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  2. No idea what to think about Boyd ROS. I was just offered Blackmon and Boyd for Jo-Ram and have been extremely torn. (Keeper league, and Boyd will be the only player worth keeping after this year based on price)
  3. I would go with Yandy, as not sure what will happen with McMahon, once D Murphy returns soon.
  4. $50 Dynasty League if you are interested. Salary cap. Multiple teams to pick from now. 25 man active roster. 100 minor league spots.
  5. Houston historically is a prospect hoarder franchise. Keep the talent down too long just to keep em away from big paydays or other teams. Singleton, AJ Lee, Kyle Tucker, Derek Fisher are examples or former top prospects who wasted away in Houston Round Rock hell. Funny enuff Kyle Tucker will prolly be the first one up since his star has fallen and his future earnings are minimal now. Yordan will be called up after he quits hitting and everybody else quits wanting him up and he no longer deserves to be called up.
  6. Not really. He's pitched great and has 1 Win to show for it... He would fit right in on my team then...
  7. That crappy team from Miami. I guess FLORIDA Marlins is still stuck in my head.
  8. @COL today is a scary matchup for a slider reliant pitcher.. start your studs, but its certainly debatable.
  9. Go... nobody! Hey, now at least a team's bullpen can't blow another win for one of my pitchers...
  10. started slow last year as well. Even with his putrid BA/OBP/SLG at least he's chipped in 2 HR and 3 SB. This is still clearly a player who can go 15/15 or even 20/20 once he gets going. With that position flexibility? Strong hold for me, but obviously that's only the right advice for AL Onlys or very deep mixed leagues. In standard to shallow mixed leagues you can probably play the wire and ride the hot hand and accumulate 15/15 or 20/20 with relative ease. Profar was only going to return value in those formats if he took another step forward which doesn't look likely as of this morning.
  11. Weather Update: Weather Proof Games: SF/ Tor, KC/TB, Min./Hou. Det/Bos: Double Header and I dont see any major issues getting either game in. May see scattered showers and its going to be chilly. Fla/Cle: Could be scattered showers but I dont see anything serious on the radar. Atl./Cin.: Looks like a decent chance of rain/thunderstorms in the afternoon but then it should clear off-ish by game time. Could be some light rain showers in the evening but no significant amounts. Ari./Pit: Very similar to the Cincinnati forecast above. ChW/Bal.: Should be a very pleasant night in Baltimore. Temps in the 70's , small chance of rain as the night moves on but nothing serious. Phi./NYM: No major issues here either. Similar to the other East Coast forecasts. Mil./StL: Chance of showers increases as the evening moves on but shouldnt be an issue. LAD/ChC: Its going to be chilly and cloudy but almost no chance of rain. Was./Col.: Looks like an awesome night in Denver. No rain anywhere near there, temps in the mid to high 60's Sea./SD: It Never Rains in Southern California. NYY/LAA: Albert Hammond Tex./Oak: No weather issues at all.
  12. For my Dirty Little Birdie team in sig. For those of you who cant see - I have Segura/D. Gordon/A. Mondesi in the 2b/SS/MI position slots with Tatis usually taking up a UTIL spot. My SP currently are Nola, Severino, Darvish, Soroka, Fried, Folty, German (Yankees) and Keuchel. There are a ton of rosterable closers on the waiver wire (Minter, Brasier, Strop among others). I currently own both Davis and Holland in addition to Osuna. What do you guys think?
  13. I give Giancarlo Stanton and Pete Alonso Get Kershaw, Clint Frazier and Kris Bryant
  14. Puig is about to catch fire no way I deal him on 50 cents on the $1
  15. I dropped him. Getting dropped to number 8 in the order was the final straw.
  16. 5x5 roto Want to buy low on Franmil and get Hoskins Giving Bryant and Puig, to much?
  17. I'm not trying to dance around the question, but that's a really hard thing to nail down. I think Alvarez needs to have about a 35-40 game sample and keep up what he's doing. That's the middle of May. I think Houston also needs to have a clear need. Right now they have 2 clear + options in the OF, Brantley and Springer. They have all 4 IF positions "locked up" as well. I'm counting Yuli as the 1B for the sake of argument, but you can call him the DH. Whatever. He's a not a liability with the bat and shouldn't be considered a guy worthy of replacing. That leaves DH and 1 OF spot, typically filled by Tyler White and Reddick. Reddick has been solid enough in the past and is playing well enough now that he should continue to get consistent AB's, especially as a LH bat. That leaves White, who's pretty much stinking it up. How long can they sit on that? If he doesnt' show signs of life the next month, and Alvarez keeps whacking the ball, I think he'll be up. I think this is especially true if Seattle is able to get more of a lead in the division. So May/June. Yeah, June is the super-2 cutoff, but I don't think he'll be there until then due to financials. If there's a need, he'll be up, IMO.
  18. Some guys with good ratios (most I think I've yet to see mentioned)... Marcus Walden BOS John Brebbia STL Nick Wittgren CLE
  19. I use it as a measure for a few weeks into the season. Not how I completely evaluate, but if I drafted a guy in the first i'm not dumping him for a guy drafted in the 10th after 3 weeks unless there are some drastic circumstances. I don't think it's unfair to consider that, especially this year. As for the trade itself, yeah, it's not great. In a roto league maybe the guy getting Dahl and Gordon thinks Gordon is gonna steal 50+ again, and is really down on Mallex Smith after his awful start (not an unfair thing, given how dreadful he's been so far, but I think he turns it around). You also can't discount how good Dahl has been in his 15 games. Now, there are some things there I don't like about his numbers, but he looks ready to produce in Coors. Altuve was a fringe first rounder, but the guy trading him may have just gotten his best 20 game stretch of the season (8 homers, really?). Altuves SB have been way down. It's not crazy to think the Dahl/Dee side end up with more HR and more SB's. The Altuve side will surely be better in BA, but Dahl could keep it close, honestly. Yeah, it's bad. No, I wouldn't do it, but it's not so far off I wouldn't have countered with me getting to upgrade another spot. If I was getting a solid back end OF or SP for a bench guy, it'd look pretty solid.
  20. Cristian Pache (20 y/o), OF, double-A mississippi (ATL) twice caught stealing 😣: 2-for-4, 2CS
  21. Pedro, are you in the belief that you know more about Hyde’s potential in this offense than KC?
  22. Thanks for the replies guys. If it makes any difference, Amed Rosario is the best option available on the wire. I hear what you all are saying. I tend to grab the best talent whenever I can and deal with filling out holes later, but maybe I'm overrating the difference between Betts and Bregman
  23. Possible, but not worth using one’s top pick imo
  24. Heliot Ramos (19 y/o), OF, high single-A San Jose (SFG) 2-for-3, HR, 2B, BB, R, RBI for the season: .263/.427/.596, 5HR, 2SB, wRC+ 188 (18.7% BB, 24% K) Nico Hoerner (21 y/o), SS, double-A tennessee (CHC) his first HR of the season: 1-for-3, HR
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