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  2. Not bad at all playing against opponents’ 2nd unit, around 25min a game... he will be fine 3rd pg in your team
  3. still not sure if washington will outperform miles bridges. does PJW have good stocks potential?
  4. I went to rehab this during the off-season and avoided Josh Gordon this year. Sigh. This guy could never put it together. It will make for a nice 30 for 30 someday on what could’ve been. I suspect he relapsed again.
  5. I do think stills has some upside but I would try to get his sanders first but might need a couple weeks to start producing. You're 6-1 so not a problem. Fuller will be coming back at some point.
  6. Bills only ran 49 plays because Miami was killing the clock all game. Wasn’t much opportunity for him to shine in this game so everyone thinks he’s done? He looked fantastic before he got hurt. It’s time to buy low. Singletary is much better than Gore and his snaps will go up, he’s also a very solid receiver and Allen is throwing tons of short passes so he will get more catches going forward. He is great in open space so they need to throw to him more.
  7. Are we sure Brees isn't going to start?
  8. Put up a decent line but he looked scared out there. Confidence should be there once he gets enough reps
  9. We created a WhatsApp group today for the guys that are already in the league to discuss the league rules and settings that I proposed. The fantasy baseball analyst that is in our league is Zack Waxman from SB nation, fake teams and the double switch podcast. Here’s some more info about our league: - We are a Roto League. Not a head to head league. - The hitting categories are: HR, Runs, RBI, OBP, SB -Pitching Categories are: ERA, WHIP, QS, Saves + Holds, Strikeouts -We are using Yahoo as our platform. Draft will be a slow draft. We are going to have large rosters. Max spots allowed by yahoo. 5 DL. 10 NA spots. -25 Major league keepers and 10 Minor League keepers. -Daily moves league -We are a money league. The buy in and prizes are currently being discussed in the group chat -There’s an innings limit and a max roster moves limit -We will be using a faab budget with waivers -Daily transactions league -Must have an active roster at all times Send me an email for more info.
  10. Fat and slow and got owned by whiteside. I’m so fked
  11. Lets see how many shots Conley can miss in a row.
  12. Welcome to the forums, post this in the AC. List your whole team and the league settings.
  13. Jesus Christ. I’m not dealing with a year of this fizdale bs. Goodbye Dennis.
  14. I was offered Barkley and Chark for Thomas and Bell and I think I’m going to pass. No way I’d do Gurley
  15. Three unbelievable lines that would be among the best of the season at least until Christmas most seasons. It's cool, but on the other hand it devalues everyone else, so that's a bit of a bummer.
  16. 3 way timeshare with dunn and white, probably not going to be consistent enough to warrant holding
  17. And AJ would have never called him again.
  18. Kyrie tangles up his feet and throws up an unanswered prayer as the Wolves win 127-126 in OT in NJ. Kyrie had 50 with 8reb, 7ast and 1 block. Waller-Prince came alive in 2nd half and ended up with 15pts 11reb, 2ast, 2stl and 1 block. Harris was big with 4/6 from 3pt. land. Allen had 5 blocks. Jordan was non-existent. Real difference in the game was Nets were 15/26 from the FT line. Wolves were 22/28.
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