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  2. Just dropped for PJ Washington and it feels good.
  3. Nah man. Hang onto Allen. He's been good for fantasy in every game this season besides the Patriots matchup of course. He also has a great schedule over the next month. I like Brissett a lot too but he has some tougher matchups over the next couple weeks.
  4. One of those was an obvious joke. Ill let you figure out which one.
  5. What did this dude do to piss Pop off lol I really don’t get what’s happening here and I’m not even saying that because I have him.
  6. But he's a superstar in the making, just ask the Monty groupies who were making sacrifices at his altar in August In fairness even I expected more than this though, man
  7. any chance hell at least average 5 rebounds and 5 assists. but sadly it's starting to look very slim
  8. Doubtful he would do both but Ive seen crazier trades accepted. I would start with the 1 for 1
  9. Probably my fault, first time in 6 years of fantasy that I took him. Everything I touch turns to s--- 😤
  10. Wouldn't mind him on the araiders as long as his mind, body, and soul are right.
  11. playing beautifully, he needs to get all the minutes, not a f***in timeshare
  12. Yeah put a Fork in this guy....Fire Up Chase Boys!!!
  13. I swear some of the posters in here have done way more drugs than Gordon ever has. Brady can’t throw deep? Rocket Arm Trubisky? Buahahaha
  14. Thoughts going forward? Picked him up for free but 49ers May suffocate the Carolina wrs
  15. Edmonds so long as DJ is out, otherwise Coleman.
  16. His time will come. Important thing is LNJ fills up the stat sheet when he's on the court. Watch out when the three starts falling!
  17. I am glad I didn’t draft him expecting assists. Preseason was a good indication of what to expect and he is delivering. This dude no doubt is going to average 20 PPG.
  18. Same. I have no clue what Fizdale is doing but I’m not staying to figure it out.
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