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  2. Whether Montoyo is a major reason for Vlad's struggles I do not know. But I do know juggling the lineup day in and day out is not a good idea. Seems like Managing 101 not to. Biggio goes 2-2 with 2 bombs and 3 walks in the 2 hole in front of Vlad then is moved to fourth. Managing 101 says leave him in the 2 hole. The next day he is moved to cleanup. Now he is at the bottom of the order.
  3. I'm less worried about Gurley seeing fewer touches vs just being out mostly or entirely for multiple games. Henderson is a great sneaky late draft pick in bigger leagues IMO.
  4. Rookie ball has wild pitchers that hand out walks left and right. I expect him to walk in the Arizona League even if he has subpar plate skills.
  5. Whoever takes this team on should be keeping Henry, OBJ and Williams
  6. Urias is getting a spot start tomorrow
  7. Story just hurt his hand or thumb sliding into 2nd. He was immediately removed from the game.
  8. How many RBs to you project being kept? Without seeing rosters, I'll guess 21, including the top 15?
  9. Easy pass I wouldn’t say your closers are underwhelming. Greene is tied for 2nd place in the MLB with 21 saves and his ERA and WHIP are both under 1.00. LeClerc should get a shot to close again soon. I am not a Polanco fan either.
  10. Id be giving up Soroka and Benintendi for Judge and Bumgarner. I have Sale, buehler, giolitto, price and flaherty. My lineup is sanchez, murphy, turner, kingery, rendon,betts, ozuna, kepler.
  11. Rich Hill departed the game with left forearm tightness. Dodgers are up 6-0 and he can only pitch 1 inning. I don't know of a pitcher that is injured more. When he is on the mound, he delivers. He just can't stay healthy.
  12. Barnes pitching the 8th of a 9-4 lead
  13. Story just hurt his hand or thumb sliding into second. He was immediately removed from the game.
  14. Sent both of you guys emails. Teams still available if anyone is interested.
  15. You wouldn't be posting on this thread if the manager was the issue. it's simple - he needs more time. Putting a young 20 year old on a pedestal was naive for any seasoned fantasy manager.
  16. Rich Hill departed the game with left forearm tightness.
  17. Couple questions, Do keepers apply to a round? Do you need to keep 3? Can you trade draft picks? Can you trade keepers? Can you trade keepers for draft picks? Can you start different lineups in both of your matchups? You would keep two QBs? Who makes up this trade committee? How often are trades voted down? What place did this team finish last year?
  18. If Gurley got injured I could see it starting out with Brown getting like 60% of the carries and Henderson the rest. But after a couple of games I completely think Henderson's explosiveness will shine through and he will start to eat away at Browns carries. Brown is a very nice NFL RB. He could probably start on a team or two out there. But I just don't think in the long run, he is better than Henderson. And whether or not it starts out that way, talent will usually win out. His size worries me a bit. I wouldn't want him falling into a Jalen Richard funk, where he never gets a real chance to be a RB and is used almost completely as a pass catcher out of the backfield. I kind of think JR could have done more with a bigger role, and I certainly think Henderson could. But JR's size might have held him back and it could do so to some extent for Henderson. I do think Henderson is the superior player though.
  19. GREAT Trevor story hurt now too! Caleb smith, Seager, Correa, Devers. Last few weeks haven’t been kind to me.
  20. I think the same will be said of Kittle about last year.
  21. You mean giving all fantasy owners the finger 🖕 eh
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