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  2. Got more PFs than points and minutes so far. Great start for my number 6 overall.
  3. Spurs won't play him big mins this early in the season, will slowly increase his mins and pace themselves to peak for playoff.
  4. Dude's gonna get his whether he starts or comes of the bench. Feel sorry for the dudes who were bailing on him already
  5. he had 5 in the first quarter and then nothing Is it just Luka taking the usage
  6. boo this man! He prob makes cook valuable again. He’s got ginn. Threw for +300 yards week 1 vs hou. I believe
  7. Pissed me off! Didn’t look interested today at all!
  8. He missed all of last season. Pop wanting him for the long run. Rather this than DNP Coach Decision.
  9. Depends on your team, but overral Porter Jr. more already player (will fill those stats nicely across the board) help me out please!
  10. Yeah I think that's a fair trade. I really like Stills without Fuller there.
  11. It's just wild man you want a guy who isn't good from 3, or as you like to say "not bad" since that sounds better for your argument, to shoot more of them. Yet you call me foolish.
  12. Or is this it?

  13. I've added/dropped/picked back up like 3 times. Maybe he sticks this time. He strikes me as a knucklehead just a bit. Hopefully he can actually begin his season this week.
  14. Scared of fouling that's all, it will click for him very soon.
  15. I wish I had more confidence in their rotations.
  16. If you're playing him, wow your QBs suck lol - esp against NE this will be ugly
  17. So how valuable is he when he returns? He doesn't have much to throw to besides Thomas and Kamara, in fact almost nothing. I wouldn't play him unless my other QB was weak. He will have a blowup week here or there, but the old Brees is gone.
  18. The trades on Tuesday helped my team including Courtland Sutton, whom I’m starting. But I have one slot open, and with the trades, which WR out of those 3 would you start? Please list because weather/rain is in the forecast for 2 of them. WHIR Thanks!
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