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  2. Just checked it's 8.5 compared to his usual of 13.5 to 14.
  3. Unfortunately i'm only following on gamecast so I dont really know but the results looks good so far.
  4. Just busting balls. Bryce is and has been streaky AF.
  5. I would not trade Blackmon for Voit and a closer the caliber of Strop. Aim way higher if you decide to move Blackmon. Otherwise maybe try to move injury prone Dahl for a SP if you can get a good enough player.
  6. It pays to know the Judge! Sure, let me know and I'll make some inquiries with the powers that be
  7. I'm hoping he can trim that K% down a bit from its current bloated 26% and force the issue at some point this season.
  8. Chris Paddack threw 20 pitches in the first inning but is now at 38 through 3 after two efficient innings. Bodes well for potentially going 6 IP plus.
  9. His GB rate is up quite a bit so that makes sense as well with the LA.
  10. His O-Contact% is almost 13% down from last year. His Z-Contact% is down 4%. All of that backs up that SwStr% of 16.8%. Real late on the FB during this current slump. Also just heard his launch angle is way lower than usual.
  11. Playing time for Yandy Diaz likely just got cemented, if it hadnt already.
  12. He's a great player and a great dude with even more upside. What's not to like. The Siakm downer club here is absolutely insane. I just don't get it.
  13. FF in general is mostly luck anyway, whoever includes DEF/K is just their preference
  14. Why are you quoting me? I didn't attack Biggio. I was making fun of the endless sidetrack into Gio territory and not thinking MLB baseballs aren't juiced as well.
  15. I think Bauer is the safer bet, but Sale still has more upside. And yes, I'd make the move.
  16. The beauty of a guy like JRam is even when he’s in an awful slump, he’s still on pace for 14 HR/42 SB. That’s a ridiculous “floor.” Will be fun when the bat gets going.
  17. I'm inclined to think he still gets suspended.
  18. Enyel De Los Santos called up by the Phillies. Looks like it'll be out of the bullpen.
  19. Ozuna has been enfuego! another homerun today for a total of 9. great bounce back season for Ozuna so far. Hes still striking out a lot but overall he’s doing great.
  20. His contact rates are worrisome so far. Career lows across the board in zone and outside contact and his swinging strike rate and GB rates are significantly higher than they have ever been. He's seen a steady diet of less fastballs and more sliders the last two seasons - he's seeing nearly 10% less FB's this year than he was 2014-2017. And he's not making guys pay on fastballs this year, which is normally his bread and butter pitch. I had him before he was called up in a keeper and finally cut bait last year with him and a pick to get Mookie. He will tease you with his immense ceiling and then ends up being incredibly streaky most of the year. Definitely a frustrating player to roster.
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