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  2. The Packers are good in limiting TEs. They limited Hockenson, Witten, Fant, Rudolph. Okay, that is not the TE eilte. But limited. Ertz managed 65 yards with no score against them, seems like the "top result" against the Packers. But they never faced WALLERUS this season. So, who cares what I say?
  3. dropped him for J. Grant then dropped J.grant again for him LOL i think this guy is now truly legit and with Waiters/Dragic injury prone this kid can blossom by december. After All St
  4. league has been deleted, 4 of us would be interested in joining
  5. Week 7: Titans vs. Chargers and Jason Myers vs. Ravens So I will hold Titans this week and probably next week as they face Tampa in week 8. At home.
  6. appreciate the responses.... if Herro is still on waivers after 24h i will scoop him out.. but there's a new underlying problem if you saw that kid from boston play, Carsen Edwards. shot 9 Tres and went for 30 pts.
  7. Hi guys, Looking for a h2h 9 cat auction draft league to join. send me messages or email at
  8. You gotta be talking about category leagues. Points leagues he's considerably ahead of those guys
  9. I am not a fan of Steven Adams but your team is stack already and it's hard to choose who to drop. Ill choose Mcgee or Adams though
  10. 10 team h2h points league Whos the drop for herro? Also available are: PJ Washington / Matisse Thybulle / Jarrett Culver Leave a link
  11. I will go with Tyler Herro. Kid is going up in ADP now.
  12. Broncos could be ran on the first several games and especially when fournette did, but for whatever reason once they lost Chubb their D has been on lock, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's true. The last 2 games both chargers and titans couldn't get anything going rush wise against them. Chargers rush/yards - 15/38 Titans rush/yards - 18/29 The chargers RB's did get a lot of points from dump passes. Hard to call since nothing has been consistent in KC, but IMO the passing plays more in favor to D Will.
  13. well, there is this kid called Chris, he seems to catch the football quite nice. But yeah, as far as TEs go...meh. OJ did his duty with 6 points during Waller bye for me and he is only still on my roster because we have a big bench.
  14. The safest pick is KAT though Davis has more upside but the risk of injuries is always there.
  15. I did the same. CP is probably better on per game basis but Iā€™m worried about his age/health. He was picked right behind Conley in my draft. Fox was picked a round earlier than Conley/CP and is overrated imo. Lowry was picked two rounds later and is underrated.
  16. His ceiling is that of Steph Curry. Ain't no time to think lol. Go and grab him.
  17. No, we're not going into week 17. I just wanted to put it in for the few people who do. I'm not going to trade him, I just wanted to point out how the ROS schedule looks like
  18. I might pass and hold into collins. I'm not a fan with CP3 atm.
  19. First of all I hope your league is not still going in week 17. So going to discount that last SF matchup. And sure Philly, SF, and Minnesota are going to be tough. Especially SF and Philly . But as long as Wilson is playing at this level you're still going to likely start Carson, and hope he is used more in the passing game in those matchups. And if you're concerned enough to not want to start Carson ROS, trade him to another gm for another RB with a more favorable schedule. But Carson is hard to trade,because you want to recoup low end RB1 value for him but not everyone sees him that way. Aka ppl who are apparently concerned about Penny or his ROS schedule lol.
  20. Nance and Mcgee are my 4th and 5th centers. Already got KAT, Drummond, Roco and Mikal so I really need points and threes at the end.
  21. i got satoransky and im thinking of dropping for this kid. He looks solid
  22. Hi, Just drafted with huge bet. Can you help me this is H2H standard 9 cat 12 players. I got snubbed by point guards early on. Which stats I am lacking and to improve? Pg: Kemba Walker, Derrick Rose, Markelle Fultz, Delon Wright Sg: Gordon Hayward, Terrence Ross, Kevin Huerter Sf: Jonathan Isaac, Miles Bridges Pf: Draymond Green, Anthony Davis šŸ˜„ Bam Adebayo, Thomas Bryant Thank you will help in return.
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