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  2. I'm going 49ers this week. Really don't think there'll be a better spot to use them this season. Buffalo has Miami again in week 11, which is a week where there are fewer "gimme" games (best options are probably NO @ TB, NYJ @ WSH, ARZ @ SF, DEN @ MIN, etc.) so I think this is the week to use them even though BUF would be on the road.
  3. I should clarify that it’s standard scoring so Sony has more value & Keenan has a little bit less
  4. Agree. I just hope they announce him as out and not mess around with making him active and getting a few touches.
  5. Good thing you didn't mention cursive writing.
  6. Matchups don't matter for studs. Yes, he probably won't have ceiling games against teams like SF or MIN, but he's getting the volume and opportunity to put up 100 yards from scrimmage and multiple TDs every single week regardless of opponent. It should surprise nobody if he puts up the best performance of any RB all season against SF, for example, and he could easily still post top-12 numbers that week. Sitting a guy because you're scurred of the matchup is for RB2/3 borderline players, where you can conceivably have two better options. I don't think it's possible to have two better options than a guy who's been touching the ball nearly 30 times every game and running over opposing defenses with those touches.
  7. He looked like Barry Sanders, The Bus, and Sweetness all rolled up in one. 🤡
  8. dang, your team is stacked. and all 4 of those are good keepers! I would also decline and try and trade maybe 1 or 2 of them for a big upgrade. You don't really need Depth, but maybe get a good RB1 for Henry and McLaurin?? 15th round for him at the moment sounds great. Be a sell high imo.
  9. Schedule is irrelevant at this point as long as R. Wilson is playing like an MVP and Carson is getting the snaps. Just be glad you drafted him and worry about things on your team worth the mind space.
  10. Wat do you guys think he'll average this season?
  11. Here is a league you can join. Yahoo Straw Hats Basketball $40 buy in fantasy league draft is tonight 8pm pacific Time!!! 12 teams head to head points scoring Planning to keep league open next year and beyond
  12. The target share isn't bad either, and I'd be tempted to start him if he could ever get healthy. But I really don't think he's worth holding through a mysterious foot injury that's keeping him out for multiple weeks.
  13. My worry with Tannehill is that Tenn is pretty much a run focus squad. With Flacco and Keenum we may get some garbage yards and points
  14. It's a no brainer to me. Drop Barton and claim Nance.
  15. Yahoo Straw Hats Basketball $40 buy in fantasy league draft is tonight 8pm pacific Time!!! 12 teams head to head points scoring Planning to keep league open next year and beyond
  16. Gerald Everett @ ATL T.J. Hockensen vs. MIN leaning everett. Thoughts?
  17. because of his TD's. Never chase TD's.
  18. I’d love him if his FT% was at least 75%, woulda been perfect for my punt FG team
  19. This is a 12 team league. Yes, I know it says 20 on the league page. The additional teams are only created temporarily, to allow me a buffer for recruiting. Not everyone that accepts an invite pays, and I can't sit here wondering whose team to I should delete, so any new interested party can have a chance. I have done it this way every year, and procrastinators are always left on the outside looking in. The first 12 to pay get in, everyone else will removed, so if you're serious, get on it! This was my most competitive league last year, lots of trade offers, trades, and overall activity. Payouts, based on final season standings will be: 1st - $200 2nd - $100 3rd - $60 Provided no one objects, I will generate and post draft randomizer results from here (they will be emailed to the address you provided to Leaguesafe as well), as soon as everyone has paid.
  20. I am skeptical... But I am thinking about it. In the highlights shown above he ran a nice route on the out route. On the deep route the defender is on him like a blanket.
  21. I do just want to argue, I’m working till 8 with nothing better to do. He looked like an injured 1 legged bell, I’ll give you that.
  22. What's the scoop with this guy? He is generically classified as low WR2 or WR3 type. But I think he is actually more than that. Not only the stats confirm it, but the eye test and the connection with Minshew. Seemed to be in sync with Foles as well on their great TD connection in week 1. Bottom line, I would classify him as a solid WR2 at least. That's with WR1 upside. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if he indeed finishes the season as WR1. Are people in your leagues actually selling him low?
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