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  2. Love the NFL draft. My favorite time of year for the NFL outside of week 1. But dragging the first round out from 8-11:30 is frustrating AF, especially with the risk of your team trading out of the first round.
  3. Didn't he sit against the last lefty they faced?
  4. Learn how to read. I wrote, "And what if CPS doesn't return the child to the family right away when their investigation is closed?". In order to be returned doesn't that mean I was saying the child was ALREADY REMOVED? My premise is not flawed, your comprehension skills are flawed And yes, removal and not returning the child is a confirmation that the DA is right IMO. If CPS is saying the home is unsafe for the child how could that mean anything besides neglect/abuse took place by one of the parents!? If A=B and B=C then A=C.
  5. I’m also starting to worry that Verdugo may force a shuffle that leaves Muncy as the odd man out.
  6. What’s the deal here? DTD without any injury update
  7. Could be three in a row with Lester pitching today. Unreal.
  8. “Last man left, burn the rest of us.” — Brett Gardner, probably
  9. I mean, he's not going to win you any leagues - he'll probably be remembered as the most average player of this era - but you can do a lot worse at OF4/Util.
  10. Yeah I love how people all have these perspectives based off of how they think the criminal justice system works. The reality is nothing like you see on tv. Prosecutors do not focus on using their vast resources and powers to prove someone is innocent, thats the defense attorneys job. Prosecutors focus on finding evidence to convict/win their case. They get promoted based on conviction/plea rates and they get hired into private practice based on high conviction/pleas. The criminal justice system does not reward those who seek justice it rewards those who win their cases.
  11. Correct Robles is the add right now. Buttrey was getting 8th inning duites the first 2 weeks...but it switched up after that.
  12. Is Elias maybe still a thing? Or just dump him for Robles at this point?
  13. I'm not going to let a 2 week sample eliminate what I thought about him going into the year. I pegged him at .250 25-30 HR and 15 SB. Still have hope for that type of pace.
  14. Ugh. Just accepted the trade. Surprised many on here think it’s not a clear upgrade. While Tatis Jr has been a stud so far, I’m selling high on him. Thor will not finish under top 30 SP and Brantley is raking for Houston. I guess many are down on Manny but I think he’s going to turn it around big time.
  15. Dynasty points league. I’m in win now mode and with an abundance of hitting I’ve been sitting Puig every day. Dozier was a waiver wire add last week for bench depth. I give Puig/dozier I get Price/ one of yordan alvarez or Kyle Wright do this?
  16. 12 team OBP roto league. Keep 3 at original round price. Need a Clint Frazier replacement for the bench/UTIL spot. Who do you like: Nomar Mazara, Dwight Smith Jr, Jesse Winker, Christian Walker, Alex Gordon My Team: C Wilson Ramos 1B Freddie Freeman 2B Jose Altuve 3B Vladimir Guerrero SS Marcus Semien IF Luke Voit OF Yasiel Puig, Michael Brantley, Juan Soto UTIL Jeff McNeil BN Clint Frazier, Nick Senzel IL Trea Turner, Austin Meadows
  17. Martinez should slot Robles in the 2 hole and put scrub Dozier 9th
  18. Of course we can't. However, when you take into consideration that his v LHP split last year was .255/.361/.529 over 119 PAs, then combine that with the SSS of 2019, its abundantly clear that he needs to be freed from Dave Robert's platooning idiocy. Especially when Chris Taylor and his .504 OPS is taking up well more than his warranted share of ABs
  19. Agreed with those saying to hold. Outside of the shallowest leagues you probably won't find much better on the wire. No one drafted him as a world-breaker but as a solid multi-positional guy that would be above average for stretches. If he ends up in the .260-.270 range with 20-25 home runs (with outside potential for 30) you'd have gotten what you paid for.
  20. I'm expecting an Albert Pujols level rookie season. Grats to everyone who owns him whos about to win their leagues!
  21. Bump. Discounting both teams to only have to pay for the current season at $35.00 Draft will begin in early May.
  22. I agree with everyone here, I’d stick with what you have. It’s definitely a fair offer, but I like your side better. I like Tatis upside and I prefer Blackmon and Greinke over Brantley and Thor. I was of the opinion that Machado won’t put up the same numbers in his new environment this year as he has in the past, so I’m ok missing out on him this year. Thanks for the help on mine.
  23. Hmmm I could have sworn ESPN had Clint listed as IL so I was able to put him there. Now it is showing back to DTD and I can't make an add until I remove him from the IL.
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