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  2. If the guy actually bites, sure. Highly doubt you can get Judge for Ryu though.
  3. i had him for the last couple weeks but just let go to get some extra pitching...
  4. Why freaking out over 10 AB's? before that he had been great for the Phillies. Clear PT. Great ball park to hit in. Great lineup in front of him. He's in a great spot. Plug and play and ride him to a ton of HR's and RBI's. He hurts more in batting average leagues. you'll never get high average from him. But he works for OPS leagues because of the slugging % and upside for 30-35 total HR's and 90 RBI's.
  5. I've owned him for the past three weeks
  6. The question is what dope Gase will be smoking. These are the Offenses under Gase; 2013/2014 as OC for Peyton Manning, then one year in Chicago with Matt Forte, 2016 HC in MIami with Jay Ajayi, and after that an unmitigated mess. Gase only once had an RB with 300 touches; generally he has an RB1 with 250 and an RB2 with 100-150. Of course you may say that Gase never had Leveon Bell, and that's fair, but I honestly think that Adam Gase is the biggest question mark for Bell in 2019. I think you should expect not a lot more than 240 rushes/60 targets, and he'll do well to get to 1200/8.
  7. He just got back from a hammy issue. Might need a few days to get into the swing of things. He’s been solid since coming to Philly tho.
  8. So you were late to the game and only owned him for his last 10 AB's?
  9. Scott Kingery - Picked him up back in 2017 as a minor league stash. Dropped him mid way in 2018 because bench space and he sucked. Picked him up again this year and dropped him when he went on the IL. Wasnt able to pick him back up; someone with a higher waiver grabbed him. George Springer - Keeper for years. March this year, league mate kept trying to pry Vlad Jr from me; I wouldnt budge. Finally he offered Manny Machado for my Springer and Bo Bichette. Didnt like the trade but accepted for some strange reason I wont ever be able to explain. Actually, I figured Springer at age 29 was going on the decline soon.
  10. Tonight will be lots of fun for baseball fans. GO GALLEN AND ALZOLAY (after chatwood)!
  11. I would like a team. If you are still looking. What ever team is available is fine with me. Josh
  12. These things can be counterintuitive. If he was around a better lineup he wouldn't get as many free walks as he does so his OPS/BB% and other numbers may actually be a bit lower. The more traditional counting stats would probably be a little bit better but I don't think it would be as drastic as it may stand to reason on the surface.
  13. It’s close , pretty much a toss up between Sanchez and Grandal. Nobody is talking about drafting Grandal in the 2nd or 3rd round though and that is my point. If Sanchez hits 45 home runs as a catcher this year I can get on board with some of the bulls on this thread but until that time he still has some consistency to prove before he is deserving of the value some are putting on him in this thread. Maybe discussing where a player goes in a draft in June the year before is just a silly thing to do anyway. If you don’t agree with my position I respect that as well, however I hope that people realize that there is another Catcher having just as good a year in Milwaukee without all the fan fare and excitement .
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  15. Hot streak over? I feel like his hot streak is over
  16. I was going to, but figured it wasn't worth it.
  17. How about just not a ******** godawful line-up for most of his career?
  18. Can you give your definition of "sleeper"? Round 2 is no sleeper for me.
  19. no ligament damage diagnosed as "forearm discomfort". he'll be alright.
  20. He’s on the wire. I’m intrigued.
  21. Go Bieber and Gallen. Time for the Zac Attack.
  22. Anyone know how many more starts he needs to gain 1B eligibility in Yahoo leagues?
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