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  2. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Same foot as the one he injured earlier.
  3. The Stock Market for Offenses

    I think they have a shot. But they still have marv as a coach and I don't think Eifert can stay on the field at this point.But if he can I agree. Lots of weapons
  4. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Analysts had him feasting against Deandre. The exact opposite happened wth
  5. Is Kyrie a drop?

    He's undergoing what is being termed as a minimally invasive procedue to alleviate the soreness in his knee. With modern medicine doesn't that mean the procedure could be done and then he'd be back playing? Why would he need to then heal if its to relieve the soreness? I'm not a doctor but the news says the procedure will be done and no comment from celtics until afterwards. Is he a drop for the championship week or not? Dennis Smith is sitting there on waivers and I need a replacement if he's not going to play.
  6. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    5th metacarpal or “pinky knuckle”. For most pitchers that don’t heavily feature a change up (and Bum throws his change less than 10% of the time) it’s not going to be that big of an issue. Almost no stress is placed on that finger to begin with, it’s almost like breaking your pinky toe but still being able to walk. The major issue here is the just the missed time that will hurt those in roto leagues the most but if we’re talking H2H I’d be even more likely to jump on him at that later ADP.
  7. The Stock Market for Offenses

    Here's one out of left field... How about buying the Bengals offense? AJ Green. Joe Mixon. Gio. Tyler Eifert is healthy (for the time being).John Ross too (He should supplant LaFell as the number 2). Tyler Boyd is serviceable in the slot. If they hit on a couple of lineman and maybe even another WR in the draft, this has an outside shot to be an improved unit.
  8. Mike Foltynewicz 2018 Outlook

    Decent guy to stream, but I would only roster him in 14+ team leagues.
  9. I'm Looking To Join A League

    What about a 10Team Mixed | HTH each Category | Snake Draft | ESPN “Standard” format *except 1 Division & 2 DL slots. Free! 3/25 draft @ 4PM: 3/25 draft @ 8:15PM:
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  11. The Stock Market for Offenses

    They are going to. Only question is which guy do they prefer?
  12. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    Nate Burleson once said on NFL Network that McCown is a sick athlete. Could throw down 360 dunks and stuff.
  13. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    It is laughable.
  14. Cameron Payne 2017/2018 outlook

    Why not wait until tomorrow to make that decision? For what it's worth, he said he expects to play, and the bulls have zero reason to rest him unless he is seriously hurt.
  15. I'm Looking To Join A League

    Thanks for the offer but I’m only looking for free leagues.
  16. Cameron Payne 2017/2018 outlook

    I have this guy.. should I drop for another add? I can’t risk having him miss tomorrow’s game as my matchup is super tight
  17. We're about half full folks let’s get this thing full today(Saturday) $25 buy in money SNAKE DRAFTkept with leaguesafe majority vote payouts. 20 Team ESPN H2H each category 8:30pm ET Wednesday(3/28) opening day eve last chance to draft since next day is opening day folks let’s fill this up fast. You tired of playing so good all year and loosing in playoffs right away? well this league will pay out good and reward for your hard work during the regular season and playoffs. Division winners Overall Top division record: $135 2nd best division winners record: $90 3rd best division winners record: $60 4th best division winners record: $50 Playoffs: 1st: $85 2nd: $55 3rd: $25 H2H each category rosters set fist game of week. $100 auction free agent budget C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3OF, 1UT, 4SP, 3RP, 5Bench, 2DL Batting: AVG, R, SB, HR, RBI, OBP Pitching: ERA, WHIP, QS, K, W, SV/HD Minimum 20IP If interested please post email ******Please post your email below only if your serious, if we get 20 owners by Sunday night 3/25 then I will send everyone invites to the league and everyone must be joined by Monday night 3/26 then I will send leaguesafe invites to all owners once we have everyone joined and ready to go. This will just help everyone joining and myself not getting payments in and expecting everything before we have a full field. Please if you post your email below keep an eye on your email before Sunday for invites so you don’t get left out. ******Remember posting your email will get you on the list till we get a full field of 20 owners so you know what’s going on and don’t expect invites right away. Thanks
  18. Top WRs of 2018

    Do we really belive Eifert can stay healthy?? The biggest thing going against AJG is he can't stay healthy. But I agree if he does he should finish top 4 to 10.
  19. One Manager just dropped out. Draft is at 9:45 AM PST Saturday! Experienced Managers only! If you don't have 3 years visible fantasy baseball experience, I will delete your team before the draft! Yahoo! 6x6 Mixed Roto league; 30 man rosters; FAAB Waivers (no more missing a Free Agent pickup because you were at work!) Competitive, free league. Link:
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