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  2. Totally useless since I don’t own him. Shucks .
  3. There’s nothing on the wire and no one is moving pitching. I have some stud bats so I can risk the loss of Murphy’s reliable stick. Thx for responding. Took the deal.
  4. Woah, I didn't see any reports that prove one of the parents broke his arm.. where is that?
  5. Cruising, control looks spot on, curveball has looked good as well... trying not to jinx him
  6. You're a complete joke This guy has already been proven of choking out this same girl when she was pregnant with this same kid
  7. April 24 wander franco, (18 y/o), SS, single-A bowling green (TBR) 1-for-2, HR, 2R, 2RBI, 2BB, SB, CS daulton varsho (22 y/o), C, double-A jackson (AZ) 1-for-3, 2BB jordan groshans, (19 y/o), SS, single-A lansing (TOR) 3-for-5, HR, 2RBI, R, K cavan biggio, (24 y/o), 2B, triple-A buffalo (TOR) 3-for-4, HR, 3RBI, R, BB, K
  8. Yes. "Kid with a possible broken arm" is actually "One of these adults broke the child's arm, we just can't prove which one" and that's a fairly significant difference.
  9. Drop Puig. Don’t make a drastic move like that over roster space.
  10. Wishful thinking, but is there any way the Wendle injury opens up a path for Lowe? With the Yanks crippled by injuries and the BoSox still struggling, Tampa really has an opportunity to build a big lead in the division. I pulled this from a blurb at CBS: "Through the first month of the minor-league season, Lowe has validated his status as one of the top prospects in a farm system teeming with high-end talent. The first baseman is slashing .308/.446/.596 across 65 plate appearances while posting identical strikeout and walk rates (18.8 percent). According to Baseball America, one scout who viewed Lowe on Sunday declared him major-league ready. "
  11. He's probably the best 3B in their organization but he's working on tapping into power. It's not that bad if he trades some K's for power.
  12. Clark's issues were known when he was drafted. And also the reason he went in the 2nd round. He has been clean since being in the NFL as far as we know though.
  13. #### this guy and the Chiefs and the league and the "law" out there ... most important thing here is the safety and well being of that kid, and he's been failed ... i saw that he was removed from the home, so, there's a positive first step for the young fella. Hill is dead to me. /fin.
  14. not falling for that trick again Hazel
  15. So much for innocent until proven guilty. Guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of the public.
  16. His HR today was off a slider so there's that. Maybe progress.
  17. There's really no information to go on. Kid with a possible broken arm and cps shows up to the house. Police don't pursue charges. Am I missing something?
  18. That was really asked and that was his response
  19. Yeah one of Tyreek or his girlfriend abused their infant and broke his arm, but they can’t prove who did it because nobody will snitch. Who do you think was the one to do it? The woman who is pregnant with twins, or the previous domestic abuser who choked and punched his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach in an attempt to kill the unborn child in the past? He is getting off on a technicality but he shouldn’t play in this league, he is a scumbag. If he does this again the NFL and the Chiefs(assuming they hold onto him and play him) will be at least partly responsible for his next crime by condoning his past crimes with their support of him.
  20. Is that a real exchange from the press conference, or are you paraphrasing? Also: Howe also said the NFL has asked for records and information on the case but he has declined to give them information Disgusting.
  21. If you can get Mike Williams for Sammy then do it. I don’t trust Watkins staying healthy. It feels like forever since he has been fantasy relevant.
  22. To bad both have been terrible this year
  23. I'm not holding my breath for the league to discipline him. Only reason is because the NFL seems to always get it wrong, and it's clear as day that Tyreek hurt that kid. Damn disgusting shame.
  24. Just checked it's 8.5 compared to his usual of 13.5 to 14.
  25. Unfortunately i'm only following on gamecast so I dont really know but the results looks good so far.
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