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  2. Not really. They are splitting the reps enough between Gurley and Brown to need have much need for a 3rd RB. Henderson currently only subs in if either Gurley or Brown are tired. And neither will need much rest with their current split of touches. I wouldn't expect the Rams to deviate from their current split to lean more heavily on Brown if Gurley were to go down. They would do the same split or probably lean on both more equally.
  3. up 20, zero chance they lose.. my optimistic guess is that he got shaken up and they aren't taking any unnecessary chances.
  4. I wonder how many people pick up Hunt tomorrow...
  5. 1 more td for Gayfield and I’ll be happy.
  6. *penalty no pi... My bad killed the joke
  7. Thanks. Barely hanging on up 6.8 vs baker and bell
  8. Only needed 2 more yards from chubb 😭
  9. How many total yards you guys got for Bell?
  10. cant wait for fresh hunt to return mid season and dominate
  11. In a bit of a bind for a reliable second RB. Considering moving Adam's for Carson & Evan's. What does everyone think of this move? Good for my team or have I lost my mind? 1 PPR. WHIR, drop me a link. Here's my lineup QB- A Rodgers D Carr (dropping) RB- M Mack D Williams D Freeman C Hyde M Brown G Bernard WR- D Adam's J Jones T Lockett C Samuel TE D Njoku D Waller
  12. Chubb must be hurt. Awesome. Im up by 4 against obj. 💩
  13. My foresight got me Lamar Jackson in all of my leagues, after the 10th was pretty obvious from watching last season that LJax had way more upside than Mayfield. I still wouldn't have taken LJax in the 5th. Look who's laughing now though.
  14. Nathan Peterman looks like a pro bowler every year in the preseason. Then the regular season starts....
  15. Dammit Chubb got hit hard close to the head there
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