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  2. Thanks for the response. I actually activated Gallo today, so Pablo is now on the IL. I'll give it another week, perhaps, to see where he's at. Yandy will be coming off the DL on Thursday, however, and I have Caleb Smith coming back this weekend. Somebody's gotta go. I have been trying to move Kingery for the past week, as well as Riley. I think my backlog of talent is apparent and teams might just be waiting for me to drop some of these guys. Also, I heisted Woodruff for Franmil about a month ago and maybe they don't want to make the rich richer... we'll see. I like Kingery a lot, but everyone says Regression Is Coming. Yandy has such a great floor with promise for more that I'd hate to let him go for nothing also. Would Kingery for Dakota Hudson be an overpay? Yandy, even? I need to find that perfect 2-1 package somewhere. I might just have to let Fiers go, along with another pitcher, and give it some time to see who floats to the top.
  3. I’m hoping he just inverted that trend this year!
  4. his splits (especially recent) have shown him to be a better pre all-star break pitcher - my concern
  5. I actually do actually think AD re-signing is a given. There's a max deal, they can't offer more than a certain amount. Pretty sure his agent and Lakers have discussed that the deal will happen otherwise the Lakers wouldn't have traded all that in a gamble. If they did and he leaves, wow.
  6. What exactly are you worried about? He’s one of the very few truly elite pitchers. Doesn’t mean he’s going to pitch great every game but he will have more dominant outings than just about anybody else.
  7. I also do not mind dropping Pablo Lopez. Some injuries can linger, and I haven't heard much about his at all lately.
  8. Depends on the manager, but I managed to deal Corbin for Trea Turner. I would have accepted a bit less. Corbin has looked extremely dominant at times, but also was having problems locating his slider, if I'm not mistaking, which lead to a string of rough starts. Might not be horrible to try to sell on Riley since he seems to finally be cooling down a bit. Marquez is a guy I'd try to package. Fiers wouldn't be enough, but I saw you noted he's a hold right now and I can't say I blame you. Since his no-hitter, he has been white hot. I don't know if I'd go dropping Kingery quite yet. He's leading off for the second straight day, and in that offense, could see a big uptick in stock leading off. Had 3 hits and a SB yesterday and is going at it again today. I love Kingery this year so I am a bit biased there.
  9. You certainly don’t have much to do. I agree with adding maybe another closer but you are basically doing that for free already with Kimbrel. But I actually think you need another SP over a closer, if anything. Boyd could come down to earth, Kluber has been hurt, etc. Berrios and Bauer are rock solid first two options though. I like this team a lot. You have depth which is good for trades though. Maybe move something like Villar + Boyd for a more solid SS option? Taking advantage of some overachievers maybe. I’m not saying to do that, just thinking of potential options.
  10. I didn't think about it being a roto league with an IP limit. That changes things quite a bit. I think you are right to identify high-K, good ratio relievers regardless of saves. You'll want at least a few of them. Gant has probably been a wonderful piece of your team in this format. I think you can disregard most of what I wrote about punting saves. I'd probably look into cutting ERod, honestly. You'll need to be judicial with your starts for the rest of the season, and he seems too erratic. I'd prefer to patiently play the good matchups available to you on the wire than rely on him at this point.
  11. Scooped the 'Stache! Hopefully he dazzles and keeps the job...I can see that happening if Stripling doesn't shine and Gonsolin throws gas on the fire...
  12. He's not slated for a couple days yet (thurs)...and it pretty much has to be a watch-and-see imo
  13. First of all, thank you for ALL of your feedback. I'm taking it all into consideration. Here's two things though: roto league, and I'm actually not in last or near last in saves due to having some nailed down earlier in the season, and owning Edwin Diaz for awhile. #2, it's a roto league, and we have an IP limit of 1500 which I am expected to exceed by 250~ IP roughly as of right now. I need to monitor that. I had considered moving starters for closers later in the year, but I think my luck would be to find a guy post-trade deadline. It's hard to find people wanting to trade closers--on that note, I agree Gant may have some nice value right now... Re: WW pickups, I haven't missed too much there, as I've landed (off waivers) La Stella, Howie Kendrick, Kingery, Mercado, and Yordan, while on the pitching end, Giolito and Lance Lynn have both been great WW adds for my staff. I am more into the idea of surrounding my team with a lot of guys who can net me strikeouts or good ratios out of the bullpen than saves, even, but MRs like that get scooped up pretty quick. I like Logan Allen a bit more than Plesac. I'm excited to see what Allen can do against a horrible LHP hitting BAL team. And he has SF after that, if he sticks. Plesac I also have liked, but regression seems to be likely. Let me check yours out!
  14. Leagues - 15 in total (Join as many as you would like) Individual Position Leagues (3 in total) 3 leagues of 8 team individual positions one for Quarterbacks, one for Runningbacks, and one for Wide Receivers, PPR Scoring with some added scoring for each separate league. Completely Free QB League 3QB and 2BE, WR League 4WR and 3BE, RB League 3RB and 3BE 10 Division Gauntlet League (10 in total) 10 division Promotion and Relegation system for a 10 level fantasy challenge with 10 teams each, PPR Scoring. Completely Free (Possible to change after S1) Standard roster size only change is 2QB (Subject to change) Buy in PPR Leagues $100 prize (2 in total) 2 Leagues of PPR Scoring 10 teams each $10 buy in - $100 prize to 1st in both leagues Roster Size = 17 with 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex, 1K, 7BE, and 2IR All Leagues Run on ESPN Fantasy Draft Date Undecided for all league, I like to make sure most members help pick a date together before deciding the date we draft. Staying active on the Discord channel I have made personally for this league. I'm a very fair commissioner and hope to see you in one of my leagues this year. I also prefer you have Discord for any league of mine that you join. If you don't have discord, it's a very simple FREE app that for chatting and having everything from league news to draft talk. Ask for me for an invite to the chat after you join. PM me or comment below for signing up or asking questions about any of the leagues mentioned above let me know. Thank everyone and best of luck this season! Which league(s) are you interested in joining?
  15. Not the matchup I would have hoped for. Anyone starting tonight?
  16. Rendon is also a FA after this year, but it looks like Kieboom has only played 1 game at 3B.
  17. Probably start by targeting the team who has P Alonso, to help your 1B slot & see if they are interested in 1 of those guys. If trading Trout or Nolan, you should be able to get Pete & more, which can help your playoff push. Imo, I would consider Pete & either Nolan or Trout (depending on who you trade) as your keepers for next year. Let us know if you get any offers! Good luck!
  18. looking into possibly trading for him...any concerns about an innings limit?
  19. Its not a situation where a huge hole is left. Instead its a downgrade, most likely, of two positions, but not a massive one. Sometimes when you have the injury early, you can more quickly find out if an in house replacement exists that would've gone unnoticed. Or, perhaps you can more easily sniff out a trade opportunity for a veteran that's expendable on another team. Then again, Mike Brown might simply say "I ain't paying two players" and demand they get by with what they have regardless, good or bad.
  20. I'm gonna lose it if the Orioles outpitch Allen today. They have an opener + AAA dude going vs the Tribe. PADS.
  21. pass personally, would want more for the best stick behind the plate in the game
  22. Super long shot (basically a bold prediction), but I can see Hunter having an impact this season. Won't be guaranteed to get significant minutes out of the gate, though his elite defense could make that possible. Of course, the transition to a league where help defense and rotations are so important could mean he's brought along more slowly. The Hawks could certainly afford to do that. I think his offense is better than people realize, with steady, continued improvement throughout his college career. He'll never be a #1 guy obviously, but he can shoot and was an above average scorer in basically every play type according to Synergy. If he can continue to develop a little more on that end, I think he can grow into a Taurean-Price type with better defense. The big question is whether said defense will translate to stocks. It's no secret his defensive numbers were atrocious in college. While that could be partly explained through any number of college-related factors, it's no doubt a concern. But if he can manage to get them up, the complete picture looks nice as a 3 and D guy. I'll be very curious to see what those stocks look like during his first season. Also like Herro in deep/super deep leagues. Heat always seem to be banged up and will need his shooting and bit of playmaking. More importantly, that FT% is insane. Even if he only gets to the line twice a game, it'll still be helpful. Points, threes, FT% and low TOs could be enough in 9-cat, depending on his FG%.
  23. I’m not focusing too much on his stats this year as it’s a pretty small sample. That said... The xFIP is so high for 3 main reasons. One is that FIP and xFIP use a league-specific coefficient, and the PCL has a really high one. Even Zac Gallen, with his ridiculous numbers, had a 3.52 xFIP. The other two are the walks and a 56.7% fly ball rate. That is a concerning number, but the nice part is that he also had a 36.8 IFFB%, so a lot of those fly balls were harmless popups.
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