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  2. Massive bust at his ADP. Can’t believe I was seeing him go as high as #18 in big money leagues
  3. Very true. But what are the odds that the Skins put up a decent game? I mean, it is TNF... weird stuff happens.
  4. People throwing shade at a 19 year old kid. Smh.
  5. Middleton for sure help me with mine
  6. His consecutive streak is at 153 regular season games plus 9 playoff, so 162. Currently 5th all time. He probably will never be first (Favre is way too far ahead), but he can reasonably pass both Eli and Peyton Manning. Philip Rivers is #2 with 225 so he probably won't pass him, but Ryan can end up #3 on that list. I'd actually say there's a better than 50-50 chance he suits up, simply because of the streak. That kind of thing means a lot to these guys. His streak started in 2009...a decade ago.
  7. Which one would you expect to score the most in a half-point PPR tonight? I'm probably going to lose either way, but I want to give myself the best chance.
  8. Yahoo, 10 team 9 cat (DDs instead of TOs) Gaurds: Westbrook, Lowry, Caris Levert, Oladipo (IR), Lou Williams Fowards: Draymond Green, Marvin Bagley, OG Anunoby, Zach Collins Centers: KAT, Vucevic, Deandre Jordan, Dwight Howard
  9. I spoke him up and I didn't keep him on the roster. Horrible feeling when you're right about something but can't follow through. No more faab- he should be a decent wr3 or sure, maybe 2 if the TDS trickle in but will Fuller absence definitely a concern for Watson. His stats decline a bit without him, naturally
  10. It's pretty close. I think OPJ will have a slightly better year but the Bulls have a bad playoff schedule, so I would lean towards Middleton.
  11. "Fuller, go easy on the Pepsi." (Home Alone) Maybe his sugar intake is a problem haha
  12. I like Big V more then Gobert and Drummond help me with mine
  13. Huh I kinda thought this offer was pretty close in terms of value, Looks like I may have to add some stuff to it to get it done though. If I add DJ Moore for Hardman to the deal would that help?
  14. 6-8 weeks until he returns and is on a minutes restriction because the pelicans are out of it. #embiid2.0
  15. Stills is an intriguing pickup or platoon for Fuller owners (or non-fuller obviously)
  16. The issue is more so The Vikings may not need to pass at all, the redskins defense pretty bad. Plus, doubtful the Skins will be piling up points to force the Vikings to throw.
  17. Still thinking of rostering him in roto, with a frontcourt-heavy build helping soften the FG% blow the boards and dimes look intriguing for the SF position.
  18. Need Jamison Crowder to fall down the stairs. Not wishing for it, but that's what I need
  19. Ive gotta drop him in one of my leagues with only 5 bench spots and no IR...hoping to snag Stills
  20. In an 8 cat ROTO league I have the 10th/11th picks. I don't punt categories because in Roto, that may be a recipe for disaster since you need to be near perfect in all other categories if you have a FT killer. I realize Drummond and Gobert may be the sexier picks and are getting drafted higher, but they would kill you in FTs and I don't draft again until 30/31. Still not sure who i will pick at #10, depending on who is left, but it may be Beal.
  21. First time Fuller owner here... So this is what it feels like... Are his hammies made of paper mache?
  22. Weekly FLEX with RB2 upside, If DJ ends up out of the picture via trade or injury, RB1 weekly, potential league winner. Who does Kingsbury love? It appears Chase Edmonds. 5.3 yards per carry in a zone blocking scheme is much better than DJ's 3.4. Twenty four million of DJ's 30 million dollar deal was paid up front, so it's not like he can't be traded. Furthermore, AZ is suddenly in it at 3-3-1. I love it when foresight pays off.
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