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  2. .250 avg...maybe 20 HR and 70 RBI the rest of the way. He’s been a useful CI/UT option while Aguilar and Cron have sucked and filled in for a few days while Bregman was hurt. Point being, I’d hate it if I had to count on him as a starter, but he’s been good to have as a fill-in guy. But he could also thrive in his new everyday role and batting 4th...I just prefer to stay conservative. Might even sell high in a month or two if he keeps this up.
  3. I would do that trade. It's confirmed Meadows doesn't have a severe finger injury (no surgery required) so he should be back in 10-14 days. I own him and have been watching him play. He was seeing the ball amazing. Add Glasnow to the mix? Ship it. I'm skeptical the other guy would even accept that though.
  4. not robles rosario Kb bregman segura buxton the rest id have no issue dealing for him if you want to acquire him and obv you prob have a few guys in mind
  5. Happened to a team in my league. He clicked on the start active players button and it fixed it for him.
  6. It may, but it also could be a break out... he's going to regress, no doubt, but even if he does, the guy is a 20/20 guy and that was before this year and it looks like he took a step forward, Not many 20/20 guys out there growing on trees.
  7. Cant see team, but most definitely!! Unless I am missing something on Mookie or Berrios.
  8. When I dropped him I hit the drop button super hard and it felt really good.
  9. I think the best way to approach it is a package deal. It makes everything look a bit juicier. Maybe like Anderson and a mid rotation starter for an under performing ace (Like Nola or Kluber). I'm not sure if you're going to get enough back in a 1 for 1 deal. Obviously, you can to get an ace for Anderson alone, but I doubt it gets it done.
  10. NOBODY can give you an answer for this, you need to see which teams in your league need ss/middle infield help and target those teams starting arms. you better do it quick, regression may hit hard for him
  11. Still in the line up though I'll take that
  12. That doesn't sound like a bad idea, as long as Meadows isnt out too long. I think Glasnow has turned the corner.
  13. curious ppl's thoughts on seags thus far? Have been on his bandwagon for years and I can't tell if I'm underwhelmed or just had too big of expectations. Of course he's coming off a missed year. Am I being too harsh?
  14. I need more runs, HR, and SB's and was offered Mookie Betts for my Jose Berrios - take it?
  15. This. If you're using the app for setting lineups, you're doing it wrong.
  16. I think I might like McNeil the best because I have more faith in him continuing to produce and love his positional eligibility. Franco definitely could be a solid contributor as well, but moreso a power guy than a BA/runs guy. Dansby is easily number 3 here.
  17. Seriously? Move him to the DL or don't play him
  18. So is he bullpen bound now? Haven’t heard anything officially. Has anyone else?
  19. Team in sig. What bat from my team would be a fair offer for R Ray? Could use another SP, but dont want to overpay.
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