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  2. RB's I would trade Carson for......Saquon, Dalvin, CMC, Kamara, & Zeke. Maybe Chubb, D Johnson or LeVeon but probably not. Other than that I don't see anyone doing better than CC.
  3. Lol I found this thread randomly and it gave me a good laugh 😂
  4. Stats when Keenum starts in full PPR @Eagles 23.50 Cowboys 17.20 Bears 19.0 @Miami 26.0 If Keenum is starting he is playing end of discussion regardless of schedule.. not to mention Keenum is so complimentary of his route running etc so maybe this is the budding of a bromance to go along with a few more targets.
  5. BUZZ'S ONLINE FANTASY HOOPS LEAGUE I know, you're tired of seeing my post. Lol. I get it. I have only 1 spot to fill to complete a 17 team online fantasy hoops league The league entry fee is $1000. I don't use league safe. I know, it's sacrilege if you don't use league safe. However, my leagues are legit. I've been running leagues out of NYC for well over 20 years now. I've been posting on Rotoworld for about 12 years now. Not a single complaint about my leagues. If it helps you to know I'm a 51 year old male, white collar type, family man then great. One phone call and you'll know I'm not a scammer. Anyways, this is a real opportunity for one of you who is looking for a high stakes league that is well run and legit. You'll be paid the day after the season is over. My auction is set for Monday at 8:30pm I have owners from L.A., Scottsdale, Dallas/Fort Worth, Philly, Israel and even one from Singapore. I s--- you not. LOL My league is an auction redraft league, roto, we use cbs sports, standard 9 categories except we use Assist to Turnover Ratio instead of Turnovers. NO keepers and no H2H if I wasn't clear enough for anyone. Top 4 spots "cash". Prize money paid out 100% based on a 17 team league minus the site fee. $6350 $4500 $3500 $2500 The league is mainly comprised of middle aged family men and older. Feel free to call/text me at 718 687 3251 or email me at I'm putting together a waiting list for next year for those of you who are interested in my live auctions in NYC. I have a $1000 league with a live auction in NYC (this season we have our 17 teams) and I have a $300 league for newcomers and guys who don't want to play for big money (we have our 17 teams for this season too) Ok Gentlemen, Good luck finding a league that you'll enjoy Ed a.k.a. BUZZ'S FANTASY HOOPS LEAGUE
  6. We're talking about a QB with a career completion percentage below 60%, Cam has never been a proficient passer, nor could he even hold the jock of any of the players you listed in that regard. He's old. He's injured. He's not going to run the ball. Ergo, he is totally worthless in fake foosball.
  7. I like him a lot in certain builds. In one league I grabbed him 3 of my first 5 picks were PGs. Ended up pretty light in FG% and Rebs and very strong elsewhere. He fits that bill very nicely because despite being thinner at big man I was able to compliment his elite blocks well down the board and his FG% isn't the best.
  8. I think McCoy will do good in a prime-time game that KC almost has to win. bold prediction - 100 total yards and a TD
  9. Hey, I'm commish of a 20 team yahoo 6th year keeper league that needs one replacement manager for next season. It's a H2H league, category-based with no money involved. Rosters are simple: PG, SG, SF, PF, C, Util. No Bench. It's a unique but fun setup. Scoring categories are almost Yahoo standard: FG%, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, REB, AST, STL, BLK, TO, DD. Keeper rules are the following: Each year, you can keep either 0, 1 or 2 players. If you keep 0, you retain all your picks. If you keep 1, you use your first rd pick for that. If you keep 2, you use your first and second rd pick for that. Keeper deadline is scheduled for October 17th. Draft order is the reverse order of last years standings in each round. With that said, here is the available team: Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton, Hassan Whiteside, Dewayne Dedmon, Thaddeus Young, Dennis Smith Jr.. This team picks 6th overall in each round. Please only apply if you'll stay active during the year and most importantly, if you're able to attend the draft, which is scheduled for Sunday, October 20th, 2 PM ET. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.
  10. Fitz for me. A little weary of Chark's targets when Foles comes back. Fitz is boring, but safer in about every way.
  11. watching the game really made me like this guy he was being very physical after every catch fighting for more yardage playing with heart and if Arod is happy with him then I'm happy! definitely picked him up in my leagues especially if your hurting at WR. who's to say he wont be the wr2 going forward even if D.Adams returns.
  12. I would not make the trade. You're playing for this year and your team is solid. No adjustments necessary IMO.
  13. ZZ is just there so that, if Latavius breaks his leg in the first quarter, they're not down to Dwayne Washington (who has played 36 NFL games for only 463 yards with 1 career rushing TD). The signing almost certainly means they expect Kamara to miss at least one game, though.
  14. Tyrell is still injured and worried that offense can’t support 2 WRs + Waller. With zay Jones joining + t Williams inured is crowder a better play? leave yours and I’ll answer
  15. I'm leaning towards jerami, but wouldn't you say that the suns rotation is just as messy with oubre, cameron johnson, saric, & kaminsky ?
  16. Because in my eyes he is def set to decline, massively. Ive loved Horford for roto every year except this year. Playing with the sixers is not a good fit for him and it will hurt him. Some peoples argument that he will be fine is because Embiid will miss 20 games. So thats the hope for him to be good, is to pray someone else gets injured? Man come on, i dont draft guys to hope someone else gets hurt for them to produce.
  17. It was noted that just a Veterans Day off for Case
  18. This is a grest team. JJJ for your CP3 - dont do it. You can get more for CP3
  19. I'd stay put as well. With the terrible Falcons line, Ryan is throwing a lot more to the shorter targets, Hooper, Sunu, Freeman. Tough though to stick with Hopkins in non PPR. He's not getting downfield targets and they seem content to pound the ball in the Red Zone as much as they can.
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