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  2. Did chubb just get hurt? That was a huge hit by adams
  3. I'm starting him this week. I'm choosing between Will Dissly, Noah Fant and OJ Howard....If OJ Howard is going to do anything this season, it's gotta be vs the Giants right?
  4. In dynasty he's mine. At the very least I'll enjoy the insane stories. Fitzmagic 2.0.
  5. Duke is one of my favorite RBs to watch play, when given a chance he’s great. The problem is this offense with healthy receivers is built for a vanilla RB like Miller. Hyde fits that role perfectly. Duke will be much better later in the season when WR injuries happen on the Texans.
  6. One amazing season that made him a fantasy superstar is what he meant I think... He's been a DND for me for a couple years now.
  7. Jamal Adams bringing the noise! Geez Pretty sure Chubb just got his bell rung & went off
  8. Does Bell have 110 rushing yards or 68? ESPN has 110 while has 68
  9. f--- I need him to suck. Now I'm gonna lose off if garbage time points
  10. I told you guys!!! I'm not impressed with Baker tonight. I think OBJ has been making his own plays.
  11. Had no idea Daniel Jones' mother was on this board. Hello Mrs. Jones!
  12. Holy smokes you all need to take a deep breath. He got hurt early week 1 and there was a terrible game script this week. It’s TWO WEEKS folks, relax
  13. Bell’s giving a ton of effort, hate to see him fumble there.
  14. 1) Collins can't cover. This is undeniable fact. 2) Why are you overreacting to OBJ's stat-padding in a game they would have clearly won without him playing a single snap? 3) Did you watch Daniel Jones in preseason display literally every single trait you look for in a Franchise QB? Instincts, poise, footwork, accuracy, touch, tight-window throws, arm strength, throws with guys in his face?
  15. I wouldn't. If that were the case you would think they would be mixing him in more right now.
  16. I was just considering trading up for this guy, yes a down grade with bridgewater, but if you can survive 6 weeks you can turn a 1st or 2nd round rb into one of the elite 4
  17. cant make this stuff up, you thought bell is going all the way and then he fumbles it away
  18. And then immediately rips off a 30 yarder lol
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