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  2. My league may be the one for you guys. Its a 10 team H2H snake redraft on ESPN at 6PM EST. 8-CAT. I've got 4 spots left. We are experienced active competitive players but have free admission. $50 prize money for the winner. If interested come join us.
  3. IDK, aside from the Fournette outlier, they have kept rushing yard averages pretty low. Especially the last two games. Fournette skewed it a lot. They do give up decent points on RB dump passes though, but doesn't that potentially favor Dame? I got Mahomes playing tonight so I hope for a good game (even though Denver is my team, so Denver still winning 🤣) but I'm a little worried with him hobbled that he won't produce at normal levels.
  4. My main hoops league typically has the previous season's winners drafting last. I've won that league countless times, and can assure you, it's pretty awesome drafting from the hook (last pick, first round). In fact, I generally prefer to draft from 11 or 12 in a 12 teamer than get a middle of the round pick. It simplifies your decision making, where you're not going to let a guy you want go because he surely won't come back to you, whereas drafting from the middle that's a bigger temptation. You need to have a good eye for when to draft injured players/load management guys like Leonard, PG13, Kyrie, etc. You can often start position or category runs by taking two guys of the same archetype. There is no doubt that you need to recoup some of the value lost from drafting outside of the "top tier of the top tier" but if you're diligent and prepared, it's definitely feasible.
  5. i only laughed at your comment because it might actually be true lol cheers
  6. Im a die-hard Cowboys fan and if Philly is smart they will run the ball over and over this Sunday. The Cowboys are not good at stopping the run. The front four has been very called "Hot Boyz" lol.
  7. Very much agree with the guy above. I think Jacobs is set to be a top 25 pick for the next 2-3 years as a workhorse in OAK. If you think you have a shot after the trade to win it all, do it. Just have to be realistic.
  8. Faking injury is the only leverage the terrible cba gives players in the nfl.
  9. I look at it like this, if you take that deal you have a potential WR1 and RB1. If Melvin can get back to where he was a couple of years ago and even last year before his injury. The numbers he can produce can make up for the loss of Chubb. Hill is a set and forget WR1 on what's been one of the better offenses over the past couple of years. I would actually make the trade. I know people are saying play it safe here, but I'd take a chance. I don't care about Hunt though. Now, here is the caveat...I just got a CBS notification saying Mahomes ankle is a big deal. So, maybe hold off until there is clarity there. I would not trade for Hill if Mahomes is not throwing the passes.
  10. What you have set is the best lineup. p.s. Singletary wont be splitting very long.
  11. Guys on my "grab to keep on my bench while they play this week" list: Pettis Humphries A. Wilson Meyers Jaron Brown Walton Darrell Henderson (prob owned)
  12. Shady or Hyde, but leaning Shady. I like any piece of chiefs offense. However, Hyde just blew up and he's their best RB. Stick with Shady though. Texans don't run as much as they should.
  13. 9ers run the ball way too much and play lights out D. Would love for it to happen butttttttttt...........
  14. Crowder. Game script will force jets to throw and crowder will be the safety blanket. Help with mine?
  15. Another vote for Crowder. Here's mine:
  16. To be fair, Walton has done just as much w his touches this year as drake. I’m not saying he’s better, but he is performing decently and will certainly be cheaper for a team in full rebuild. Plus he’s the hometown kid people like to root for. That team needs all the feel good it can get.
  17. Nah, Cubbrock is a stud. Plus SD o-line is just atrocious.
  18. Yea I think it's fine the way you have it. But...if you want to try something, sneak Singletarry in there at flex in place of Freeman. Otherwise, stick with it.
  19. Dolphins can't give Drake too many touches or he will score a TD. Dolphins don't want that. Dolphins are tanking. Why would they give Drake tons of touches when he is a threat to score from anywhere on the field. They give him enough touches to keep him active but not enough to let him have an impact on the game.
  20. Hunter Henry worked for me, haha (but obviously a unique situation)
  21. While I agree it's nice to have bigs that shoot FT well, I always feel like it's overblown a bit. As an example, I drafted a team last night in a mock draft that included Drummond and Whiteside. The team FT% sat at 78%. That's not going to win you the category by any means, but it is certainly going to get you middle of the pack.
  22. It really depends on if you're looking more to win now and turn around from 3-3, or setup for the future. IMH you are upgrading for this season if you make the trade. Allen has the great schedule moving forward, but Russel is having an MVP season and you are upgrading at TE greatly. Conversely, for the future Jacobs could be a stud at RB for years and Allen could be a great keeper as well. Either way, you have the depth at RB to make the trade and try and turn this season around. I'd make the trade. Mine:
  23. Drake is far superior and didn’t sniff being an RB2 this year FWIW.
  24. If those are your tight ends, 100% do this. You get the current qb1 and the established TE1 with white thrown in as a softener as well. I like it. help with mine?
  25. I won my league last year drafting Steph at 7. So it is certainly possible but requires more meticulous planning (selecting undervalued players in the mid-late rounds, staying active on the waiver wire, and making shrewd trades). Your margin of error and freedom to take your foot off the gas are much lower. I accidentally autodrafted one of my leagues this year (ironically ended up with Steph again at 4) and I'm picking 12th in my main league this week.
  26. STOP RUNNING OUT OF THE DAMN SHOTGUN SANS FULLBACK. Go ahead and repeat that incantation to yourself 100 times Bears brass. Firmly on the bench but a guy I need so hoping they come out of the bye week with some positive changes made. Saints tough on the ground this year so will he telling.
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