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  2. Same, pretty sure he’s riding pine. Bust
  3. The trades on Tuesday helped my team including Courtland Sutton, whom I’m starting. But I have one slot open, and with the trades, which WR out of those 3 would you start? Please list because weather/rain is in the forecast for 2 of them. WHIR Thanks!
  4. I was slightly late to get PJ but I dropped for Graham. At least he might actually give me PG stats.
  5. Based on what. Hope is not a strategy.
  6. Holy s--- this dude is balling. Peep the 1 three too!
  7. I believe he just needs time to adjust to his new team and get more familiar with everyone. But I do expect better from his calibre pg
  8. Adding this guy to the DND list in 2020. Don’t care what he does I won’t touch.
  9. I wanna bench him but cant bring myself to do it. Damnit.
  10. Just dropped for PJ Washington and it feels good.
  11. Nah man. Hang onto Allen. He's been good for fantasy in every game this season besides the Patriots matchup of course. He also has a great schedule over the next month. I like Brissett a lot too but he has some tougher matchups over the next couple weeks.
  12. One of those was an obvious joke. Ill let you figure out which one.
  13. What did this dude do to piss Pop off lol I really don’t get what’s happening here and I’m not even saying that because I have him.
  14. But he's a superstar in the making, just ask the Monty groupies who were making sacrifices at his altar in August In fairness even I expected more than this though, man
  15. any chance hell at least average 5 rebounds and 5 assists. but sadly it's starting to look very slim
  16. Doubtful he would do both but Ive seen crazier trades accepted. I would start with the 1 for 1
  17. Probably my fault, first time in 6 years of fantasy that I took him. Everything I touch turns to s--- 😤
  18. Wouldn't mind him on the araiders as long as his mind, body, and soul are right.
  19. playing beautifully, he needs to get all the minutes, not a f***in timeshare
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