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  2. Round 5: 1. Kaboom - Jamal Murray 2. Young_Styler - Myles Turner 3. RDNC - Blake Griffin 4. Trench Mob - OTC 5. Superjew - 6. TOAA - 7. Tongs - 8. Better Call Hinkie - 9. x_Nemesis_x - 10. Fantasyball1988 - 11. Stifle : 12. CoH: Team: RDNC PG: Ben Simmons (3.27) SG: Klay Thompson (2.22) G: Josh Richardson (4.46) SF: PF: Blake Griffin (5.51) F: C: Karl- Anthony Towns (1.3) C: UT: UT: Bench: Bench: Bench:
  3. Josh Hart 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    kcp is starting, KCP is the only sure starter together with LBJ.
  4. Byron Buxton 2018 Outlook

    At this point I'm just waiting for that outlier year to pounce in re-draft leagues. You know it's gonna happen one of these years.
  5. Bryce Harper 2018 Outlook

    Bryce will either prove the “curse” is a myth and or define it as a curse ROS.
  6. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    Good point.
  7. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    It would even suck to be a prospect from an average team and be sent to the Orioles.
  8. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    CMC received a significant amount of goal line carries and passes. So to automatically call Anderson the starter in the goal line role is laziness.
  9. Taylor Ward - C/3b Anaheim

    I'm hoping the Angels cut bait with Kinsler at the trade deadline, either via trade or just DFA him. Let Fletcher man 2B and bring Ward up to play 3B for the last 2 months of the season
  10. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Must suck to be a prospect on a soon to be great team about to get dealt to the Orioles.
  11. Miguel Sano 2018 Outlook

    27.3 K% in A ball since being sent down. Does have a 164 wRC+, but man, even that seems underwhelming given the level of competition.
  12. On face value, I think you make that trade. There's every reason to believe Green will at least keep the status quo. The only reason I think you may hold back is the thought that DT will return closer to early form with Keenum, which me may. And Thompson is a solid value, though I like Cohen far better and you have him. It's definitely a deal that even if it doesn't work out, the difference should be mynute. Even with the expectations of DT putting up better #'s, those #'s would probably only reach what you expect from an average year from AJ. Though AJ's upside is much higher and his floor probably just as high as maybe the wildest predictions for DT's 2018.
  13. Jordan Wilkins 2018 Season Outlook

    Could have said the same about Foster. At least Wilkins was drafted.
  14. C.J. Anderson 2018 Season Outlook

    Maybe CJ Anderson is the handcuff to McCaffrey in the receiving back role, while Anderson is the starter in the early down and goal-line role. But is that really a handcuff? Probably not. A handcuff would be DeAngelo Williams behind Le'veon Bell from a few years back.
  15. Going back to the early picks, how do we feel about KD going second and Curry seventh. Are we expecting more rest from them this year or same as last year?
  16. Who won this trade?

    I already have Thielen and Tyreek Hill, so the WR position looks pretty decent for me. RBs are harder to come by, and I have Fournette and then a bunch of committee guys. I'm hoping to swing Saquon, but if I don't, I believe that either Guice or Penny could be good for 20 carries a game, and there aren't all that many RBs who could garner that great a share of touches. Haha also probably made it easier to make this trade when last year I picked up both Juju AND Cohen off of waivers lol. Not knowing about the Steelers QB situation in the future also had me wondering about Juju's long-term value. I get that he's young and talented, but Big Ben could leave at any time, and then who knows what Rudolph will do... Cohen has tons of value to me in a PPR, but I can't see him getting as much consistent work behind Jordan Howard. In the end, I'm swinging for the fences, hoping that a bunch of assets can land me a consistent starting RB, which seem to be harder to find.
  17. Keep Diggs or Tyreek? WHIR

    Diggs, and I say that having had a lot of points from Hill last season. The thing is that Hill is very inconsistent; flashes of genius one game, the next game you wonder whether he stayed in the locker room. Diggs is one major talent and I think a more useful WR2 to have.
  18. Le'veon Bell 2018 Season Outlook

    Bell may be surprised to find himself in AD/Dez/Kaepernick land next year. Tons of mileage and a headache to deal with at contract time. Every year there are a handful or two of hot rookie RBs joining the league. Out with the old and in with the new (and cheap).
  19. Keep Diggs or Tyreek? WHIR

    Hill. I really like Diggs... but he seems like he gets hurt every year which saps his production, somewhere in the middle of the season. We're unsure how he'll be utilized with Cook back, Cousins in the mix, and Thielen having a stellar year. Can Cousins support two WR1's? If not, who's going to be a WR1 by seasons end? I say WR1, because that's what Tyreek Hill will be. Hill is one of the fastest players in the league, with exceptional route running. He's engrained into KC's system. With the addition of Watkins, he'll have way more room to operate and utllize his speed. There's less question in KC. They have a worst defense, they have a young QB with an arm. He's going to lock onto the WR that knows the system. That would be Hill. Tyreek Hill all day.
  20. Don't give people ideas. I need Carter to fall to me at 8.
  21. I’m interested
  22. 3 Keeper league. PPR. Diggs or Tyreek Hill? Thoughts?
  23. Cespedes on the waiver wire

    In a redraft I would 100% rather have Cespedes over Tucker. Cespedes has immense upside - Tucker could be demoted if he fails to produce. Help with mine?
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