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  2. Iglesias, Neris, Jeffress See mine:
  3. ESPN 12 team H2H points keeper league needs one owner to replace an inactive one. The team does ot look that great on paper so the seas may be rough this season. If you're up for the challenge come join us. The league is in its 10th year and still has many of its original owners. The link to the league settings is below along with the team link. If interested email me directly at and I'll get the invite out to you. This is a free ESPN keeper league (5 players) and the start limit is a hard limit (no streaming on the last day). More on that when you join the league. I'll cut right to the chase. The team needs some TLC. They have two players that need to go to the IL and one coming off. One of the players that are going on will be returning on Wednesday. If you can't handle adversity don't respond. I'm looking for an owner that doesn't quit if is team is having a rough time. If that's you, I look forward to hearing from you. Come join us.
  4. Cole Tucker or Garrett Hampson (ROS)? 12-team keeper. WHIR
  5. Keep Bryant/Frazier move mt for Shaw/Meadowns in counter offer.
  6. League counts holds and saves. Raisel Iglesias Jeremy Jeffress Hector Neris Will help in return.
  7. Keep you're bats, move a mt for Benny
  8. 6 IP 8 Ks and no walks today. Granted, it was the Tigers, but encouraging. Gonna have to watch this one in detail and see if there are any takeaways. He's one of the highest upside players on the WW so he's worth keeping an eye on.
  9. This dude has Pringle’s for finger nails.
  10. Keep Pham/Mondesi, counter give a mt for Turner straight up.
  11. Greg Holland has been way better than I possibly could have hoped for so far this year, but I want to cash out now while I'm ahead with him. I can't see him maintaining these pretty ratios and even if he does, he's very very likely to get traded at the trade deadline and he won't close for a contender. Realistically what starting pitcher do you think I could get for Holland? Do you think I could get someone like Charlie Morton for Holland?
  12. I think he is referring to a snake draft he will get the better sum total with wrap around so DJ as his rb1 who can potentially put up equal if not better production than cmc plus a top 5 wr or another potential rb1. whereas with taking cmc 4th your 2nd pick wont be the equivalent of his 2nd round pick. Basically his 1st two picks combined should outperform your 2 picks is the view. prmary reason I went full auction mode, snake daft is nothing more than a function of the existing order of ADP, not what you think a player is actually worth
  13. They said it was a thumb sprain as in no healing of bones thus sapping of power. Nothing was broken. Nothing will be "limited" when he returns. And I'd take Meadows any day of the week over Puig any time any where.
  14. I would not sell high this is legit. Hes hitting 40+ hrs. Steamer is projecting him at 41 currently.
  15. Nvm we should remember Ausmus runs the show now and was stubborn when it came to removing Shane Greene in detroit when he was absolute garbo
  16. Fried looks NASTY tonight. Softens the blow of shoemaker for me. Had Paxton and Strasburg today as well.
  17. Ron, it would be great if you could get involved in this scoring bonanza
  18. Seriously? Just because Puig is starting slow you think he’s trash. Don’t forget his ADP was much higher then Meadows, and now that Meadows is hurt it was a move to make. Thumb injuries linger and zap power. Do you really think the power will stay and he’ll keep running with an injured thumb? Maybe, but also could be out for a long time and be limited when returning. I would’ve pulled the trigger on this deal easy.
  19. Grab Brasier. I feel like in a shallow league nothing to sweat with dropping him. Tons of good options.
  20. Rangers just extended Leclerc. He’s going to have ample chance to keep the role and get it again if he loses it. Allen on the other hand...
  21. Who do you guys think will be given more chances? Leclerc or Allen?
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