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  2. I love that appeal in most cases and have chased will continue to chase... just walton doesn't do it for me... and drake seems to have the ability but definitely not the backing which I do not understand...
  3. Cant agree enough! I was skeptical drafting him in my later rounds, but I think I'll keep him for now to see if he can continue that momentum going forward during regular season. I wouldnt be surprised to see AD sit for games.
  4. Another vote for Crowder. Gordon if you want to be a little more Risky.
  5. My current TE options are Herndon and OJ Howard. Gonna have to stream this week
  6. Oof. Is Gerald Everett available? Great match up against ATL. If not, It's definitely between Goedert and Fant. Fant has the better match up but Goed has the volume. I would lean towards Goedert since volume kills in Fantasy. Thanks for mine, good luck.
  7. Melvin not going to make up for loss of Chubb. Stay put. You're good at WR. Tyreek would be great, but not worth the loss of Chubb.
  8. Is it legit that I would start Phil Lindsay vs KC tonite and have to sit either Gurley or Zeke Sunday? I know Gurley is banged up and is 50/50 this week and Zeke plays philly tough run d No PPR what say u guys?
  9. Try Brissett and Sanders over Goff and Sanders. Goff has a much higher ceiling long-term than Jacoby. Thanks for mine.
  10. I’d probably go Fant, tough call though
  11. Just for some context of where I think his value is in comparison in a 12 team ppr league.
  12. Who is your starting TE without Kelce? I can't see sig, but I saw stay put. Allen has a great schedule coming up and I think just as good upside as Wilson. Jacobs too. And if it's keeper, Jacobs could be a solid keeper. It is worth it, but I say stay put with the upside + it could pay off now too.
  13. It comes down to Melvin for me honestly; if you think he comes back to form in the coming weeks than for sure it’s a good deal, if he ***** the bed you could be in trouble at RB. I think he’s gonna get going so I’d probably do it
  14. No. You are allready covered on Wr. If you sell chubb You pay to much.
  15. Knock some sense into us? That sounds boring
  16. I won't pretend to know why coaching staff after coaching staff doesn't want to commit touches to Kenyan Drake. But there's enough rumblings that the current regime will do just that for Mark Walton. Mark Walton has done nothing in no opportunities. It's the appeal of the unknown, I guess.
  17. “A draft pick” not even a specific round or ball park. They really want the calls to come in lol.
  18. I like the matchup tonight Fant vs KC...Goedert is a close 2nd for me; feel like they're going to try to get Ertz going more.
  19. Listen, is Kamara on the back of Murray?
  20. The consensus this year seems to be there are a "big 5". In other years, the number may change slightly, but there are always those small handful of guys that are a head or so above the rest. I always wonder how many league winners there are that don't have one of those big guys. Does it mostly happen when one or more of those top guys gets hurt? What have the teams you've seen win without a Harden/Curry/Durant/Towns/Giannis/Davis, etc been like? How likely is it for a well-drafted team that gets Beal, Irving, Lillard, Embiid, etc as their 1st pick to be able to win it in a fairly competitive league? Which of the top guys, historically, does it seem like gives a team the best chance at winning? Thought it might be an interesting discussion with so many drafts coming up this weekend and lots of us ending up with picks in that bottom half.
  21. 0.5PPR, 3-3 record, 3 player keeper: Give: Josh Jacobs and Josh Allen Get: James White, Russell Wilson, and Travis Kelce team #1 in sig. my other keeper considerations are Fournette, Devante Adams, and Aaron Jones. Worry is that Josh jacobs turns into a multi year stud keeper. worth it?
  22. I've been offered the following trade: Give: Chubb, Diggs Receive: Melvin Gordon, Tyreek Hill My Team is: QB: Dak RBS: Kamara, Chubb, Montgomery, Latavius, Henderson WRS: Hopkins, Godwin, Woods, Diggs, John Brown TE: Hunter Henry, Herndon DST: Pats K: Butker I am in a 12 team full PPR league, 1QB, 2RBS, 2 WRS, 1 FLEX, 1TE, 1DST, 1K. SHOULD I MAKE THIS TRADE?? Owner also has Todd, Golladay, Ertz, A Rob, R. Freeman to name a few of the relevant players. I'm debating moving Chubb before Kareem comes back, and looking to sell high on Diggs. Is this the right decision? ANY HELP/SUGGESTION IS APPRECIATED! WHIR!
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