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  2. Listen, is Kamara on the back of Murray?
  3. The consensus this year seems to be there are a "big 5". In other years, the number may change slightly, but there are always those small handful of guys that are a head or so above the rest. I always wonder how many league winners there are that don't have one of those big guys. Does it mostly happen when one or more of those top guys gets hurt? What have the teams you've seen win without a Harden/Curry/Durant/Towns/Giannis/Davis, etc been like? How likely is it for a well-drafted team that gets Beal, Irving, Lillard, Embiid, etc as their 1st pick to be able to win it in a fairly competitive league? Which of the top guys, historically, does it seem like gives a team the best chance at winning? Thought it might be an interesting discussion with so many drafts coming up this weekend and lots of us ending up with picks in that bottom half.
  4. 0.5PPR, 3-3 record, 3 player keeper: Give: Josh Jacobs and Josh Allen Get: James White, Russell Wilson, and Travis Kelce team #1 in sig. my other keeper considerations are Fournette, Devante Adams, and Aaron Jones. Worry is that Josh jacobs turns into a multi year stud keeper. worth it?
  5. I've been offered the following trade: Give: Chubb, Diggs Receive: Melvin Gordon, Tyreek Hill My Team is: QB: Dak RBS: Kamara, Chubb, Montgomery, Latavius, Henderson WRS: Hopkins, Godwin, Woods, Diggs, John Brown TE: Hunter Henry, Herndon DST: Pats K: Butker I am in a 12 team full PPR league, 1QB, 2RBS, 2 WRS, 1 FLEX, 1TE, 1DST, 1K. SHOULD I MAKE THIS TRADE?? Owner also has Todd, Golladay, Ertz, A Rob, R. Freeman to name a few of the relevant players. I'm debating moving Chubb before Kareem comes back, and looking to sell high on Diggs. Is this the right decision? ANY HELP/SUGGESTION IS APPRECIATED! WHIR!
  6. And Yahoo is probably the top platform numbers wise with ESPN still in the mix though their latest "upgrade" may have driven a few people away. All the other platforms are really small in numbers of customers in comparison Source? Im curious because it seems a lot of the mocks I follow, discussions and rankings generally use the 20-game standard, which if the site most users were using was 10 or 5 starts why they wouldnt go that route
  7. Had to drop him. Just for you information...guys that I saved on the roster above him - Sexy Rexy, Jamaal 'the lead back' Williams, Darrell Henderson, and Alexander 'Cook is so healthy' Mattison.
  8. Guys relax...I'm playing against Kamara this week. 20 carries for 140 yards and 2 TD's this week confirmed.
  9. So I snagged Allen off the waiver because he has a good match up against fins. But I have Jackson. They have similar upside both for their legs. But Allen maybe has the better matchup? Which QB this week? Jackson vs Seahawks? ~ Jackson has been running a lot, not an amazing matchup, but the Seahawks can be beat by Qb's Allen vs Dolphins? ~ Allen has running upside. Dolphins suck. Maybe I don't get cute and just stick with Jackson? 12 team league, 4 point qb passing td's, half point ppr. See rest of lineup below: QB~ Which one? RB- Carson & Fournette WR- Diggs & A Robinson TE- Andrews Flex - Mixon or Singletarry (haven't decided" Defense ~ Eagles K~ Butker Bench- R Anderson, L Murray, C Samuels, Dorsett, one of the above flex RB's and one of the above QB's that I don't start. ALways whir w a link.
  10. I think I'd go McLaurin against SF. He's gotten no less than 50 yards or a TD in any game this year and I don't think that changes this week in a passing gamescript. Can't trust a KC running back until we get some clarity. Help?
  11. My biased is funny... drake hasn't been given a full shot at workhorse... but mark walton whose done nothing does? And this isn't pointed at you just saying people in here like mark walton the back to own??? Based on what???
  12. I think none us know, there I said it 🤷‍♂️
  13. 10 teamer. Who do you like rest of season?
  14. I'd stay exactly how you have it. Love Waller's floor with no Tyrell and Freeman and Tate should be serviceable. Singletary has the best chance of a blowup though. Help?
  15. Grab Nance - drop Barton. NOt sure if WW#8 will get you Nance, but no harm in burning WW#8 if it does. Thoughts:
  16. Its a joke - basically stating that yahoo is one of the more liberal when it comes to positional eligibility of any format with the least amount of requirements -
  17. You argue here what rank is better, Yahoo or BBM, but I say in this season Shamet can finish inside TOP150. He is more experienced now and can improve some stats.
  18. 12 Team Standard League. I stubbornly still only have OJ Howard, who is (thankfully) on bye, so I need a dart throw to replace him this week and potentially going forward. Noah Fant (vs KC) - Loved him coming out of Iowa and he's too talented not to have a blowup game or 2. Possible positive gamescript against KC and they struggle mightily against TE's. Drawbacks are that teams are running like crazy on them which could lead to more Heuerman in the game, and that he's simply not looked that good. Dallas Goedert (@DAL) - Played 75% of snaps last week with no DJAX Ebron/Doyle (vs HOU) - Would have to think Ebron for big play ability but he only plays about 1/4 of the snaps. Knox (vs MIA) - Great matchup but Tyler Kroft will be back and will cut into his snaps immediately (I'm a Bills fan, they love Kroft for some reason) Vernon Davis (vs SF) - Would have to see if he clears concussion protocol I'm really just in between Fant and Goedert right now. Thoughts?
  19. The Miami Herald reports Kenyan Drake is "available for a draft pick."
  20. I have a couple of spots left. The draft is this Saturday Oct 19th at 6PM EST. Looking for experienced and competitive players only. Its free on ESPN. We play for the love of fantasy basketball. Very active and friendly.
  21. Really hope he's ready to go and 100%, [...] This is a juicy matchup, if he plays he's going for at least 90 and a TD guaranteed.
  22. Exactly what you're looking for. $50 12 team H2H on ESPN, no weekly lineup lock and 5 transactions per matchup. Draft this Sunday @ 830PM CST
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