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  2. Overreaction. Jones will be fine. However, I'll look to trade him if he bounces back next week. Glad he got a little humble pie after that 4 TD game...
  3. Entering another league with additional cats -- DD and TDs, so thats 11cats in total. Westbrook, Doncic, Simmons will all have a boost in value. Question is, as there are no current site I can use to see projected value, is +15$ a safe premium for these type of players and I wont overspend? Players who normally get DDs I will adjust their prices accordingly as well. Dont plan on targeting all three, but one of them falling to me would be ideal. Cheers!
  4. Matt Lafeur loves using the hot hand approach. Each back is guaranteed 10+ touches weekly. I think Jones will get the start but they will spell each other. It’s going to be a similar backfield to 49ers. With Coleman=Jones and Breida = Williams. Should also note before In week 3, Williams outsnapped Jones
  5. this is a great post. unfortunately at this point in his career Brady just can't take advantage of the things Gordon is good at.
  6. The Chargers have these games all the time. They have ever since I started watching football. They're not anywhere near that bad on offense. It's irrelevant anyway. Ekeler gets the bulk of his added value from the passing game anyway. He's a mid-to-low-end FLEX/RB3, just like he was after last week when he got 16 targets and 93 total yards.
  7. Join this yahoo basketball league $49 buy in!!!! draft tonight 11pm pacific time
  8. Robert Williams & DJ should absolutely be owned. Maybe Royce as well. Favorite is Robert Williams
  9. Join this yahoo basketball league $49 buy in!!!! draft tonight 11pm pacific time. Join ASAP so we can draft on time
  10. I play 16 teams with 14 roster spots. Which has the most chance at value this season? Robert Williams Derick Jones Jr. Jordan Poole Jeff Green Royce O’Neal DJ Augustine (Probable starter but no upside)
  11. 10 team- 14 players- 9Cat Really like the look of Mikal this year. Wondering if I have a drop for him? PG- VanVleet, Conley SG- Hield, Josh Richardson SF- Giannis, RoCo, Miles Bridges PF- Siakam, Favors, Nance C- Ayton, KAT, Lopez, Mitch Robinson IR- Oladipo, Fultz (unactivated)
  12. Good add. I picked him up after the concussion, plus I have Jones. He's amazingly only 16% owned in Yahoo!
  13. If he keeps getting this kind or red zone usage, the TDs are going to arrive in bunches.
  14. The Seattle fans weren't, that's the only time they were ever winning at anything
  15. That's what I'm thinking. I'm going to throw the name around tomorrow so people spend their FAAB.
  16. Was everybody saying this when the replacement zebras gave the game to Seattle on MNF a few years back? Remember that? 😂
  17. The problem, of course, was that Rivers was still addicted to throwing to Gates in 2018, when Gates could no longer run at acceptable NFL speed or hold onto the ball when defenders approached to strip it out. LA has wisely decided against signing Gates yet again this year. Even if Gates were watching the game from the standa, Phillip would probaby try to throw it to him. Gates has been the number one obstacle between Hunter Henry and stardom. And Gates appears to be out of the way at last.
  18. Lol I get it the calls were awful and it’s disappointing that it can and does affect the outcome. Makes me want to stop watching sometimes. But I still see what Sternes meant about the Lions. honest question for you... @Gohawks too do you think the refs literally think in their head before the snap “ok it’s 3rd down and GB needs a 1st down to win the game, find a phantom penalty and call it if they don’t convert” ? I've wondered that watching many pro sports over the years myself.
  19. That really isn't the problem at all. New England attempts the 6th most passes per game this year and Brady has only thrown under 36 times once this year. Game script has nothing to do with Gordon's lack of production. A 55% catch rate and Brady's declined arm strength and inability to throw the deep ball has alot to do with it. Gordon averages 2.6 yards of separation which isn't good when paired up with a QB who doesn't have arm strength. Brady is happy to throw short/intermediate routes all day, that's what this offense is built around. Believe it, if Brady could hit Gordon deep, it doesn't matter what the score was or what quarter it was, he'd do it. The patriots are not bashful at all about putting up points, ever. Gordon just isn't a good fit for this offense.
  20. I have both and I'm just going to sit them. I just can't waste two starting spots on this mess. Hopefully they figure it out soon. I'm certainly not thrilled about their matchup with Tennessee anyway.
  21. Mark Walton is seeing a surge in adds but he's just a pipe dream. I'd stay away.
  22. I'm going to try and ignore this game. Gordon and Ekeler got completely game-scripted out. Rivers was dropping back and throwing down field on almost every snap after the first few drives.
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