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  2. Well by all means post an updated source!
  3. You aren't the only one. Lots of us play in deep leagues and Turnbull is solid there.
  4. His FB/SL combo was kicking as per usual when his command is moderately sharp... I was encouraged by the uptick in CH/CU last night, esp when seeing a team for the 3rd time in a few weeks, important to not be so predictable. CH is/was awfully firm at over 88 MPH but offers a solid dart action, threw 8--3 for strikes and 1 whiff CU at least has more velo separation at 79 MPH, very sweet 12-6 horizontal movement, threw 14--7 for strikes and 2 whiffs
  5. Thoughts if one should drop Augilar or be a bit more patient ? He's off to a horrible start after a very good 2018. Not sure how long I can hold onto him with injuries I've had and numerous FAs available that could help my team. Was curious how much more leash some of you are giving him. He's still in a very good lineup and home park, he hit left and right handers decently last year. Seemed promising going into this season. I don't count on him as I have Goldy and Alonso for 1B btw.
  6. I have to drop one of these three... Travis Shaw Ryan Mcmahon Brandon Lowe Will help in return!
  7. I see nothing wrong with this deal since both sides seem to be taking on some risk. I do like the side you would be getting a little bit more.
  8. A bit one-sided, but not worth a veto.
  9. In a 10 team league, I would go with Polanco, but it depends on your roster needs. Good luck!
  10. FB sat 93/94, so it's ticking up--albeit slightly...he can be good even if he doesn't get all the way back to 97/98...curve was sharp last night (2 whiffs and contrasts the harder stuff very well as it comes in at 80/81 with great 12-6 action), he really can thrive when he's mixing that in with consistency...he gave up some very loud contact last night, was lucky in that regard.
  11. Yeah. He's a start for me. Maybe in the summer time in Boston i might reconsider but it's going to be cold and damp. I always favor the pitcher in those conditions.
  12. Yeah this sounds like a smart move for you I would do it
  13. Sounds minor after doing some reading. But FFS are the Yankees sharing the Mets medical staff this year?
  14. "Latest" means most recent. This is from yesterday! RotoWire reporting he got scratched and will be in the bullpen after the extra innings last night.
  15. I would say definitely yes since there are still closers available. I think (and hope) Thor turns it around, but you are getting him cheap either way.
  16. So hes hitting on the barrel more but not hitting it as hard. Thats odd.
  17. Calling 2nd year Baker the best QB OBJ's played with is a joke - I wish RW would source their additional comments. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see Eli put up better numbers than Baker this year.
  18. Minor ankle tweak from running, but never left the game. Always said he was a Quad-A baserunner in his less than half a season of regular at-bats
  19. At least he’s going to hit more than Justin Turner, Nick Castellanos, Miggy, and Devers. Hmmm I see a flaw in your math. I think 15 is doable for this lad, but the great news here is it should come with a 300+ BA. sign me up.
  20. go Montas.. and I'm probably the only saying this but go Turnbull!!!
  21. all depends on league size and settings...and who your drop would be
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