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  2. A bum amongst a whole crop of bums on the Chiefs.
  3. This needs more context. Look at his production outside of his hot start. Basically WR3 / waiver material.
  4. I drafted him in the 9th round and I’ll take a wait and see approach. He’s the best two way combo guard on the roster. His outside shot is a lot better than people think, it’s just that Pops handicaps his team by still catering to an old school mid range game since he thinks chucking threes isn’t classy. He’s high floor low ceiling in his current role, but the difference with White is that he could very quickly become high ceiling of Pops realizes he’s just a far better talent than Forbes/belli/mills. Lonnie is the only other guy on the roster with his two way upside (I don’t count Murray because he’s not a good enough shooter currently). I had him projected for 12/4/4/1/1 and 1 three, which is what bbm has him at as well on solid percentages. He went from a rookie playing 8 minutes to near 26 minutes in his sophomore campaign, it’s rare for Pops to trust young players like that. Pops also coached team USA at FIBA and made sure to get White on the roster, that’s a boost of confidence. dont forget as a sophomore this guy had a game against the Nuggets where he put up 15/21 shooting, 36/5/5/3/1 and 1 3. He played really well the entire series. He’s a big defensive guard who’s a swiss army knife offensively, and is a solid athlete. There is no position battle as far as I’m concerned, it’s just that I’d rather he be the starter, and I predict eventually he will because Forbes is really small for a shooting guard.
  5. So, how does he looks to you so far in preseason? I am having good feeling so far. Imo, he will finish top 150 making him rosterable in most leagues
  6. Not sure on the teams I own him, but in the ones I don’t, I will be dropping someone on my bench right after the Sunday night games (yahoo) if anyone drops him.
  7. I'll take the results as well as it was basically a WR1 week for him, but if you watched the game, man this guy was pretty checked out for a lot of routes and didn't turn around when he was given great opportunity. Seems like his focus is an issue, and body language. Maybe not taking well to Godwin dominating in the slot and getting Jameis' trust. Part of me also thinks Evan hates playing with Winston...who could blame him. I may be trying to move him during the bye to a box score chaser, but still, decent enough schedule
  8. Even though the targets haven't been there. I gotta say he really hasn't looked too hot. He had a couple of ugly drops today that should have been caught.
  9. At least the Dolphins can deliver on tanking, the Chargers are just sad and a joke. I highly doubt they could beat a CFL team at this point.
  10. Chargers better come out with a diff game plan. Couple tds please one to keenan
  11. Watching Famous Jameis toss 5 picks was a great way to start my morning...
  12. If he keeps catching passes like this he's gonna be gold. And the defense is so bad the Falcons will always be in negative game script. Don't blame anyone for selling him though as he's an injury risk and also doesn't look "like himself." Great matchups
  13. Man I’m i glad i started Carson Over brown lmao i was never going to start brown 😂 but definitely glad i scoooed yo Henderson before the game. If you can hold on to both i will still recommend it. Gurley obviously isn’t right. This game was a tough match up. Miners defense is legit. Definitely a hold for now.
  14. 3 games in a row with 100 yards rushing.
  15. Best matchup you could ask for, with no Kirk in the lineup, and the guy is a bust yet again. Put him out to pasture already, he's done and KK's offense isn't doing him any favors. Guys off the street are getting more quality looks than he is.
  16. I traded him away for bell today lmao. Good luck guys.
  17. Sold him for Edelman weeks ago and people here were mocking me. Hate to say I told ya lol.
  18. Same here, and insult to injury the 2 guys that autodrafted in my league (or half autodrafted) are 4-1 and prob gonna go 5-1. What's the point of doing any research when HC's just screw everything up? Better off just closing your eyes and throwing darts.
  19. Sell high after next week...if you can even do that.. Atlanta is seriously the cure to all offensive ails
  20. Guess I’ll be dumping a boat load of faab on Robby Anderson since juju is a dead man. Oh and rivers is simply pathetic. So many terrible QBs and teams in the NFL. Just a garbage product that keeps getting worse
  21. Yeah I would have never started him if Josh Allen wasn't on his bye this week. Unfortunately I listened to all the talking heads saying Winston is an every week must start. What an absolute joke.
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