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  2. Castillo threw a front-door two-seamer on Hosmer for strike three that looked like it moved 12 inches. Hosmer couldn't do anything but sheepishly smirk as he walked away. That was maybe the filthiest pitch I've seen this year so far. Can't wait to see the Pitching Ninja gif on that one. He was able to get a bunch of strikes on that pitch, but that last one to Hosmer was jaw-dropping. Guys, the breakout is real. Enjoy the ride.
  3. I prefer Haniger over Mazara for sure. That is an A+ trade for you, nice job.
  4. The movement on his pitches is insane. And he throws gas. He's an ace.
  5. Garver outperforming this guy. Hard to see him getting much more playing time at this rate.
  6. ESPN related rant: Rosario has three home runs today, why are you idiots only crediting him with two?
  7. Yes, but there are a TON of defensive minded catchers in the league that you would never want in your lineup. Catchers with more plate appearances that you would never want to own: Blake Swihart Francisco Cervelli Martin Maldonado Danny Jansen (yuck, I had this guy for a minute and he is overmatched right now) Robinson Chirinos Josh Phegley Jesus Sucre Christian Vazquez Tucker Barnhart Austin Hedges Mike Zunino (hello .215 BA) Grayson Greiner (who?) Tony Wolters Roberto Perez Gary Sanchez (just seeing if you are paying attention) Yan Gomes And here are the legitimate catchers that are above him and should be above him: Yasmani Grandal JT Realmuto Wilson Ramos Wilson Contreras Gary Sanchez (for real this time) Frankly, the next tier is where I put the Turtle Buster Posey Jonathan Lucroy Omar Narvaez Yadier Molina Austin Barnes Catcher is ugly. Might as well own a guy that you can feel pretty certain is going to hit around .300. At least then he is not hurting you when he plays. Most catchers only play about 110 games anyway.....if he plays 4 times a week that is basically what you are getting. I think as the season moves on he plays more and finishes in the top 15 plate appearances for catcher eligible players, and finishes a top 10 catcher. Thats pretty solid for a WW pickup.
  8. I thought I might see a little chatter on this thread with Moustakas being pulled tonight with hand discomfort. Well if he did land on the IL I would think that Hiura might get a call up. I know Hernan Perez plays everywhere but it would seem like this would bring obvious consideration for his shot. I figure Travis Shaw would take over 3B. You never know with hamate bones.
  9. High and Inside If you been a Castillo owner over the last 2 yrs has I have you know that he has a habit of crapping his pants in the 5th or 6th innings and blowing leads. He one of the more consistent pitchers at doing this He had 5 walks in his last start vs the Dodgers blew a 1 run lead in the 5th. Yes so far this yr he is pitching fine BUT you never know if he will go back to that bad habit. I pray he don't
  10. Ratios were already shot for this week so didn’t matter, was just looking for Ks
  11. 8 homers in his last 6 games. think about that for a second. like, what.
  12. Anyone else watch this game? He is still going but his stuff is ABSOLUTE FILTHY
  13. Yes, 13 team, 29 man roster open spot since I put segura on the IL
  14. Garver is my backup C. Grandal starter. Due to MIN's day night doubleheader, by the time I found out Grandal was not starting, the MIN game had alrady locked so I could not put Garver in... 2 HR 5 RBI down the drain. Same BS MIN doubleheader, My regular UTIL Kepler gets scratched last minute. I had switched him into CF because I was behind in CF games. The CF I put into UTIL because I was ahead of pace in UTIL games. Even the rain hates smurfs. Smurfist weather lol. Conjuring my SJW smurf rage.
  15. Yeah Im not sure what he's thinking. There was no reason to have him out for so long.
  16. Why does Mitch Garver have to be on a team with three catchers? Such a waste, could be fantasy gold if he got regular playing time.
  17. At no point this entire year has Castillo "crapped his pants" as you call it. He has a sub 2 era and a ridiculously K to hit ratio
  18. Bauer is out for the 7th. Currently sitting at 118 pitches. Francona is the exact opposite of Dave Roberts.
  19. Garver is the one move I made that has worked
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