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  2. Great stuff, man. Gurley (not Gurly) would need to be there in the 4th for me. Plain and simple, the offensive situation still sucks. McVay might be smart but he's the youngest HC the league has ever had, so you're gambling on that. The WR situation is the worst in the NFL outside of maybe the Browns. O Line still blows. I don't care if you put Andrew Luck in that situation, it is still hard to run in an environment like that, and Goff is certainly not Luck. RB20 might be his floor. Or it might be the new normal. Plus I'm no certified talent evaluator, but I read a lot of smart people who say his vision was not great last year. Way too much risk to take in the 2nd, even the 3rd round for me. Re: Hopkins and A-Rob ... Basically the same. They are really talented guys... and at one point in the last 3 years they had elite situations ... but no longer. No longer. Tread carefully. I can wait and get WRs in the 6th or 7th that will give me 90% of the production. I don't see the appeal at all. I'd rather make a run on RB2s in these early-mid rounds. Which brings me to... Don't know how anyone could have interest in Lacy. We don't know what his role is and how he splits touches with Rawls. He's not gonna get 3rd downs. The offensive line sucks. The team is morphing into a pass-first offense. I don't even think he's very talented, frankly. But TyMont, Crow, Gilly, Martin, Abdullah, in rounds 3-6, are all major targets of mine for RB2. As long as none of them get hurt you are a lock for volume and value.
  3. And it only took 2 months of alcides's complete ineptness at the plate for Yost to move him out of the leadoff spot. Anyone else notice the Royals offense took off and they've inched their way back into the WC chase since Escobar was bumped down? Somehow Ned Yost is still managing a MLB team ... what a world!
  4. win=6, loss=-2, inning =1, k=1, every 3 hits =-1, every 3walks=-1, every 2 runs =-1 Who should I start: Pineda vs Houston Manaea vs Houston
  5. I've got 2 interested so far. Cavs, Warriors, Spurs have all been taken on the playoff teams side. Timberwolves have been taken on the side.
  6. So, Gordon can apply for reinstatement in September, after most fantasy drafts have taken place. That means we will have to draft Gordon based purely on rumors, leaks, and speculation. Assuming nothing changes between now and then, where, if at all, would you draft Josh Gordon? If reinstated, he's a league winner type of player. By the end of the season he could be the best player on your team. If he's not reinstated you completely wasted that draft pick, but could immediately drop him and move on. In keeper leagues, you can acquire an mvp type player for peanuts, but then what do you do with him? I guess the question is, in what round would the gamble be worth it? For me, I think round 7th is where I'd be tempted to pull the trigger on Josh Gordon. That's about where the players being drafted are not likely going to be difference makers on your team. They are startable, but you're not going to be excited about starting them. Generally speaking I don't think there's going to be significant regret about missing out on player X that you could've drafted in round 7 or later. There may be a couple later round players that exceed expectations, but many of those players are just as likely to be bench fillers or dropped altogether at some point. Drafting Josh Gordon in round 7 or later is a low risk, extremely high reward scenario. If he's reinstated, you've got the steal of the draft. If he's not reinstated, you missed out on Pierre Garcon.
  7. How is that helpful to the discussion about his outlook?
  8. Grrrr WHY DID I DROP MY BOY KEON BROXTON I hope he goes back into the deep freeze again or this stupid rage drop will seriously hamper my enjoyment of the rest of the season. Seems every year I do something totally brainless. When will I ever learn?!
  9. not stealing much and hasn't homered in a while but still on pace for some decent numbers in deeper leagues... been a couple weeks since anybody had anything to say about him... thoughts?
  10. His tinkering with the lineup is probably why this team sucks. I wouldn't blame the lineup around Bryant. The guy just sucks. Plenty of stars play in junk lineups.
  11. Solid gold
  12. It's a shame they play in the NL Central. Given how they've been managed and the underperformance from just about the entire roster, they deserve to be sitting in the cellar somewhere or at the very least 5-6 games out of a playoff spot.
  13. Stay put with Blackmon and move a sp for Correa in a 1-1 deal.
  14. Pass and keep Mookie & Bryant. They are the better overall players.
  15. I wonder if there's any chance of Maddon giving KB a shot at leadoff to get his bat going. Worked for Rizzo and Contreras.
  16. DL Castro and scoop up Pirela
  17. "Hold my beer" -The entire Cubs lineup
  18. Should of kept Lamb/Big Red Machine and just moved Erv + Oh for Arenado & another bat from the other owner. Now get back Lamb/Reds OF'er and move Matz + another arm.
  19. Alshon looking good thus far... Source: - Tim McManus Philadelphia Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery may be having the best offseason in a few years, according to wide receivers coach Mike Groh. Groh coached Jeffery for three seasons with the Chicago Bears and he believes his receiver is having his best offseason since 2013.
  20. Keep those sticks & drop a arm to bring back Villar.
  21. In deeper circles he makes for a nice speculative grab. If he continues to hit, draw walks and steal bases--like he has throughout the minors, then he can easily carve out regular ab's. Dude can play 3B/SS/2B and all over the OF, and I am sure he can play 1B if need be. I know it's cliche, but he could be a Zobrist type for the yanks.
  22. Keep both of you're bats ROS.
  23. Definitely intrested!! Either number is cool with me.
  24. I'd roll Newcomb out there.
  25. Keep the cheese head and move a sp for tribal leader.
  26. Keep Hollywood and move pitching for his bats you listed above.
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