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  2. I've been known to have a drink on a weekday, but that's pushing it.
  3. This guy's a cupcake. Takes 14 weeks to come back from a 6-8 week injury. Who's going to want to sign him long-term after that.
  4. Wait till you see the injury reports, but be prepared for him to be out.
  5. James Borrego hinted that Miles Bridges may spend more time at the three-spot this season than initially anticipated. "We had Miles playing a lot of ‘four’ this summer," Borrego said. "He’s playing a little more ‘three’ now. So it affects him a little more on the offensive end. Defensively, not so much. But defensively some spots when we are in the halfcourt. That’s probably the biggest area that it’s different for Miles. But he’ll figure it out." This quote implies that PJ Washington will see a good amount of time at the four, but Bridges spending more time at the three may affect his efficiency initially. Is it better for fantasy owner for him to play the 3 or the 4?
  6. It’s not but I understand what your saying. Value wise it’s def in my favor but I’m very thin at rb
  7. Didn't say that. He said AT LEAST 15-22 MPG, which implies the floor, not ceiling. Got it?
  8. Yup I'd expect him to continue have his rust spots along the way like NAW did.
  9. As crazy as it sounds I might prefer Nance until MitchRob proves he can do something this year. Nance is a lock for 10/8/3 with 1.5 steals, .5 threes, .5 blocks efficiently. MitchRob isn't even playing atm and when he does play he will rely on blocks, bc Nance is better in every other way.
  10. Any ideas on whether Drew Brees plays this week? It's been mentioned he's back at practice this week and they have a bye next week. What's the word on the street?
  11. This feels suspiciously like a brag post. If this has been offered to you, you should of course have already accepted.
  12. Tevin Coleman vs Carolina Brandin Cooks vs Cincinnati
  13. they just elevated Perkins from the ps ... looking unlikely atm.
  14. Chase Edmonds being the boat and TJ being the mystery box? 😁
  15. Any chance Detroit goes after Drake? NVM lol. I see that's its already covered lol
  16. I'm wondering if Fizdale thinks Portis, Morris and Rabb are better than Mitchell Robinson 🤔
  17. He’s good at football, the o-line is just atrocious. When Green comes back, defenses will not stack the box as often. I think Green is a big factor here
  18. Trading Edmunds, T Johnson and C Carson for Barkley. No brainer or giving up too much depth? Full ppr 12 man Qb- Ryan Rb-Chubb Rb- Carson Wr- Terry Wr- Diggs Te- J Smith Flex- A Robinson Flex- Juju D- Steeers K- Buttkicker Bench- Edmunds, Ty Johnson, M Andrews, Alshon, Crowder
  19. Lets just hope the lions win and johnson does well, that won't provoke a change at the trade deadline. I think they have a GREAT shot versus the terrible giants. This lions team should be at least a 4 win team. Arizona and Green Bay should have been wins.
  20. The Knicks just added Ivan Rabb to their PF/C collection.
  21. I'm in the same boat with Adams vs McLaurin. I'm just playing Terry and not worrying about it.
  22. This has got to be fantastic news for Ty right? At the very least for the very short-term (i.e. this week against the Giants), and possibly long-term if this is what they’re sticking with? I didn’t believe there was much to see here, but maybe there is. With that said, it seems hard to imagine anything better than very low-end RB2 production ROS, which is where Kerryon was.
  23. I like getting Bell but you’ll be left with no half decent Second RB option. Don’t think I could do it
  24. Get ready for the ride boys.... This is it...
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