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  2. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Leo will absolutely ball out. Wise decision by the Jags to rest him last week. Probably won't get a full workload, but - ladies and gentlemen - I smell a TD or two!
  3. Cooper for Ingram? WHIR

    There are question marks regarding both and their usage going forward. Personally I'd probably prefer Ingram since he is a RB. Good RBs are harder to find and they are typically more consistent week to week and Cooper is a particularly boom bust type player that is on a team that hasn't looked very good in the early going. Ingram probably won't get as many touches as he got last year but he could still return RB2 numbers and has RB1 upside especially if Kamara were to get injured. RBs do typically get injured more than WRs so I'd prefer having depth there than WR personally. Green, Hill and Davis is still a strong top 3 since I think Davis will be a solid WR2 once the Titan's get healthier given the target volume he'll see. None of Green, Hill, Davis or Lockett's BYE weeks overlap so unless injuries occur (which are rarer for WRs than RBs) you should be able to start Green, Hill and Davis each week except their BYEs with Lockett filling in during those weeks so depth isn't really an issue.
  4. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    Even on a day Darnold couldn't complete a pass past the LoS, Enunwa got his. On bubble screens, granted. But hey, last I read is that bubble screens count too lol. So I won't complain, at least not in PPR. The discussion about what exactly Q is was annoying, but - ladies and gentlemen - now we've seen his floor officially. Passing performance can't get any worse than that. Browns defense are a top unit btw, so better days should be ahead. Darnold will hopefully show some growth too.
  5. Kenny Golladay 2018 Outlook

    I sort of see this a little similar to the saints in 16 where there was cooks, thomas and snead. I see golladay as the thomas of that set. Lets hope so anyway
  6. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    I mean this shouldn't be a very shocking opinion, but Sam Darnold isn't a very good QB right now. I'm not saying he won't improve or develop throughout the year, but we've seen three games and he hasn't looked that good to me. But enunwa should be one of the easier players to target as a slot player. He scored on Bubble screens that were designed for him in this matchup. He converted key 3rd-downs that could've been clutch if the team had won. Robbie Anderson has not only been phased out of the offense, he's not fumbled it twice I believe this season. So I like Enunwa as a top 24-30 WR. But I'd expect to go into most Sundays being a bit frustrated with Darnold.
  7. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    Everytime I come to this forum the RoJo thread is on top. Puzzling. Should be buried until he's at least active for a game. Fitzmagic didn't have a run game, that's true, but he did have one of the best pass protectors at RB who enabled him to go deep as often as he did. Coaches love RBs who can pick up free blitzers across the formation. Barber isn't going away, and Jaquizz is next in line.
  8. Alfred Morris 2018 Outlook

    This is the week boys, now or never.
  9. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    If He starts taylor next game I think Cleveland has a popular uprising
  10. Gronk for Connor in Dynasty

    Really depends on your team and if you would prefer to try and compete now or secure a probable RB1, top 5 back for the future. I think having both Gronk and Kelce isn't an inherent problem since in PPR they scored like WR1's last year (Gronk outscored AJG despite missing 2 games) so no shame in flexing one of them. Keeping Gronk gives you a better chance at winning this season since Conner isn't likely to give you much of anything in the fantasy playoffs (he certainly won't be the top 5 back he is now once Bell returns). However, Gronk is aging and considered retirement this past offseason (I think it was more of a negotiation technique since he isn't happy with his deal and knows the Pats window is closing, he successful was able to get some incentives added so he could make some more money) while Bell likely won't be a threat to Conner next season since he'll leave in FA which leaves Conner poised to be a top tier bell cow RB for the foreseeable future. I think it comes down to one of the main dynasty questions of if you want to compete now or later. I think that ultimately comes down to personal preference and how your roster is currently constructed (especially in relation to your leaguemates, if there is a dominant team right now might want to play the long game). In reality it isn't quite that simple since Gronk could easily get injured and miss the fantasy playoffs and something unforeseen could happen (injury to Conner or another key player, coaching change, bringing in another player, etc.) and Conner could never materialize into that top tier RB1 he looks like he'll be.
  11. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Let's have Hue get fired and then we really celebrate, okay? Okay!
  12. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    I don't think a lot of people realize either that he's 3rd in the league in rushing yards (178), just 1 yard behind Mixon (179) and 6 behind Breida (184). The dudes a monster runner.
  13. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    Well he needs to at least move up the depth chart past 4 lol But things couldn't be nicer for him as Barber looks awful out there. The craziest thing of all for the Fitzmagic run is he's doing all this with literally 0 running game. lol
  14. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    Dude leads the league with a 6.1 yards per carry (next is an entire yard lower) for anyone over 20 attempts. This is starting to look more and more like it's not a fluke.
  15. Phillip Lindsay 2018 Outlook

    One thing I've noticed (and liked a lot) about Lindsay, is that he knows how to run with a burst. In addition to that burst, he's great at getting extremely low to the ground when running, making would-be tacklers miss when they go up high to tackle him. He's one of those "keep the legs moving" guys, and he seems to excel even more when he's lower to the ground, using is off hand to push himself back up off the ground. Lindsay seems to turn a lot of "stuffed" runs into 3-4 yard gains due to him lunging forward. Couple that with the fact that he's a good pass-catcher out of the backfield... This kid has looked special. Simple as that. I've watched the game tape for both games this season. He's had 2 extremely impressive plays, the 1st being his first TD catch where he scampered 20+ yards into the end zone. It reminded me a lot of Devonta Freeman when he first hit the scene vs DAL 2-3 years ago. The second was his 40+ yard run against OAK. The most impressive part about that play is how quickly he changed direction on the opposing defender, making him miss completely. He's had a handful of other plays, lunging forward for gains other running backs probably wouldn't have gotten, and 1 insane one where he actually got low to the ground, and pushed himself back up with his hand to keep the run going. He very rarely seems to go down upon first contact. I think this Baltimore game is going to be a great eye-test for Lindsay owners. BAL has a good, not great, run defense, but definitely aren't considered "weak" by any means... With LB C.J. Mosley out, that should help open things up a little bit more. If Lindsay passes this test, I believe he'll have the starting gig completely locked up, and Freeman would likely take a backseat and become a 5-10 touch RB, spelling Lindsay for breathers and taking a couple of series'. It's simple. If Lindsay gets 15+ touches a game, he will be an absolute PPR steal for anyone who grabbed him. And right now, he looks like he's well on his way of getting that kind of work load. He's a smart runner. Quick on his feet and decisive with his moves while running. If DEN gets him more involved in the passing game...WATCH OUT. My Advice: START WITH CONFIDENCE UNTIL HE PROVES YOU OTHERWISE Week 3 Stat Prediction PPR: 15 carries, 82 rushing yards // 3 catches, 27 receiving yards // 1 total TD.
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  17. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    he might be a flier
  18. Hyde for A-Rob?

    I don't hate the value but I think you should be targeting a 2 for 1 trade for a higher level player. At RB you have 4 players RB2 or better which I think makes sense to deal one of them although I'd probably lean toward trying to dangle Conner due to his value likely falling off a cliff at the latest week 10 when Bell comes back and he likely won't be a reliable option in the fantasy playoffs despite being a top 5 RB for as long as Bell remains out. At WR you already have strong depth which is why I don't like this trade for you especially since WRs get injured less often than RBs so if you are going to carry extra depth its better at RB especially with Conner not going to be there for you late in the season. If I were you I'd be trying to do 2 for 1 deals to use your depth to get higher tier players and would really try to involve Conner since your team looks strong enough to be a playoff competitor and Conner won't be there for you in playoffs.
  19. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Jets should have signed some police officers to their defensive front 7:
  20. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook I hope this finally ends that Colin Cowherd blowhards career.
  21. Desean and howard for OBJ

    Hard to judge without seeing your full roster. If its standard I don't really like it but PPR I think its pretty good value. Based off the players you listed it seems you are stronger at WR than RB so not sure it made a ton of sense fit wise especially with Fournette's injury history. Additionally based off the players you listed I'm not sure it made your team much better since gap from DJax to OBJ isn't that far off from the gap between Howard and White/Michel plus you lose depth for BYE weeks.
  22. Cooper for Ingram? WHIR

    Take Ingram, no brainer
  23. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Yep! And he just seems to be so advaced at reading defenses and knowing what is going to be open, he is so deliberate and calculated. All the protection problems for the most part ceased when he took over bc how fast he got rid of the ball or his subtleness in the pocket. I didnt know if I needed to feel worse for Darnold or Tyrod, they were both shown up in a big way differently.. i do know that the GM is probably feeling like a savant right about now. He was widely criticized for baker and ward and they both look like absolute studs..
  24. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    Yep, I saw that! haha The best see it (Belichick, Brees). It just amazes me how few scouts, analysts saw it as well. The dude was 70% accuracy in college, at the highest of talent levels in college. Allen was 50% at a lower level, and I hear Colin Cowherd, Todd McShay and 100's of others saying Mayfield was lower than Darnold, Allen, and even Lamar Jackson. What!? Dudeskies, hitting a guy in the numbers is still the most important thing for a QB right? lol Todd McShay's pre-draft rankgins: First-round rankings (in order): Darnold (third), Josh Allen, Wyoming (eighth); Josh Rosen, UCLA (ninth); Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma (13th). OMFG after last night.
  25. Baker Mayfield 2018 Outlook

    I can't remember the last time I had this much fun rooting for a player that wasn't on one of my fantasy teams. Tonight's performance was epic. I expected the accuracy, but it was still impressive; but the zip on his throws is exceptional. I think the Browns get the Raiders next. If they can just keep him safe from Khalil Ma--- Uh, nevermind.
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