB C.J. Anderson Den - RB Sammy Watkins LAR - WR Ronnie Hillman Dal - RB Lance Kendricks GB - TE Chris Thompson Was - RB Cairo Santos KC - K New England NE - DEF Please post or message if interested.
  17. Steven Jackson in his prime in St. Louis may be comparable. Workhorse RBs who were good taking handoffs and good in the passing game in pretty bad offenses on pretty bad teams. Playing style and physique very different of course. For McCoy, all of those factors plus the fact that he has tended to have nagging injuries as a high workload season progresses (last season being the exception)--plus the age--makes me leery. I'd probably rather have the Murray/Henry combo or a lower-risk elite WR1, all things considered. But McCoy will have a massive workload that very few players are likely to get right now, if he can hold up to it. Hard to fault anyone for taking him mid-first for that reason alone.
  18. I sent you message, mahalo
  19. why don't we just keep the league at ESPN if that's where we're doing the draft. Seems like an easier site to navigate too
  20. I'm interested
  21. Maybe so, but the Jets offense is going to be very bad this season. They're going to have no passing game to speak of, especially since Marshall is with the Giants and Enunwa is out for the year. Teams will stack the box. Then there's the question of how the workload will be split between Forte and Powell, or if Powell will get the bulk. I do not think Rivers will outproduce Cousins this year, but I do think Rivers will do well. However when I'll need Cousins is when his schedule is the easiest, and I plan on starting him both during Wilson's bye and based on matchup. If I can just hit on one sleeper at the RB position I should be fine, and I wasn't counting on Forte delivering RB2 numbers anyway.
  22. Prince, Hernangomez and WCS
  23. Can't wait to get him and Correa back, my god
  24. rosario probably is the only safe bet. I like Delmonico though if one of the 2 starters are not LHP.
  25. I just hope he gets enough OF starts (20) for next year in ESPN. He doesn't have name recognition like Moncada or Devers, so I'm hoping he stays relatively under the radar. Can't imagine that happens as long as he keeps going deep though
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