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  2. Yeah,I added him on Thursday and it had already started picking up.I think there were 223 pickups when I grabbed him early Thursday and over 2000 by days end(those might have be from Friday though).Anyway,it started after Wednesdays non save blow up.Bradley too,but I put that more towards the SP talk,I think it started a day earlier.I dunno how to check,luckily for me.
  3. fair deal...
  4. If I recall, his increase in velocity was the suggested reason for his breakout last season(As he was pretty mediocre before) so if hes lost those added ticks, it gives me cause for concern. Brooks Baseball has him sitting roughly 2 MPH slower on all his pitches except the slider compared to last season(much closer to his 2009-2015 numbers). The 2MPH dip I'm seeing this year seem to be the difference between his performance so far and last years numbers, so you can color me pessimistic.
  5. Team A: Eric Thames and Jose Ramirez Team B: Anthony Rizzo and Maikel Franco who wins? I already made trade. I just need validation
  6. Looks fair but if 2 of these 3 happen(likely)-(Abreu comes around Murphy stays healthy and Thames is real) you don't need Miggy and you've got 3B covered.Your #5 SP(Duffy) is losing velocity and is looking hittable.Your OF is shaky and if this guy just lost Eaton so is his so he can't help you there.I'd save my bullets for a more helpful upgrade.
  7. Since it's an AL only setup I think I'll suggest (for the first time) the same thing as Rush2112. Do you have a reliever you can part with so that you can keep both for awhile??
  8. Ever since the espn boards shutdown ive found it impossible to find any leagues there. Currently the few league that i have managed to retain are inactive so im an seeking more. Ive participated in ff for a few years and am a very active owner year round. Id be fine with it being an established league or startup, if it is or isnt a salary/cap league, and if the orphan team is terrible (i prefer taking over bad teams). The few requirements that i have are: a dynasty league or close to it (no redraft) on espn, 14 or more teams, has idp, would prefer a money league as owner tend to be more active and vested in their teams, a balanced and reasonable scoring format between idp and offensive players with ppr, around 19 starters and 19 bench give or take with a close to even number of offensive and idp (for example 10 offensive and 9 idp etc), and a dedicated league manager with responsive owners. If anyone has or knows of a league with all or some of these requirements I am definitely interested, pretty desperate to participate in ff this year; additionally, if anyone knows which boards espn ff members use now id like to know that also; thanks.
  9. anytime someone offers up a top 5 pick for a decent but inconsistent pitcher you do it...
  10. I would think the only must keeps in that list for an 8 team league would be Judge and Thames for now. Depends how many players you have on your team but based on those FA you mentioned you likely will always have a good choice of FA to choose from. Ride the hot hands whenever you can...
  11. Rodney has been excruciatingly bad last two outings. Certainly time to speculate if you are saves chasing
  12. I currently have just 1 spot left with 2 spots being taken. Birdgang024 - The dispersal draft is serpentine. It is held on the league message board, is a slow draft, and the pick timer is 8 hours (off from 11pm EST to 7am EST). In the first post, you can click on the site link to see the rosters of all of the teams. However, I've also pasted it below for you:
  13. just noticed vacuum guy is being added in yahoo it purely speculative?
  14. He's got it as of this AM.
  15. Time to get that Week 5 "Story Sucks because I didn't draft him" and "Story is great because I reached for him" dialog polished up and ready to go. "Trevor Story ran into a burning building and saved 5 kids,2 nuns and a puppy" "Yeah but he didn't put the fire out and clean up the mess" "But the puppy lived and sired a Saint Bernard that invented a time machine and went back and stopped Jesus from being crucified" "He left Barabbas hanging there instead of getting him home"
  16. Its May 1st. His counting stats are definitely behind where youd like them to be, but its still early. His sample from the last two years before this season(roughly 985 AB) would suggest hes a .240-.260 hitter, and while thats not a strong average, I also expect some progression(commonly referred to as positive regression) from his current .214 mark. With that progression in BA, will come the counting stats. I do not expect him to be an elite option, but I think the ESPN projected line of .250/72/26/76 is most likely where he will end up at seasons end and in 12 team or larger, thats usable if you waited at 2B or SS.
  17. I am glad I dumped him a few weeks ago as he hasn't done anything for me to regret that decision. Even if he strings a bunch of good games together the Royals lineup isn't helping. Hosmer's first month must be historically awful. He's scored all of FOUR runs THIS YEAR and knocked in a grand total of SIX ribbies all the while hitting in the three hole as their starting 1b. He's managed but three extra bases - a double, triple and homer. I pity those who are stuck with him at the moment in deeper leagues and hope he bounces back for you. He surely can't be this bad the rest of the way...
  18. came here to talk about has he looked overall? only 1 bad start vs SEA
  19. I'm in 1 league that has both saves and holds.I've blown off saves.This league is my happy place.In this league I sleep well,I don't scream at the TV and I don't have to suffer the doltish writings and moronic prognostications of those who,unlike me,do not have the ability to see into the future. I don't need no stinkin' saves.
  20. Hoover was bad last year but he hasn't been too bad this year in 9 IP، 12K/4BB/2ERA/1.33WHIP، a lot of times a reliever can have a bad year then come out of it and have a good year and find himself in the closer role، personally I would rather they go with DLR or Brad for the SP/RP but they'll probably give Hoover a shot first.
  21. He's batting .125 with runners in scoring position. I been watching his games this week. He is constantly in an 0-2 count. Frequently missing on mistake pitches. He is just off right now. Doesn't look good at all. I don't know how long the Astro's will keep him in the 4 spot, they are really struggling.
  22. dont include madbum on the same list as Nova
  23. Today
  24. I dropped Rodney. I don't care if the guy I added from Arizona even becomes closer because 1 or 2 saves a week isn't worth an ERA of 12 and a WHIP of 2. The Diamondbacks should DFA Rodney for the sake of their bullpen.
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