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  2. dude had a career year last season .. any chance he picks up where he left off? i guess he’s more of a 3 point specialist, but i took him in the later rounds (11th, 127 overall) off the strength that i remember him beasting towards the end of last year. what are some of yalls projections?
  3. Close thread. I don't have the energy left for this guy anymore.
  4. More pts, 3s, reb, stls, blks, FG%. Less AST, worse FT% but not that bad. Worth it for sure.
  5. I am especially familiar with Fantrax, having been a LM for several years
  6. It's going to rotate ( I think ). Jordan will start against big body centers and vice versa. 24-24 / 26-22 minute splits. His defense has taken a nosedive for some years now.
  7. Sold! With that amazing sales pitch, i'd aim higher than RB flex, go straight for Barkley
  8. Scored 50.1 pts in ESPN with Goff, Kamara, AJones, MThomas, KAllen, Hockenson, TEN D, and Slye who was my leading scorer with 13 pts(and the only one in double digits). This after scoring 142 the week before. In fact, it's been the most boom/bust team I can remember having, from W1-W6, I've scored 80/99/154/83/142/50
  9. Lmao that offer is insulting. Fournette’s usage is high. Has a nice floor especially in PPR where he gets a couple receptions a game. Bell should be going up with Darnold coming back and their schedule getting easier. Id stay put. Maybe flip Gordon to get a better WR.
  10. is it me or are people sleepin on DJ? with his ft% improvement and now playing with kyrie, is it a stretch to think he can perform close to his peak clipper years? i know jarret allen may be in the way, but DJ should be starting regardless. i picked him 117th overall, which it’s hard for me to imagine him be less than a top 100 player (granted he gets the PT). why are people generally so low on him?
  11. He has his usefulness. Elite points, good assist, a FT anchor. Eh... As a player not my cup of tea though.
  12. he had an incredible first half of last season and then fell off post asb.. this may just be a retribution year for him .. and he’s supposedly going to be taking more threes this season, as well. i took him in the 5th round (52nd overall), which i believe is a round later than where he should be going.
  13. I’ve been holding this guy for a reason. Welcome to the f***ing show. This is gonna be a near even timeshare now I think. Maybe even towards Jamaal now.
  14. Matchups are important and it’s a fools error to not consider them, but overall offense/defense outlook is more important to me. For example, Philly has owned everyone in the run game and forced teams to throw, New England tends to take away the number one option of teams, and another one is if your defense sucks (Falcons, Bengals, Cardinals) it forces your offense to throw.
  15. Nobody said it was. The point is he’s not an RB1, he has yet to put up an RB1 performance. This team doesn’t fit with an RB1.
  16. He doesnt have the yips for one, he has the accuracy of a professional QB, and doesn’t miss open receivers by 3 or 4 feet. If Cam isn’t a duel threat he is a terrible fantasy and RL QB man. Injuries have probably got him pretty limited to how much of a weapon he can be.
  17. Former lottery pick who has flashed great upside his first couple of years in the league, now potentially playing (maybe starting) for a team that has turned Javale McGee's career around and trying to earn his way back into the league? You can do a whole lot worse with a last round flier.
  18. that’s about where i got him 7th round (76th overall) .. i feel like people are absolutely sleeping on his upside. for those who saw him irl, you know he’s the real deal.
  19. Lmao. He's not good. Don't fall for the "Terrence Jones" trap.
  20. i cant stress this tonights game! it is very telling. Jamaal Williams is here to stay. This isnt last year. And yes, Jones has been very TD dependent in fantasy
  21. I wish he dropped that low lol. I didn’t let him. Got him 51st
  22. To be honest, Jones has only been a RB1 because of the 1-2 yd TD runs he’s been getting. His actual runs are terrible. 4 out of 6 games he’s had less than 50 yards rushing. Fantasy owners are banking on a short yard TD because Jones isn’t running the ball at an elite level. He is mixing in some catches for PPR leagues. But I think we are fooled with how many TD’s he has versus how well he is actually running the ball...which is not good.
  23. suns finally got they point guard..rubio should fit in nicely wit booker and ayton i took him in the 9th round (100th overall) and i feel like he should easily beat that.
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