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  2. Just traded for this cat. Did an old 2 for 1. All aboard this Henry train. Let's Gooooo!
  3. Let's spin this another way. He was grinding and moving to get open in the endzone for the inevitable pass from Russ for the TD and providing you at least 8 points to the beginning of a 20 point day. Dissly wanted you to have those points and he was making sure of it - the fantasy football god sent a sniper to shoot out his achilles though. RIP my Big Montana
  4. Traded Hilton & HHenry for Godwin. My starting TE is Kittle. Just sucks that Godwin is on a bye.
  5. I highly doubt Jax destroys anyone outside of maybe Miami. And what does “enough time” mean? I would consider it to be enough time if Green has been pain free and fully practicing for an entire week. We’ll see. Ramseys status bears watching.
  6. Lockett and Gordon is a huge overpay
  7. I don't have a DND list. There are guys I won't take at their current ADP, sure. But every player becomes a value at some point.
  8. I feel like Julio gets bashed way too much. Yeah, he disappears for a few games every year but so do most elite players. At the end of the season we will be looking at another 100 catches 1,500 yards and somewhere around 8 TD's. Yeah we'd all like more TD's and would like that 100-1,500 to be more evenly spread through 16 games, but I'll take a few 4-50-0's in return for a few 10-180-1's. I love having Julio on my team!
  9. Great idea to make a run at this guy now if you’re sitting on a winning record. I’ve sent two offers so far- both teams are 4-2. gordon/ Lockett waller/ Boyd (Kittle owner) we’ll see 🤞
  10. Any money leagues drafting tonight 30$ or less let me know
  11. yup to the bench he goes this week...i already have rivers and henry at TE.....i already have enough stock in LA...ill wait until things shape up...hopefully the chargers smarten up and trade MG...he sucks
  12. Depends on the team. Does the Adams owner in your league have good WR depth or not? Is that owner doing well without him or losing games? If he is losing and has issues at WR, then he might do a solid WR2 for him...someone he can plug into his lineup ROS and get decent production. If he's winning and/or has good replacements (say he picked up McLaurin or Chark or something), then the price will be higher. Teams at 5-1 or 4-2 will probably hope to get by and then get a big boost to their lineup toward the end of the season. I wouldn't part with him in that situation unless I was plugging a hole at RB or my TE is terrible or something like that. With the way the GB receivers were dropping balls yesterday, my expectation is that Adams returns as a target hog. Their best receiver last night was a guy they promoted from the practice squad. Adams should be a WR1 whenever he returns. You might try to convince the Adams owner that he's not returning anytime soon, but that owner isn't going to buy it. Right now, nobody has any idea. All we know is that he's not practicing but that he's not in a walking boot and was walking around on the sidelines last night. For all we know, he might be ready to practice this week.
  13. Yes, but good luck getting Chark. I certainly would never trade Chark for JuJu.
  14. .5 ppr and 3-3- I have Dorsett and I would be plugging him in this week as Godwin is on bye. My other option is Djax. I'd be all for Djax but he is still uncertain to play. Dorsett is still banged up as well. Take my chances with either Djax/Dorsett or drop Dorsett for either of the three mentioned? Thoughts?
  15. Hopefully we can get him back as a flex player in 2 weeks. As a Bills fan I can attest to how soft he is, and he's perpetually banged up. He's useless when he plays through injuries, hold him out till he's 120%.
  16. Is this a good return for Juju? Should I hold or sell Juju for Chark?
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  18. Yeah gotta love all the folks coming out with their 'see, regression' and 'always fade QBs' spicy takes. The ankle splits are obvious and there are a myriad of other issues all being pretty clear too.
  19. Maybe this thread already exists but I haven’t seen it. Thought it would be helpful for those who haven’t drafted their official team yet.
  20. I'm going with my RB1 and his backup. I can't risk putting Ekeler or Gordon in my lineup. Couple that with the opponent and I am just going to avoid for now. I wish I had no part of this backfield. It's messy to say the least.
  21. So, in half of his games this year, Julio has had 6 or fewer receptions and less than 55 yards, yet his "floor" is 8 and 80. Thanks for the info.
  22. I will. Enough time has passed for his health to concern me. With or without Jalen, Jax should destroy Cinc leaving plenty of time for them to work AJG in late.
  23. I should also clarify, there are some pretty solid WRs available in the FA pool. R. Anderson, Metcalf, Westbrook, etc. Is Fitzgerlad really any better than those WRs? Especially considering Kirk should be back soon?
  24. Not sure if you post is revolving around the notion of hindsight or wisdom. Sounds like hindsight to me. FFB is a game of hindsight. Prediction. Hoping. Luck. FBB is a game of wisdom
  25. Actually, I own him, but I can see why you think that based on my answer. 😃
  26. I have him, Waller and Hock. I'm looking to move one of them, but it ain't gonna be Henry. Dude won me my game this past week.
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