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  2. Very surprised to see the price tag on that trade.
  3. I’ll start a league if I can get enough interest to start at 3:00 eastern. It would be league safe. Payouts 650, 350, 200. lets see how many interested we can get.
  4. If Sony was my RB2, I'd be worried. Luckily I swung a deal for Derrick Henry so now Sony is my flex. I actually think he's a decent flex play because of the situation he's in. This Patriots D is scary good. The Pats are never going to get blown out and so Sony should never be scripted out of a game. I think the previous game w/Brady's 2 vultures obviously was not the norm. Yes, Sony looks awful running the ball for minimal gains up the middle. They don't run him on the outside because it looks like he's running in quick sand. But he's still the Pats best running back and he will get the goal line touches which seem like they will be coming in waves with the way this team is built. I don't think I'll trade him because I just don't feel like I could feel like I could get enough value in return. Although Keenan and Mixon was a good trade especially if you're hurting in WR.
  5. I really wonder what his weight will be like after a 6-8 week layoff. Since it's his knee, he can't even hit the treadmill.
  6. Sanu now off to the Pats. It's Julio, Ridley, Hooper, and some leftover Scrabble pieces on the depth chart. Feed. The. Man.
  7. Pats just signed Sanu. I think I’m cutting bait with him if i find a decent option on the waiver this week
  8. Clearly they're thinking they can't win with their current receiving corps. That's a lot of cheddar to give up though.
  9. I actually pulled this crap off. Won and scored the 2nd most PF this week. Life is good....
  10. They gave up a 2nd round pick... seems like more than just depth.
  11. With the acquisition of Sanu, Harry won't have much (if any) value moving forward in 2019. As @Nyblazer11235 said you maybe selling yourself short here. I'd try and net a greater return. So much of FF is "what have you done for me lately", thus Edmunds big week, and Johnsons clouded injury concerns, leads me to believe you should net more.
  12. Ingram last 3 year finishes in BBM were #224, #178, #316. Wiggins was #171, #159, #114. What similarities do they share? Yep, being horrible for fantasy purposes.
  13. Coming off Edmunds huge week, and question marks around Johnson, I'd think that you can expand the deal a bit more to maximize value. Andrews is still a viable starter, where as indications are that DJ will miss time with the Cardinals working out a trio of free agent RB's. Your head is in the right place in terms of groundwork construction, however you may be selling yourself short. Does he have a receiver that you could acquire for one of your lesser wideouts to make it a 3 for 3? Or QB swap, should your counterpart have a better gunslinger. That third piece upgrade would ultimately make me jump.
  14. Options for QB this week 6pt per TD Pick one Brees probably suits up in a back up role in my IR slot Mahomes in my other IR slot ADD M Rudolph V MIA M Moore V GB D Carr @ HOU Dalton @ LAR Darnold @ JAX
  15. I guess Gordon isn’t worth the bench spot any more.
  16. I FORGOT TO PUT "FREE" in my post. Anyone have a free league that needs manager?
  17. Sorry, I was looking for a free league. I have removed myself as owner, but it won't let me remove name again sorry.
  18. Should I trade Waller and Michel for Andrews and Adams? I’m in 3rd place and play the 2nd place team this week I'm 5-2 with the highest points scored in the league. —— Starters - 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 2flex, 1td QB: {Need to pick one up - Trubisky, Tannehill, Fitzpatrick, Dalton, Matt Moore)RB: Christian McCaffrey, Sony Michel, WR: Tyreek Hill, Tyler Boyd, {Need a WR}TE: Darren Waller FX: Matt Breida, LeSean McCoyTD: Buffalo Bills BenchRB: Alexander Mattison, Kareem Hunt, Chase Edmonds, Ryquell Armstead, Jordan Wilkins, Reggie Bonnafon INJ: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Gordon, Marquise Brown, Will Fuller ---
  19. This guy goes from a hype train "Kerryon overtaker" earlier in the thread to "I wouldnt waste my #1 ww". What changed?
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