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  2. 12 team, 1/2 PPR, 3 indefinite keepers. Start 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, plus all the other normal. Scoring is normal other than the 1/2 PPR. I have 5 to choose from to keep: Julio Jones, Le'Veon Bell, Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, and Amari Cooper. My lean now is Jones, Bell, and Henry after reading that the Titans plan to ride Henry this year. But, would either Cook and/or Cooper be better options than my original choices?
  3. Yep, people jumped off at the first sign of trouble but I think it was very premature.
  4. You better have a link or two to cite. Because the is NO info I can find about his diagnosis as yet and wild speculation based on nothing isn't a good thing.
  5. we had someone drop out so one last spot is still up for grabs!
  6. At about the time Henry is scheduled to go off the draft boards...I'd rather be picking Aaron Jones, Fournette, Thielen, or Diggs.
  7. Does this offense w/ Cousins at QB feed the ball to the RB enough? Do they check down enough? I think Cook is super valuable - not sure if he is going to get to prove it though.
  8. Invite sent. Please be sure to check out my post on the league message board once you join. Thanks and welcome to the SDL!
  9. And I’m not trying to sell you on him not being good or fantasy relevant. I’m just saying he will probably have a few games where he doesn’t contribute on the ground enough and to this point hasn’t shown he can be a 6 catch guy to offset that. Somebody mentioned 2nd round. I can’t have a guy 2nd round that will put up 25 points one week and then points the next. That’s all.
  10. People assuming the Titans are gonna be down by two scores for half the season or something. This is a good, young defense. And there are good skill position players. Henry's not a guy you can set and forget every single week; there will be matchups you'll want to avoid (Week 1 in Cleveland, maybe). But let's not pretend the Titans are a bottom-5 team either. They won 9 games last year with an injured QB, an injured OL, suboptimal playcalling and WRs with all kinds of drops. They only lost a total of 4 games by 10 or more points last year, and the roster got better in important spots this year. I'd take the under on 9 wins this year but it's not the dumpster fire people are assuming it's going to be. If you can run the ball and play defense you're gonna be in a lot of games -- and those are two things the Titans are capable of.
  11. I have Pettis in the 7th and Goodwin in the 13th. Ooof. Not really sure what to make of all this. Rather pick Tevin Coleman in that round (if available, James White, Jordan Howard, or go QB.
  12. Christine michaels SPARQ and the Josh Gordon saga.
  13. After b2b monster games, Dickerson's riding the pine.
  14. Spoken like a true Steelers fan. Smack talk and pointless, empty guarantees that come from a place of insecurity.
  15. If you can land 1 of those guys, then I would keep Mixon & have a nice duo of top RB. I know CIN o-line is getting depleted, but he should still put up solid #'s imo. Good luck!
  16. Got to admit... was hoping for Derrius Guice & Mike Williams at the bend... Nice picks, gents.
  17. Good one! Still a distant runner-up, though.
  18. And for the record, Vlad at #14 is pretty terrible. We’re seeing what his floor is like and it’s not pretty. Add in that there’s no stolen base upside and that ranking rightfully deserves a lot of criticism.
  19. I'm assuming many of you are playing in mixed league formats because in an NL only league he has been fine. 8HRs/9SBs in 60 games isn't too shabby for a rookie (unless you are judging him on a Keston Hiura scale) Last 7 days he is batting .333 with an OPS of .988 and a steal. So it's not like the dude is slumping. He also plays at Great American Ballpark which was the #1 HR hitting park in the majors last year (9th this year). The Reds are also out of it so they have every reason to give this kid all the playing time he can handle.
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