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  2. Snitker decides to play Markakis at DH and start Matt Joyce in Right Field while leaving Camargo's lethal bat on the bench. I thought Camargo was set up for a nice double header DH Saturday. WTF is Snitker doing??? Camargo should be an automatic DH start in an AL park!!
  3. Wendle should start at 3B since Robertson isn't doing anything and Duffy doesn't when he is in. 2B is already spoken for at this point by one of the early leading canidates for Rookie of the Year.
  4. i completely agree that second round is too rich: there are some solid RBs and WRs in round 2, and i prefer to draft these positions. but third round seems solid for both, somewhat of a positional advantage considering the dropoff from #3 to #4. i don't think ertz will regress, and if it's PPR i can't imagine ertz not being a consistent machine from week to week, especially considering the injury history of alshon, the elderly bones of djax; one or both of these WRs will miss games, and it's agholor and ertz who should benefit, though mack hollins might see enough playing time this season to finally trade his bicycle in for a car. regarding kittle, seems like even with the health of WRs being stable, the QB upgrade is sufficient enough to warrant his ADP. in half-PPR, kittle is at 3.06 (ertz 4 picks sooner). i'm with you in that i'm not even thinking of clicking on these guys in round 2, but round three seems at least reasonable to consider (depending on who else is left). i don't think i'll even attempt best ball for months, but it seems like if the bench is large enough, you can draft 3 TEs and have one perform. i'd sooner go vance mcdonald, hunter henry, or evan egram rounds later (and i wouldn't choose any of the top 3 TEs in best ball with that top 25 player price tag).
  5. Who’s watching Touki tonight in hopes he bombs for Soroka to slide in the rotation
  6. It's just preference and probably easier/less work since you don't have to worry about matchups
  7. It is part of their games. Baseball players don't line up every pitch and go run into each other. Oranges and apples.
  8. Depends where it is. This doesn't sound like a good place for one:
  9. Watching those videos I’m not crazy about his swing mechanics. Hopefully some adjustments have been made. I’ll have to review the footage from today’s game to make a better informed opinion.
  10. Team in sig. D Murphy has been taking batting practice, which is a good sign. Team who has Vlad Jr, said he is available for a good SP & 1-2 more players. He needs a 2B & a UT bat. Help with an offer? Give which SP, McNeil or Murphy, & who else for Vlad? With 2 empty slots, can pick up L Weaver & V Velasquez, as these 2 have had decent starts to the season so far. Or just pass on Vlad Jr?
  11. There's your Shoemaker injury - Got hurt defending a rundown, for some reason. Possibly knee/hamstring area, according to comments. Walked off the field at least.
  12. Why haven't you yet? With Judge now injured too he looks to be a Yankee regular for a long time now.
  13. You have to hold. The stuff is there. The command isn’t. Have to hope that it returns with the warmer weather. I’m on board until mid May unless the velocity disappears.
  14. Pedroia won't be coming back any time soon. He has a hard time walking across a wooden floor right now he told Jerry Remy. Granted Pedey would then try and crawl across same but cooler heads have to keep him off the active roster. When he was playing earlier he could NOT go two games at 2B in a row. Period. He was freaking DH-ing with his new half swing only because he can no longer take a normal swing while Bad Back Nunez fumbling around at 2B most games. At this point Pedroia can't play in the field anymore. He can't swing the bat any more. He can't get healthy anymore and admitted it was a major mistake having experimental surgery that ended up failing in the off season. He can't be let back on the active roster especially on a team that has crashed and burned out of the gate this season. The only way he can help the team right now is to mentor Chavis.
  15. No, Pete, don't let the Mets trainers (aka partof their so-called "medical staff") remotely near you if you value your health! (Trainers: "Hand looks like it may still be attached to arm. You are good to go."). I assume the manager overruled them after the inning was over.
  16. Hate to see all the injuries, but it’s basically the only way I can win with the team I drafted
  17. Eovaldi to IL, who is first in line in Boston minors? Hernandez had a great ST.
  18. Im sitting him for the first time this season. Even with no Arenado I think I need a "prove it" game from him first.
  19. I’m not feeling optimistic here. I expect he gets a couple starts against lefties and then gets sent down when the old guy with a balky knee gets back.
  20. Braun as he bats higher and is better overall.
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