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  2. Another vote for Howard. Also, just a FYI. You'll probably get more responses if you edit your original post and include the match-ups so posters don't have to look them up.
  3. With the Pack sitting on top the NFC North at 5-1 there is no incentive to rush him back. Their priority is to have him healthy for the playoffs.
  4. This is a**, but there’s not much you can do if Guy isn’t convinced he got a raw deal and Commish isn’t gonna admit guilt. I would shame the commish for sure because it’s not a fair deal, but it’s also not an abominable deal. Commish seems like a lack of integrity there but it’s not unforgivable. I’d say the best solution is allow the deal but make a rule moving forward like the one above, or something like all trades with first year player must have 50% acceptance rate by league vote.
  5. i'll go the opposite. trade, contract, beast. ink it.
  6. Does he actually want an extension with the Bengals though? I just can’t understand why he would stay with this pathetic organization.
  7. McCoy is not all that great but still the best player in that backfield. If you need a FLEX type RB and there is no history in your league of really good roster worthy players being dropped prematurely, I would use the waiver. Help?
  8. QB - Watson WR - Allen WR - Edelman RB - Chubb RB - D.Johnson FLEX - Ker.Johnson TE - Kittle D - Bills K - Gould B - Boyd B - Sutton B - AJ Green B - Singletary B - Penny B - Pollard
  9. Think you can do it if you need another solid RB help mine
  10. I was the guy who said he was gonna decline. Massive decline was an exaggeration ok, but he will still decline. Ive already talked about it in the Horford thread, but ill mention it again. Hes been playing center for about 8 years now, and hes been relied upon to be the guy who they can occasionally run the offense through, which is why his assists are always good. Sixers already have a good passing big in Embiid, and several others who pass well. Now that hes moving to PF, hes basically gonna be the guy who spreads the floor for Embiid. Once teams go into small ball lineups, they will notice his 33 yr old legs wont be able to keep with the quickness, which will effect his minutes. To basically combat that, they will have to use Horford off the bench for Embiid. But Embiid plays 34 mins, even if they were to cut that down to 31, Horford would have to play all 17 mins that hes not on the floor to increase his production. Then you also have to hope Embiid misses a ton of games. Too many things you have to hope to go right for him to produce. Im expecting 11, 6 rebs, 3 asts, .6 stls, .9 blks, 1 three, solid percentages and tos. Thats decent, but not enough for me to target him for his price. I could be totally wrong about this, but id rather not even take the chance.
  11. I was able to get J Collins at 36, but that was just lucky. But he's the other prime high FT% bif in the first few rounds. I'd also look at Bryant in the mids for solid FT.
  12. Who would you rather have rest of the season? I have Mahomes and Hill on my team already. Should I stick with diversity and keep kittle? Or go all in and try to ride the chiefs all the way to my championship?
  13. Tough call, it’s pretty even. I do like how Packers are running the ball more. I would choose B
  14. Singletary thread is saying he’s gonna get the majority of touches this week. What say you Gore owners?
  15. Yeah great post. Could be a very late draftee that could be a regular starter in leagues that start 4-5 SP. I like.
  16. There is some truth to this argument, but the answer likely is somewhere in the middle. Name value exists or a reason, because they've shown over a large sample size to be good, given the opportunity. Historically speaking, most rookie WR are not this consistent, and so to simply use his current ranking in 0.5ppr in a vacuum is not the most robust argument. That being said, his talent is there, and in these bye weeks I think he's a reasonable start even against the 49ers.
  17. I don’t disagree with you at all—the roles are kind of different (at least they should be but weren’t on Sunday—but LaFleur is a jabroni. All indications show a 60/40 to 50/50 split most games and thus should be expected moving forward. I really don’t see th Chargers fixing their situation any time soon with losing Pouncy. Never know though, NFL is a fickle league.
  18. No contract, no trade, no play. Book it.
  19. Hey man I just shot you an email about the available team. Lemme know if you get it. Thanks
  20. Seemed that way to me too, but he said it wasn't so I went with that.
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