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  2. 1- Both of those guys pitched a ton this week. They both had pitched in 3 out of the previous 4 games, including 2 straight, heading into Monday nights game and were unavailable. The 9th inning was a low leverage, 3 run lead against a mediocre opponent. 2- It was not a save situation in Tuesday night’s game (score was 5-1) in the 8th inning when Pagan began to warm up. The Royals tacked on a run late in the 8th inning to make it a save situation. Pagan was already up and loose in the pen and once again, the 9th inning was a low leverage, 3 run lead against a mediocre opponent. 3- Pagan doesn’t have nearly as good of stuff as either Alvarado or Castillo. Pagan’s FB sits at 93-94 mph to go with an above average slider and a mediocre curveball that he hardly uses. Alvarado’s FB sits at 99 mph with inhuman amounts of movement to go with a heavy sinker and an outstanding slider. Castillo’s FB sits at 98 mph with excellent command to go with a heavy sinker and an outstanding slider. Pagan is not going to be the closer in St. Pete as long as these two guys are around.
  3. Mostly irrelevant with how far of an outlier D Williams is, but also, you're fibbing: Damien has 240 touches, Saquon comparable at 252. Conner only a bit more at 302. Breida 306. Chubb less at 212. Also, comparing Hunt in 2018 and D Williams in 2018 on the same team had Hunt = 0.99 and D Williams = 1.35. And back to Drake...on even less touches than Drake or D Williams or Gore or anyone else, Drake's biggest competition in the backfield this coming year is Ballage, who scored 0.78 fantasy points per touch last year, which is very bad, far below average, and down in the awful Carlos Hyde low-level backup territory.
  4. Do playoff stats count toward our fantasy baseball season?
  5. then wtf is he doing in the 9th lmao this usage is puzzling since they have alvarado and castillo
  6. Honestly, Pagan profiles much better as an opener than he does as a closer... at least on this Rays team. In fact, he was used as an opener in a AAA game last week.
  7. Just a friendly warning that there is a person named Ian Tayek who is scamming people in the fantasy community. Known email addresses:, He takes your money and doesn't pay the winners. Avoid him at all cost.
  8. Huh? Shaw had an OBP of over 100 points higher than average last year. He’s not some free swinging hack. Gallo is a very unique hitter nobody really compares to him.
  9. 7 walks and 1 strikeout the last 3 games. His plate discipline transformation has been incredible.
  10. Me. Automatic Greg Holland gets his 5th save.😎
  11. He's ice cold right now, but his average is now down to where it was kind of expected to be (~.270) so maybe he'll start hitting again soon
  12. MJJ, I cannot assist your reading comp: in the statistic that you heavily maligned? Yes, the most efficient RB on record in human history. Again, do with that info what you will, but please, stop pretending that it didn’t happen. It’s unseemly.
  13. Besides history supporting the notion that most QB's fail and never improve much, there have been some good arguments presented in the Allen thread. I also don't think any improvement from Allen, if he does improve, helps any of the Bills RB's to catch more balls. Allen's first instinct is to run and that likely won't change.
  14. Ya if by good hitter you mean poor man's Gallo minus the walks
  15. Don't worry guys, he will be DLed retroactively.
  16. Aaaaaand D. Williams has less career touches than anyone on your list. Including the 2018 rookies 🤣
  17. I feel like the RW writer opinion/analysis has gotten worse over the last couple years. Rarely are opinions unbiased or intelligent. Straight up slanted bias and often times completely ridiculous with no facts to support them.
  18. Hit his 5th tonight. Has a .259-11-5-15 line in 58 ab.
  19. I liked what a saw. His line looks worse than he was. A couple of broken bat singles, infield singles, and weak singles did not help. I think he is likely a must start at home and a good start against weak teams on the road.
  20. Ya, he was so overrated coming into the season. The next Yelich my a**
  21. I think Pat the Bat Valvika has that on lock. Garrett and Rodgers can fight over back seat on the Colorado Springs AAA bus.
  22. we were all so thrilled to have this guy a couple weeks ago. what's the optimism level now?
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