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  2. Lol. The personal draft list again. Ok. I'm really done now. Debating with you is like arguing with a child. We're talking general draft lists/results according to ADP yet you keep bringing up your own personal draft list. That's great, more power to you. But by doing that you've now eliminated and form of level playing field for discussion. This is isn't about "safety" picks. This is about who you think will perform. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. That's actually how you win leagues. But please don't debate me regarding using specific examples then support your argument using your own rankings. Sorry, it doesn't work that way. Have a good night.
  3. Fournette. I replied above.
  4. send invite
  5. is my email

  6. Which team do you follow/support Rookie-?
  7. When you see a thread tagged as "HOT" because it's a 4-page flame war
  8. shoot me an email so I can explain the situation
  9. delete your account
  10. Lmao. Wow, you're clueless man. I ranked 5 RB's before Howard. Langford? The guy is terrible. He can't catch a pass to save his life. Are you F-N serious right now? Dude seriously, STFU already.,
  12. Edit: Sorry, Murray, not McCoy. That's why I hate typing on Iphines. I ended up drafting 6th, Zeke, Freeman, Murray. Is that hard to believe? It only happened in my big money league? Not according to ADP. But it I suppose you're right. I draft with some idiots that value WR and QB positions and I end up with that stable of RB's to go along with Adams, Thomas, Baldwin and Tyrell Williams at WR. Wait, now I'm confused. You're calling my leaguemates idiots while you continue to argue just how valuable, consistent and safe WR's are? Here we go again with that black kettle. You need help dude.
  13. How can you say that Glennon/Mitch will automatically be better? Why? This picture is starting to become more clear. Are you a Bears fan? That would make this whole thing make a whole hell of a lot more sense. Homerism is a poison in fantasy sports. The very fact that you're taking your local radio guys opinion to heart lays it all out. Hey....if the local radio guy said that Chicago is going to ride him all year...then I guess it's destined to happen, right? They probably said the same about Langford last year too.
  14. I see what you did there.
  15. Njoku. He's best available and you have an aging TE to boot.
  16. Yea that's a huge reason I find myself attached to players in general, it's a huge part of watching and rooting for guys who are not only proven but fun to watch, biggest part for me.
  17. The point you were making with Gurley wasn't a point at all. "Gurley scored 19 less points than Julio. That means he was a good pick". It doesn't work like that! BTW, most of your 'bust" WRs were all taken 2nd or even 3rd round. Only a couple of them ended up in the first round, and even then they were guys like Allen Robinson who had no business being up there. You know how they got there? A bunch of point chasers hopping on and pumping up his ADP because he had one good year. Sound like anyone else in the discussion?
  18. Irving is better, but if I want PG at second round, I prefer Wall (if available), Lowry or Lillard.
  19. You really think so?
  20. It's all I can think of anytime someone's name is Buck 😂
  21. That makes a big difference. Really like your team a lot. I'm sure as long as your active on the WW you'll be able not add some RB depth to your bench. This squad will compete for sure
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