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  2. Depends if you're set at WR if you drop him. If you are, then sure, take the risk.
  3. Ilia’s this is Brian commish if extreme Roto the league you have been in for a while. I’ll take it over. Send me an invite and leaguesafe. Needs some work but I think I can make it competitive.
  4. Agreed. I wanted to come here to see what others thought with the Sanu signing, but the fact they gave up a second round pick for Sanu makes me believe they want to use him. Gordon wasn't doing much before the injury either and I think this is the final nail in the coffin for his fantasy value.
  5. Yeah as a real life RB he's horrible. But as a fantasy football RB2 or flex 19, 12, 22 points the last 3 weeks is pretty damn good.
  6. 12-team, ROTO, standard 9-cat PG:(3)Conley SG:(1)Beal G:(7)SGA SF:(8)Warren PF:(4)LMA F:(6)Tobias C:(2)Vucevic C:(5)Bam Uti:(9)Smart BN:D.White, D.Powell, Time Lord Many boring picks here. Not great in any cat but also not weak in any cat. This's ROTO league and I value efficiency. Scoring and FT% should be great but I passed bigs like Gobert/Capela so I've lost in blocks. Probably a wrong strategy cuz FT% can be balanced by some anchor like Gallo, Lou, etc. Got Time Lord as my last round flier/block specialist..I'm not even sure if he's getting enough minutes to produce. Or should I just soft-punt blocks? FA available: Kleber, Rui, Howard, Olynyk, Poeltl, Noel, Thybulle, Beverley, Danny Green, Prince, Barton, PJ Washington, Culver, NAW, Hunter, Fultz, DJJ, Hunter
  7. I would. You're think at RB then but you could grab someone off waivers if Edmonds doesn't start.
  8. It won’t be 50/50. It’s not like they didn’t know what they had in Murray and last weekend was a revelation. The coaches know what they’ve got, a capable backup but Kamara is their stud
  9. The frustrating thing was watching him get an 11 yard run followed by getting hit immediately upon getting the ball in the backfield on the next carry. Patriots offensive line is easily a bottom 5 unit.
  10. How would a 50/50 split be best? That's the last thing I want. If Kamara is playing, I want him to get the max touches possible with Murray spelling him from time to time.
  11. Which of the following trades should I do (if any)? 1. Lev Bell and Stefon Diggs for Nick Chubb 2. Lev Bell and Stefon Diggs for Kamara and Waller Leave a link to yours and I'll help.
  12. Conley all the way!!!! He's a roto beast!!
  13. Just traded this bum along with Alshon for James White. I just wanted them off my team.
  14. They gave him 3 straight carries from the 1 yard line. Maybe this production is sustainable. He’s gotta be at the top of the league in goaline carries. They’re feeding him like a horse
  15. Well in the past, I played the lower stakes $100 leagues then get invited to the bigger leagues. But now there’s a group of international players who I know fairly well and it’s the same 25-30 guys in the higher stakes leagues. Some of them can’t make certain draft dates, don’t like the settings etc. so not everyone is in every league. But its basically the same 25 guys and they’re mostly international. Maybe 1/3 American, 1/3 European, 1/3 other nationalities. I haven’t found there’s enough interest from exclusively Americans to fill those buyins.
  16. Very surprised to see the price tag on that trade.
  17. I’ll start a league if I can get enough interest to start at 3:00 eastern. It would be league safe. Payouts 650, 350, 200. lets see how many interested we can get.
  18. If Sony was my RB2, I'd be worried. Luckily I swung a deal for Derrick Henry so now Sony is my flex. I actually think he's a decent flex play because of the situation he's in. This Patriots D is scary good. The Pats are never going to get blown out and so Sony should never be scripted out of a game. I think the previous game w/Brady's 2 vultures obviously was not the norm. Yes, Sony looks awful running the ball for minimal gains up the middle. They don't run him on the outside because it looks like he's running in quick sand. But he's still the Pats best running back and he will get the goal line touches which seem like they will be coming in waves with the way this team is built. I don't think I'll trade him because I just don't feel like I could feel like I could get enough value in return. Although Keenan and Mixon was a good trade especially if you're hurting in WR.
  19. I really wonder what his weight will be like after a 6-8 week layoff. Since it's his knee, he can't even hit the treadmill.
  20. Sanu now off to the Pats. It's Julio, Ridley, Hooper, and some leftover Scrabble pieces on the depth chart. Feed. The. Man.
  21. Pats just signed Sanu. I think I’m cutting bait with him if i find a decent option on the waiver this week
  22. Clearly they're thinking they can't win with their current receiving corps. That's a lot of cheddar to give up though.
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