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  2. My current 1B is Moreland only FA is YonderI was offered Pete Alonso for my KershawMy SPSaleFlahertyGreinkeKershawSorokaA Sanchez
  3. Don't see why it wouldn't. The standards for that are not equal to the standard a government has.
  4. when did I ever say 30%+? I simply said power guys who strike out a ton. thats it. I never got specific
  5. If you own Bryant? Keep him, move a mt for Voit.
  6. Man, you want to keep doubling down on stupid takes. I wish I could quote the MLB prospect stuff and all the ignorant stuff you said but it's closed. 1-1 and totally the right call for Kyler to play the sport he wanted to, good luck!
  7. I don't try to judge, and I'm all for giving people second chances, but this dude is an awful human being. You have to be the lowest of low to beat on an infant / young child. I'm sorry for all you guys backing this dude just for your fantasy teams. Deep down you know the truth about who he is, read the gruesome report of the assault he got convicted of. He literally tried to kill his girl and the unborn kid.
  8. But then the NFL wouldn't get 10 minutes of air time.
  9. It's really sad that you are so focused on being right that you continue to be wrong. . .🤣 if you did follow the forum you will see that I posted a link written by a lawyer and pointed out that if new evidence emerges the DA could still bring charges within 5yrs. Focus more on participating and learning about the case as it unfolds like the rest of us instead of waiting for your opinion to be proved right and being salty every step of the way 🤫
  10. But how else would they drag out this first round for 4 hours.
  11. Sure, those are two examples. Do we think Bradley is in the same conversation though? For the two names you mention, there are countless others with that profile that become 4A players.
  12. 12T 5x5 H2H ( AvG, Run, HR, SB, RBI ) Rank these MI RoS. R. McMahon F. Galvis C. Tucker * I’m reposting this now assuming Galvis will be battling ahead of Vlad RoS which to me makes a big difference. WhIR w/LinK
  13. Keep Eloy side, move mts for Mondesi duo.
  14. Despite his slow start, Jose Ramirez is on pace to swipe 47 bags.
  15. Steriods, performance enhancing drugs, increased testosterone, and a willingness to turn a bling eye to his behavior all his life.
  16. Keep Socal and move a mt for thin air instead.
  17. Nola looks like a pitcher who is completely unsure of his stuff.
  18. what are our expectations here? i know it was discussed briefly on the last page but that was a couple of weeks back. wondering how we should be viewing him now
  19. If they really wanted Murray you’d think they’d just pick him.
  20. Keep nations capital & move Hollywood for windy city in a new offer.
  21. Hang onto you're stud 3B, move Max and another arm for only Blackmon & Goldy in a new offer.
  22. Zimmerman has accepted your challenge and thrown down the gauntlet.
  23. The overwhelming reception of Marcus Mariota was deafening.
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