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  2. Will Xavien Howard be on him this week?
  3. Yahoo league, 9 categories,1 IR [PTS/FG%/FT%/REB/STLS/ASTS/TO/3PM/BLKS],12 Team league Damian Lillard/Kyrie Irving/D'Angelo Russell/Robert Covington/Gallo/Jonathan Isaac/Ricky Rubio/Miles Bridges/JaVale McGee/DeAndre Jordan/Goran Dragic//Kevin Looney/Dwayne Bacon IR: Blank Went into the draft with a punt FG% build, messed up with picking no centers/bigs until way later in the draft which screwed me in rebs...currently just hoping I can nab a hot WW drop big in the future and i'll be fine, any thoughts?
  4. The point was the opportunity was there. The person I was responding to was worried about Williams and usage. You must have missed that like AJones. Through the hands.
  5. I need a bye week fill in and I’m really thinking about going with Crowder. I’m in a standard league, but still think he is a solid start. He gets the Pats, so you figure the Jets will have to score to keep up. Gillmore will likely shadow Anderson, which should mean plenty of targets for Crowder. Tate has a pretty nice game last week against NE and I’m pretty sure he runs most his routes out of the slot.
  6. am i crazy to believe dude is primed for a breakout season? with kd injured, i think people are sleeping on his potential to fill his shoes, if only for a year. going undrafted in most leagues, but i won’t be surprised to see him finish top 100 tbh.
  7. What playoff schedule are you using? Vast majority I have seen typically end March 29th and he has a 4/3/4.
  8. Jones owners are in shambles in that the other thread right now lmao I've got Jones and Williams in separate leagues, and I still think Jones is gonna be the better back to have, but I'm gonna keep rolling out J Will in my 16 teamer and hope for the dart throw touchdown
  9. So you state hes playing poorly and cite boxscores while misrepresenting the nature of his scoring plays. I reply by showing you actual footage of his play on some of those TDs that fully contradicts your assessment, then indicate that his lack of raw production is a product of usage not quality of play. And your rebuttal is to quote more boxscore related data? So you're basically admitting you dont actually watch the game? Or at least haven't bothered watching Aaron Jones play this season or last? Okay.. Edit: and you're basically holding his "one yard" scoring plays against him. If he was bad and playing bad why would he score with such regularity when given the chance? Is he not supposed to score on those plays because they're not as sexy as from farther out? If he doesn't score you'd hold that against him too so I dont see how this can be a genuine argument.
  10. Invite sent, welcome aboard! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or in the league chat. Also make sure to get your keepers in today or tomorrow, thank you.
  11. I want to hear how folks are building their team with a late pick. At pick #10 the best top player available would be the following: Beal, Leonard, Irving, Walker, Drummond, Butler, Holidays Who is the best pair? Beal & Doncic Drummond & Gobert ?????? I going with the assumption that Lebron, Embiid, & Lillard are not available.
  12. i have a gut feeling that his blocks will be back up to about 1.5 this season i hope they don’t do the rotating starter bs.. hate when teams do that
  13. 19th in rush yards a game. 59 in yards per carry. I would say he is not running at an elite level. Yes he has some TD’s, but we can’t rely on TD defendant RB and everyone here is acting like he’s running at an elite level. He’s not. Your fooled
  14. I'm targeting this guy in one of my leagues... I'm hoping with Landry, Kirk, Sony Michell, and Tevin Coleman I can put together a package that will get it done. As some owners, what are your thoughts?
  15. Nothing about these scoring plays look like what you described. He demonstrates strong vision and elusive movement. Your rhetoric implies he's some plodder getting 1 yard goalline TDs off of power runs up the gut. He actually moves very well in space and often rips off large chunks of yardage as both a runner and a passcatcher. His usage is inconsistent, his actually play isn't. He passes the eyeball test with flying colors. You're so far off from reality that its straight up dishonest.
  16. dude had a career year last season .. any chance he picks up where he left off? i guess he’s more of a 3 point specialist, but i took him in the later rounds (11th, 127 overall) off the strength that i remember him beasting towards the end of last year. what are some of yalls projections?
  17. Close thread. I don't have the energy left for this guy anymore.
  18. More pts, 3s, reb, stls, blks, FG%. Less AST, worse FT% but not that bad. Worth it for sure.
  19. I am especially familiar with Fantrax, having been a LM for several years
  20. It's going to rotate ( I think ). Jordan will start against big body centers and vice versa. 24-24 / 26-22 minute splits. His defense has taken a nosedive for some years now.
  21. Sold! With that amazing sales pitch, i'd aim higher than RB flex, go straight for Barkley
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