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  2. Ok, would you prefer to focus on his 5.0 ypc in 2016-17, tied with Mark Ingram for the best ypc in the league for RBs with at least 150 carries? Or his .22 missed tackles forced per attempt in 2017, which is the 26th-best performance ever in that category by a RB with at least 100 carries? I mean, at what point can we confidently state that Drake is an effective running back when given opportunities?
  3. unfair question. the Hofamer would love the 300 mill and the 300 mill guy would love the HOF. they both want both. Philly has a lot of issues that were not cured by harper signing. Still Harper improved the ballclub even if not on the "savior" level. Arrietta calling out Harper publically already has got to be stopped ASAP by the Phillie management. when u sign a guy for 13 years u better make sure u want him around for 13 years. Heck in 3 weeks Harper has already worn out his welcome in certain circles. Winning cures all but this starting pitching does not look playoff material. The relief corps do have promise but the roles need to be settled soon. Maybe Kapler just isn't the man for this job?
  4. Do you really expect the NFL to make sense?
  5. Not me, so you must have confused me with someone else I don't think we disagree in general, based on your further sentence. Let OBJ do some catching, and then say how great things are. In the meantime (because this is still the Eli topic), I think Eli is going to suck, but then again, I've declared him dead too many times. The guy has at least nine lives.
  6. my current starters for those who cant see them....kluber, bieber, happ, boyd, caleb smith, (stream) i have these guys if i deal freeman to cover my 1b and corner spots.....abreu, cristian walker, vogelbach, bruce so i am still in good shape IF i were to deal freeman
  7. I'd be surprised if he ever comes off the suspension list again. Kraft does appear to have sway with Roger though.
  8. His K-BB%(27th in the league) and FIP both point to better days, but there are guys that continually under-perform their predictive metrics.... Pivetta I'm still a believer in Woodruff, but a nice start would ease my nerves a lot. Hanging on to Pablo paid off(for now), and he was similar with good predictive stats with poor results.
  9. What stuff? He avoids pop ups and hits just about as many line drives as fly-balls. That is very prototypical of a high BABIP player. Granted, there is a pull tendency
  10. That's quite a bold statement. Can you quote the stat on which you base it so I can refute you?
  11. People confuse Baker too much with Manziel. And I don't understand why. Maybe the size? But they have completely different play-styles and personalities. My point was that last seasons could have been Baker's best. I hope it isn't, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Nothing to do with injury.
  12. I'm not sure I understand the NFL drug abuse policy. Stage One - Fine Stage Two - Four to six games Stage Three - 10 games, up to one year Any subsequent infractions - Shouldn't this be the same Stage Three penalty? Meaning 10 games or up to one year? Why are we even talking about him coming back for training camp? Even though the suspension is indefiinite, it shouldn't mean that it could be less than his previous Stage Three penatly, which was a year. So, at earliest, if you account the games missed last year, we are talking week 15.
  13. Back to back 12 K outings at AAA. Will he get a shot in the Twins rotation this year? I like the profile.
  14. You are probably right but I think it is worth exploring. I think the perception of Bryant is still fairly high among a lot of people. Still plenty of reasons to think he could turn things around and be a top 3 3B. I don't believe it, but maybe someone does.
  15. Looking for a second chance at the playoffs? This is a 12 Team League. $10 entry fee.(On Fantrax) Pick any 12 Skaters and 1 Goalie (You get 3 Claims throughout the remainder of the playoffs) Goals & Assists are 1 point each (Skaters & Goalies). Goaltender Wins are 2 points, shutouts are 1 additional point. Stats start accumulating at the beginning of the Second Round. Deadline to enter picks is April 25th @ 6:55 pm EST. Top 3 win. (If all spots are filled. Will be adjusted if less teams). Using Fantrax treasurer so 100% paid out. 1st - $60 2nd - $40 3rd - $20 Get in quick only 11 spots to go. League Info here: Join here: Thanks Darren L
  16. A day or two after Bichette had his hand broken on a pitch, one would think the Jays wouldn't test fate with his call-up imminent. I mean, seriously. His participation in any more games at this level is absolutely pointless.
  17. And Cam struggled through injury and an offensive scheme change. They dialed back Cam's running last season. The Panthers are using CMC as a receiver anyway. He is out there running routes from the backfield. The QB running also limits rushing TD's when a QB has a habit of scrambling around the GL. Allen was scoring a lot of their rush TD's last season. Yeldon isn't close to CMC as a receiver.
  18. Yea the potential is there and its tough because you dont want to lose out if he figures it out but hes not much more of a streamer until then, which most people dont want to be wasting a permanent roster spot on the struggle
  19. I am in the Freeman for Bauer camp if you really want an ace.
  20. Between Harper and Machado, I wonder if their massive contracts are becoming detrimental to their psyches. I won't include Trout because he's on another plane from these guys, and he consistently produces when he's in the lineup. Thought experiment: Would you rather make $300 million and fade into mediocrity, or make $30 million and have a legit Hall of Fame career?
  21. Sorry guys. Over exaggerating a bit there. He is not useless. šŸ™‚
  22. Sure, but for all we know, Baker is going to tear his Achilles tendon in a stripclub related incident in June, Cleveland will sack all coaches in July, and the entire Browns organisation decides to give up and call themselves the "Deep Purples" in August. I mean, OBJ hasn't played a single snap with Mayfield, as far as I know, so any such kind of statement is by definition premature. No?
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