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  2. a big plus would include salary cap. very experienced owner, will join startup or take over team in an experienced league.
  3. Lol yeah I don't either, but I only pose that question because of the way the news has been so far through 6 weeks. Can't recall of many situations in the past like this where we expected someone to play recovering from an injury and then just barely have any news on the situation where all we get is vague non-answers. Definitely don't think it's out of the realm of possibility for the situation to still be similar around the week 10-12 timeframe. I seriously hope not though.
  4. Let’s try to have some productive conversation instead of speculating when he will return, is Lazard basically his handcuff at this point?
  5. Bad deal. You’re giving up the more valuable players.
  6. Picked him over KAT at 2 in my $200 H2H. I am ready for the RIDE of my life
  7. Unclear. I mean...I came up with the idea. I don't know if anyone has mentioned it to McVay. I'm pretty lazy so I probably won't do it. But if someone does, I would like the credit. In any event, until his ankle heals, I can't imagine him being able to execute the landing.
  8. No way you'd consider moving the draft back an hour and a half is there?
  9. This feels like the stars are aligning, I could see a Doug Martin 250 yard type of game not to mention he has the same hairstyle as Lynch. Just need to see who I'm going to bench for him this week Jacobs or Mack all systems go though.
  10. Take it. You are getting a high end RB1 and WR1. Chubb is a stud sure but let's not act like Gordon is crap. I mean his backup far out produced Chubb first 4 weeks of season. Gordon will do better as season goes on. Plus you get to replace the boom or bust Diggs for Hill.
  11. hes 2016 sproles. it is what it is....
  12. Hey yo. Standard league. 2 RB, 2 WR, W/T, W/R. Having a hard time figuring out the right mix here: help me out and I got you back. RBs: Leveon, Lindsay, Howard, Jacobs WRs: D-Hop, Tyreek, Sutton, McLaurin, Diggs I currently have this lineup going: RBs: Bell and Lindsay; WRs: D-Hop and Tyreek; W/T: Sutton; W/R: Jacobs They all seem kinda similar and I know I'll bone it on game day. Haha. Thanks! WHIR fersher
  13. Ppr i give Gordon and H Henry i get Golladay and M Sanders my team: chubb, Gordon, ekeler, Hyde, r freeman evans, c Ridley, Tyrell, woods Hockensen, henry start 2 rb, 2 wr, 2 flex, 1 te
  14. His issue wasn't really ever looking good(he looked great in preseason), it's getting touches. Ingram has to go down for either Gus or Justice to be fantasy relevant.
  15. Worried Adams owner. Feel like he could be out a while longer
  16. I don't like Shady, bad matchup + timeshare. Hyde has a decent matchup but I don't think he'll have the same output he did against KC. Henderson most likely won't even play if Gurly is in. I actually like Williams the best here. He has the most targets on the team the last 2 weeks. Good luck, thanks for mine.
  17. I’m honestly debating starting Royce Freeman tonight against KC instead of Melvin Gordon III at Tennessee Sunday. The Chargers offensive line, and offense as a result, have fallen apart. Freeman stands to gain good yardage against KC, which has shown it is weak against the power rushing game. He may even find the end zone for the first time this season. I hate to have Freeman’s 15+ points on my bench while Gordon puts up another 8 spot. I’d like your input.
  18. People dont want to hear it..especially aaron Jones owners..buttt the coach said he wanted him more involved after the first game or 2, he immediately gave you 10 plus in ppr, the next week against eagles he does down 1st quarter..when he came back he posted another good fantasy in reality you take both games he has played after the coaches comments and they have been 10 plus points in ppr .. small sample size but if the injury had not happened and he posted 2 10 plus point weeks in a row people would be on the train..since there was that injury inbetween people forget and are shortsighted
  19. His value has been almost entirely tied to catching wheel routes. Great sign for his pass catching upside, but doesn't change the fact that he looks like Reggie Bush running the ball. I don't see him replacing Howard all year. Howard is clearly the butter runner.
  20. Josh. Oliver. Low end TE1 the rest of the way. The kid is a freak talent. He's finally healthy, and every other TE on the team is hurt.
  21. Justice Hill Hill saw his role expand in Week 6, rushing for 31 yards on five carries - the most he’s seen since Week 1. All afternoon he flashed the speed and athleticism that made his such an exciting prospect coming out of Oklahoma State. The Ravens didn’t try anything flashy with him as he was hitting the holes hard and bursting through for positive yardage. His most impressive play of the game came on a run that only netted a few yards but saw him reverse field on a busted play. He outran everyone to reverse the field and if he had one more blocker in front of him, he could have been off for a big gain. The Ravens usage of all three backs was interesting as they were rotated regularly without one of them taking a bulk of the snaps. This could be the plan with Mark Ingram in order to ensure he is healthy for December and January football. Expect to see more of Justice Hill moving forward, you can only keep that kind of athleticism bottled up for so long.
  22. Team 1 in sig. Missed out on Crowder. Do I play E Sanders tonight, wait ti see if Cooper plays, or trade D Freeman for a WR? If trade, which WR group should I target? I know it wont be a WR1.
  23. With great power comes great responsibilty. For example, Darrell gave Todd Gurley a pat on thigh after a game roughly two weeks ago. Now Todd can't practice. Out of his fear for his life Todd feels obligated to speak positive of Darrell.
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