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  2. I know but IF Robles gets dealt at the deadline, and Buttrey isnt the closer, theres no one else in that bullpen for the role. Bedrosian? LOL
  3. Oh that...I was just making a joke. Yes...a joke 👀
  4. Glad I didn’t drop this bozo even though I have been complaining like a little biatch all year.
  5. I would move Albies for those two players. Albies hasn't matched his early 2018 breakout and from what I've read nothing is really indicating he will get back to that. Good luck. Help please:
  6. Anyone concerned about how low his xWOBA currently is? His expected batting average is currently .234 His expected slugging is .456 Also, his BABIP is an unsustainable .415 He just seems to be tip-toeing the edge with potential of being on the verge of falling off a cliff.
  7. I would stick with the FA route for your team needs. I wouldnt trade Castillo in this case. I like Pindea the most but don't like his BOS matchup this week vs Price. Help please:
  8. I know the feeling and I'm leaning Vargas as well.
  9. Someone just dropped Marco Luciano. Would you drop anyone to pick him up? 1. Forrest Whitley 2. Royce Lewis 3. Nolan Gorman 4. Jarred Kelenic 5. Jordan Groshans 6. Seth Beer 7. George Valera 8. Grayson Rodriguez 9. Julio Rodriguez 10 Zac Gallen
  10. There is likely a reason you two are swapping a hitter for a pitcher based on needs but could you add Goldy to the deal and he send a SP in return? Albeit maybe not a great one but one better than the waiver wire? I think that would make any deal more of a wash because of hitter and pitcher added to each side of the deal.
  11. It’s baseball though. It literally happens. Players aren’t hot the whole entire season.
  12. Not so sure about Philly and TB. As a dominant lefty I could see his role being more of the Andrew Miller in Cleveland type of situation. Extremely valuable to have...
  13. Middleton is a name to know but his numbers (especially WHIP) are not great. Plus he's coming off of a major injury so not sure how fun he would be to own even if he somehow got the job. I agree that Buttrey is likely to stay put in his role though...
  14. Got an owner offering Matt Chapman for Framber Valdez, thoughts ? Our FA SP is picked clean. Guys left are the likes of Gausman, Sanchez, Kukuchi, bunch of others who will kill you most times they start. Framber I think pretty highly of and think he could be one of the better FA SP pick ups this year with, nice K's so far too. He's pitching well with good stuff and being on HOU is great for wins. We have no inning/start limits and categories are W/K/ERA/WHIP/SV, most teams have 6 or more SPs. As we know SP has been nuts this year with studs struggling, players on the DL, a decent SP who doesn't kill you each time out is super valuable and hard to replace. Trading someone with the upside I think he has, isn't easily replaceable in our league. Matt Chapman is a very solid bat, cooled off lately but was very good last year and possibly ends up having a better season this year who knows. Not sure I would start him as my lineup is pretty solid. Would really be when someone is struggling or got hurt. Still seems like really good value for Framber a guy I grabbed in FA's last night. I'm used to playing in leagues where bats are much more valuable than SP. This league is the first I've played in quite some time where SP is just as valuable as hitters and there is much less good SP options to go around than bats. FA bats there are still quite a few decent options but FA SP is really picked to the bone. The best best for a good SP in FAs rest of season is some rookie call up or one of the owners making a bone head move and dropping someone good or who hit a rough patch. Tough call here, was curious what you guys would do. He would also deal CJ Cron, never been a big fan. He is in a great lineup and possibly going to have his best season yet, though I have lots of 1B Goldy/Alonso/Voit. My redraft team C- Sanchez 1B-Goldy 2B- Mondesi 3B- Suarez SS- Tatis OF- Choo OF- Pence OF- Starling Marte UT Luke Voit UT Pete Alonso BN- Eloy, Kingery DL Judge SP- Hendricks, Morton, Soroka, Giolito, Plesac, Lynn, Pivetta, Framber DL Carrasco RP- Felipe, Hicks, Neris
  15. More like two weeks. He's had his fair share of singles, but he hasn't hit a homer since 5/28. I'm sure he will turn it around.
  16. Gets better every year and an improved launch angle, 17.7. He will continue to rake!
  17. Today
  18. Were you really expecting this guy to hit 330 again? Comping him to Trout isn't THAT far-fetched, but come on man.
  19. No, he was hot coming off the IL. Hes just hit a slump this past week.
  20. Did anybody happen to see his injury tonight? They're calling it a strain already.
  21. He's been cold since his return from the IL. Let's hope he heats up soon.
  22. Yah, but all is good now. It happened back in early May and has since resumed throwing:
  23. Finally gonna have a healthy staff with Clevy coming back on Monday... Hendricks inflammation. Annnnd it's gone. Good thing team is built on bats
  24. Kid is really impressive and should be up soon. Plus I also like to pronounce his last name like Mr Mackey whenever I read it.
  25. There’s no one you can pitch to. 🙀
  26. Go Bauer, Turnbull, Canning, and Folty.
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