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  2. Man...I’m glad he was able to finish the game under his own power but damnit. He was pitching so smoothly until that happened.
  3. Traded Osuna/Tatis Jr. for Thor and picked up Brasier off waivers with my corresponding move.
  4. Rockies starter rocked in the minors so of course his first start is probably 6 shutout innings on a 3 hitter
  5. He walked too! 3-3, 3 2B, BB
  6. Agree. But the ownership numbers were low coming into this week.
  7. Carlos Santana almost wrecked another pitcher on a play he should have taken himself. Adam Cimber had to dive to tag the bag with his glove hand an instant before (lefty).
  8. justus sheffield being called up friday
  9. is Ponce de Leon just up for a spot start or is he staying in the rotation. anyone watching him?
  10. “Metrics that matter” Gives us a metric that is half full of no namers and only 4/15 studs. Lol.
  11. Bellinger needs to blast one tonight.
  12. Soroka is better suited as a fixture in your lineup rather than a waiver tout. He's good as hell.
  13. 12 teams 6x6 redraft who would you rather have ros?
  14. i cant imagine them letting him go over 140-150 Innings.
  15. 70 pitches or a blister, whichever comes first.
  16. I started this thread. I’d understand if my posting privileges were revoked for a few days.
  17. Whoever joins must also be willing to communicate over whatsapp group chat as we will not be using yahoo league chat
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