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  2. Once again NOBODY here knows anything about what the outcome will be. I own him as well and I could he will get hurt again or he will come out blazing.We will all see shortly. Can only hope for good results . But asking how he will do is just crazy . Who the hell knows
  3. If Allen strings together some scoreless frames, does he get the job back? Now that Scioscia is gone, I don't expect the same closer carousel we've seen for the Angels, I expect them to try and stick with one guy. I tried researching how Ausmus handled closers in Detroit and in the years they didn't have a 30+ closer, it looks like once he made a change he stuck with it.
  4. Drafted by the raiders after Marshawn Lynch retired. Jacobs is a good pass catcher, tough runner and a good pass catcher so I expect him to carve out a good role with the raiders. He is one of those late round fantasy picks that could pay dividends after the depth chart shakes out some For Dynasty leagues he is worthy of a 1st round pick. He has a lot of Mark Ingram type skills.
  5. Devers is crazy young for someone in his 3rd year in the majors. I believe he is a long term player in MLB and probably for the Red Sox, but he is coming off a year considerably below expectations and this year isn't much better. His average and walk rate is up, but his power in considerably low. Martin Prado is having a better year than Devers right now. I don't think the point is that Chavis is coming for Devers job, I actually think he's a better fit at 2nd because Chavis doesn't have a good arm. I think it does show that they need Chavis bat upside in the lineup more than Holt, Pedroia, and Nunez because they aren't getting the production out of 3rd like they hopes (thus far). Maybe Chavis also fills in at times at 3rd. To be clear, Devers can turn it around, just that at the time of this post he's kind of a league averageish hitter, technically below. Thats not ideal for a 3rd basemen for a team like the Red Sox. It's not like Devers is some defensive wiz either, he's solid, but without an impact bat, he's basically Martin Prado.
  6. AJ Reed too. Could be. He could also be good.
  7. Nothing wrong with stockpiling 6 closers in April to see who sticks. But it is overkill in h2h. I think Swarzak is the drop.
  8. His upside is a .300 + hitter with 25-30 homer power, 40 + doubles, and more walks than strikeouts. Basically, a hall of fame caliber hitter.
  9. This all smells like Jon Singleton 2.0 I fell for this trap once already.
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  11. Smith,Castillo,Boyd,Paddock and Glasnow seem to be the steals of the pitching pool so far.
  12. No, there's no real need to restrict his innings. Yankees are managing the innings as they've already skipped one of his starts. They planned to give him and the other starters an extra day of rest this week but it didn't work out. I don't think they'll really restrict him but they'll limit his workload when they can, which I'm not a huge fan of.
  13. I don't even put him in my line up anymore in the leagues where I have a games limit... trying to give him till June
  14. I hate these types. Can’t drop him and depended on him for steady, safe, boring production. He’s so bad, he might move down to like 7th eventually. Maybe there’s an injury? I can’t even bench him.
  15. Was offered Pham/LeClerc for my Gallo. Thinking I should do it, but I don't see a clear drop on my roster. Thinking ERod, Happ, or Swarzak? Is having 6 closers overkill? Pitching slots are SPx2 RPx2 Px4 with 5 total bench slots. WHIR 1000%
  16. He needs to be owned in every league at this point, even shallow 8-team leagues. He probably won't amass a ton of wins, but his ratios will be fantastic. His stuff isn't overpowering, but he knows how to pitch.
  17. He’s throwing his changeup 10% more this year and it’s already the 7th best rated in baseball. Getting a ton of whiffs and weak contact. He’s fully grasped the third pitch. If that trend continues you have a full on top 15-20 SP breakout in progress. Buy buy buy.
  18. in AP's defense (and i am no fan of his by any stretch, what he did was borderline barbaric) he did not have a prior incident, especially one so heinous as Hill with the pregnant GF. furthermore, i believe AP is just some dumb backwoods cat who honestly could not grasp the serious nature of his transgression ... yeah, the guy is stoooopit. he saw what he did as normal, as per how he saw fit to discipline. now, conversely, people forget that a couple years prior AP had a son who was beaten to death by the baby momma's then boyfriend ... apparently he couldn't give two sheets about that kid - horrible parenting on his part, but being a dopey human, in and of itself, does not make him culpable in any way. just makes him a very flawed person. garbage guy, imo ... but not on Tyreek's level. Hill looks to be a serial abuser - my mom worked in the field for 30+ years with victims of domestic violence, and the rate of recidivism is astronomical, moreso than addicts ... if it happened once you can be damn sure it will repeat. once the first incident of abuse is carried out it becomes second nature ... Hill's a straight up bad guy. this will not be the last time we hear of an incident involving him, sadly. and i say "sadly" for those who will be on the receiving end of it. tl;dr - AP is a dumb dude who knows/knew no better, Hill is a recidivist abuser.
  19. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t AP survive admitting to beating his kid with a switch? I believe he was actually charged with a crime also. Any differences on why he’d be suspended and allowed to play again, while people are saying Hill is banned for life? Is that just hyperbole in reaction to shocking news or a legitimate take?
  20. this season and beyond. meaning potential in a keeper league included. points league. k=2. caleb smith domingo german max fried matthew boyd touki toussaint
  21. Who do you drop in a points league - and WHY? Dwight Smith Jr. Or Eloy Jimenez
  22. 15% of season played and we are playing mvp and #1 player card?
  23. Career OPS judge .961 cody .913 Career wOBA Judge .402 cody .378 .48 points higher OPS .24 point higher wOBA Judge has been better so far and I don't think it's a debate If you want to debate rest of career from here on out ok I'm taking judge
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