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  2. How long does everyone think wades leash is in the mile high city?
  3. It should be known that he had over a THIRD of the teams receiving TD's himself! That's how you manipulate stats.
  4. Here we can discuss Statcast data and stats such as expected stats, exit velocity, barrels, etc. To start off some discussion: —How often does everyone use/rely upon Statcast data such as xwOBA? Last year I would occasionally check the xwOBA leaderboards and always saw Carpenter among the league leaders. It wasn’t until his scorching hot breakout that I really started to believe in this stat because it legitimately predicted him breaking out of his slump in a tremendous way. Another good find last year was Ross Stripling who was among the leaders in xwOBA for pitchers. Wouldn’t have added him and had a good stretch of starts from him without xwOBA. I rely upon this stat pretty heavily now. —Another question maybe someone could help clarify... does xwOBA penalize players in hitter friendly parks? I’m looking at Rockies hitters and pretty much every regular starter is playing well above their xwOBA. Including guys like Blackmon, Arendado, and Story who’s xwOBA are not very impressive. It seems skewed towards Rockies players. Can’t seem to find anything that states the stat factors in park adjustments or anything of the sort. Anyone able to clarify or guess why this is? (hopefully this topic isn’t discussed elsewhere I couldn’t find anything in the search or index forum)
  5. Would it be the craziest of ideas to draft both understanding you'll likely discard the wrong one? Like dying said above, having an Arian's back is pretty cool.
  6. I’m really interested and keen email me at
  7. If that’s the case, I’d rather not own him then. If I’m going to carry a SP, I want to know I can count him for more than 100-110 innings, which is essentially what Marquez will give at home. Makes him a streamer, not a roster-worthy pitcher.
  8. I still would take Bogaerts in a dynasty, stay put!
  9. That’s a good way to put it... “lean”. He’s got wiry strength and is tall enough to get good leverage. Most guys who’ve put up huge MiLB SB’s fit the shorter/skinny profile and routinely bring one category to the table. Hamilton, Dyson, M. Smith, Gordon, Etc... you know what your going to get, SB’s. You pay a premium for their rarity, and pray they don’t kill you in other categories, let alone not hit enough to stay atop, or even in the lineup daily. I’m a believer, I’ve watched a ton of his AB’s, and I feel if things break right, we’re talking Turner/Mondesi/Merifield “light” kinda player. A guy who at years end puts up very respectable counting stats, and contends annually for the SB crown. He’s no Punch and Judy slapper, he hits the ball hard!
  10. I remembered he also had trouble transitioning from zone to gap schemes but I can't find that. I do see the O-line didn't do them any favors - and they didn't draft any reinforcements there (somewhat understandably as their defense was even worse). Stand-out in camp or not, he may still not be a top-10 back, but at his current ADP (round 10) he is a very affordable flyer.
  11. I think it’s worth noting that Mckay has pitched 129 and 109 innings each of the two years prior.
  12. Looking for two owners for a twelve team IDP dynasty league. Free league with no buy in on Yahoo. 30 man rosters with 4 round rookie draft each year. Following number of positions: QB - 1 WR - 3 RB - 2 TE - 1 W/R/T - 3 Q/W/R/T - 1 DB - 2 DL - 2 LB - 2 BN - 13 The two teams available are the Arizona Rattlers ( and Sioux Falls Storm ( The Rattlers have the 3rd pick of each round while the Storm have the 5th pick of each round. GroupMe is required as it is the main contact method. If you are interested in either team or have any questions then please email me at
  13. Could be Trea Turner in the outfield with fewer steals. That is his ceiling probably.
  14. I’m interested if team isn’t already taken
  15. You do occasionally tend to get a bit heated about subjects you don't really care about yes Edit: I already indicated who. I don't there was anything wrong with the discussion, and I'm interested to know his opinion on Gesicki.
  16. If I remember correctly, most of the guys Boston has tried are great when they pitch in anything but a save situation, but not so much when they are closing a game. I don't think Barnes is an exception there, which is nuts given how dominant he is otherwise, but some of it is mental. Their struggles in the 9th inning are why a few of us wouldn't mind seeing Workman get a shot to actually be in the role for more than a random save situation.
  17. I would drop Happ out of those last three. Roll with Gibson Lynn for as long as they're dealing. Help with mine?
  18. I’m interested if the spot isn’t already taken
  19. Yes, he plays everyday. Own him and enjoy...
  20. I think I need a 4th closer and Rogers is the best option available. My staff: Corbin, Bieber, Rodriguez, Lucchesi, Pivetta, Happ, Gibson, Lynn Thinking one of the latter 3 is gonna have to go but I'm having a hard time deciding. Lynn has been dishing some nice Ks while Gibson has a nice schedule and team. Happ is also a nice source of wins and decent ratios although doesn't strike guys out too much. What's the best move? Leave a link and WHIR.
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