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  2. Posts like this coming out of no where. How you know he won’t be top 10? You got a crystal ball? I got Hopkins this year and he’s 20 so far in standard scoring and I got Chark too and he’s number 2. Just stop trying to predict things that you have no control over. Chark is a great wr he can easily finish top 10 just like any other top wr. It’s already been 6 weeks. 2 more is half the season.
  3. Seeing Saquon Barkley’s projected points in my lineup...
  4. the yankees need to send a tape to MLB. that pitch to judge is NOT a strike. it happens ALL the time
  5. Gordon hasn’t shown this year he can bang it up the middle either. And today’s nfl is much different from the past. A back that can split out wide and catch passes is way more valuable than a guy that’s only good for handoffs up the middle. Ekeler can easily thrive in this offense as he’s shown that already with Gordon out.
  6. I think cousins fold against the skins especially knowing that Keenum is on the other side of the field.
  7. As a note of clarification: I would be giving up both Drake AND Hollywood for Sanders.
  8. For Week 8: Benny Snell - MIA matchup and a dinged up Conner. Conner has yet to exceed 16 touches in the past 11 games which could mean at least 15 touches for Snell. Ted Ginn - great matchup in week 8 then great matchups following there week 9 Bye week. PIT DEF - MIA matchup. Darren Fells - great matchup against the Raiders. Corey Davis, Adam Humphries, AJ Brown - Tannehill at the helm but not sure who will reap any benefits the most. He favored the Slot last year which could favor Humphries but Davis and Brown have the upside. Kirk Cousins - revenge game vs WSH on Thursday night.
  9. Of course. But the likelihood of your hypothetical is pretty low.
  10. My god yes take that trade.. No way the NE defense continues this elite.. Just no way.. Mahomes will be back in 3-4 weeks and Jets D have an awesome schedule
  11. DJ and Monty, unless DJ sits then plug in Chase.
  12. He thinks because he has a Sideshow Bob avatar that anything Simpson's related works.
  13. i would but then, hell be scooped up by waivers. think he offers higher potential than most waivers due to the way darnold talks up about him
  14. FVV Ingles Bojan Kyle Anderson Gallo Horford Winslow Olynyk Zeller LMA Bazemore Brolo Murray Issac Klay
  15. tough to say big changes are needed. back to back 100 win seasons. they just need their players to hit. sanchez, didi, EE, gardner, stanton and kind of judge did nothing. ottavino and greene were great all year and had a bad series. we had opportunities. literally 2 hits and the yanks could have won this series.
  16. I would do this and pick up Agholor because it doesnt look like jackson be back anytime soon
  17. The Yankees? And you're a fan? Love my team. Great year and this game isn't over.
  18. If I was the Gordon owner, I certainly wouldn't go for that but it's worth a shot.
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