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  2. Here we go boys... Melli needs a good outing tonight to solidify that role. Let’s go Nicolo!!!!
  3. Why would anyone volunteer to give away 250 dollars lmao This is why dynasty leagues that cost money are unsustainable long term
  4. Yes, it's the obvious but makes my life easy, I view fantasy football as pure gambling, it's no more different than picking a 4 spot in keno,
  5. The way he defend Bradley f'n Beal on ISO's lol... Who is this dude?
  6. Add to that, your thread leads the front page in most replies
  7. I never said Vuc would fall to 30, I said in my opinion I would draft 2 point guards and hope he falls to 30 but at least I know I have the mid round bigs to fall back on if he’s not there. If you’re dead set on having Vuc on your team, then you draft him at 10.
  8. Man if you don't know who Triple J is by now that's on you...
  9. Yesterday
  10. Edelman banged up? He's been fine for the last two weeks. Check his stats.
  11. Ok Auden !! Lets go .. 7 receptions 104 yards and 1 tuddie incoming . Kid’s the truth
  12. It's also hard as hell to bounce a quarter into a shotglass after a handle of Jim Beam, but I don't think that should decide football games either.
  13. I like grabbing Steelers D and Darnold. But why do you want to drop the Packers, when the Jets are playing New England this week? Play the Packers against Oakland and drop the Jets!
  14. His usage is concerning lately no doubt. And kudos to Freeman this year, he’s doing much better in all aspects of his game. I still think Philip is the more special talent, and much rather own him in fantasy. It’s idiotic why they choose not to use him more often, very explosive back. I guess his floor is lower now, but his ceiling is just as high as it ever was.
  15. I'm curious as to what's the most a player has actually grown since getting drafted? JJJ's 2" seems up there, especially for a legit 6'9" coming in
  16. For me Fitz increases the chances that dolphins can score, but I think his aggressiveness also increases the interception and defensive td possibility. Both are great choices but I'm still very happy with Bills this week.
  17. I would go with Graham or Knox. Graham is pretty much TD or bust. Knox probably will get a few more targets, and the matchup is juicy.
  18. 10 have paid, 2 spots left! Drafting Sunday Evening...
  19. Ill gladly take McLaurin and start him every week but start Ridley, McLaurin always seems to do good.. I know Henry is good but how many times will he get 2tds in one game.
  20. 98% luck is something only perennial losers call it.
  21. Had him on my team in the same 12team/9cat setup with a last 3 pick. I went ahead and dropped him for Thybulle but I don’t think Powell is a better alternative. If it were OG/Powell i would hold OG, but still doesn’t make him the best option
  22. Its hard as hell to hit a 50 yd field goal. I don't think people realize this.
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