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  2. What if you could have pulled this off?: S Barclay, OBJ, Engram and Tua Tagovsiloa at QB?
  3. Didn't AP admit to it though? I can see reek denying this to the end
  4. A spot opened up, let me know if you are interested. Already at 12 People paid.
  5. Yes, if AP set the bar then Hill just cleared it easily. Add in the history of domestic abuse and this guy should be banned for life.
  6. If I had to bet, 2nd, but it's very much in the air. SS/3rd in play.
  7. What could a 3 year old do that deserves punching? If that's what happened it is horrible
  8. Agree that Saquan is on a level we haven't seen recently. Maybe ever. But in the long run, I don't think spending that pick (and eventual big money) on him is better than putting together a strong O-line or defense. I think if you already have that in place, maybe taking an RB is fine. But as it stands, they're gonna be trying to put together the rest of their team for the next few years.
  9. Josh Rosen unfollowed all Cardinals related social media. You tell em' Josh! You rebel you.
  10. Deep 12-team Sent Marcus Semien Received Edwin Diaz
  11. What's his long term position? Not that anyone could "block" a prospect of his quality but they have 2 young players in Lowe/Adames already in the infield. Someone will have to move.
  12. Just looked at his minor league numbers. I'm not sure about this year, but looking at his BB/K ratio and his speed, he looks like a potential lead off hitter down the road. Almost as many walks as strikeouts, steals bases, and isn't a zero power wise. Only 22 and getting a call up. He might be a name we're familiar with in future seasons.
  13. Basically what I was alluding to in my question was seemingly the bar for child abuse for nfl standards was set with AP. So we can probably safely rule Hill out for the 2019 regular season. Is there any chance he plays after that or is this the end of the line for Mr. Hill?
  14. so best scenrio would be a brian dozier type? .250 with 25 bombs. that works
  15. The draft is the cheapest way to acquire a franchise QB and u can always rinse and rpt exhibit A look at the cardinals, they are rinsing and repeatung. I think you are confusing the talent with team situation. Barley was not the right pick for the NYG regardless of his talent because they still sucked with him same as they sucked without him and the same problems exist as before bad oline+declining QB So you would prefer barkleys talent on a 5 win team with no franchise QB and full blown rebuild with no playoff hopes rather than barkleys talent on a playoff contending team? yeah that makes a lot of sense because all that matters was that he was the #2 pick of the DRAFT not his actual CAREER success. . .🤔
  16. We have vastly different viewpoints on abuse.
  17. He pitched well this season against the Mets, Atlanta, Philadephia (twice) and Washington. Those are the 8, 9, 11, 12th ranked offenses in baseball. I think we can feel pretty confident with him going up against just about anybody at this point.
  18. Grab Alonso. I think he’ll end up worth more career over career than Whitley.
  19. If it's multiple bodies you need than I suppose pull the trigger, but I think you could get a better single SP for Alonso with fewer question marks and potentially could be one of your 5 keepers. Maybe one of the under-performing ace-level pitchers?
  20. The most upside! I don't think pitcherlist is the be all end all for rankings, but I do like that they are updated every week with thought put into them. Currentlly Gausman is ranked 47 for pitchers. Seems like worth owning in any league where you aren't just streaming all your SP spots.
  21. If a friend was abusing his kid to the point it was uncomfortable to me, it's probably not ok, would be my thoughts.
  22. Corbin "Montgomery" Burnes 3ip 0er 3bb 3k Wander "Bread" Franco 3-4 2 hr's 3rbi Gavin Lux "Capacitor" 1-4 1r Christian "Nicotine" Pache 2-4 1r 1rbi
  23. Should he have waited for a worse pitch to hit? Isn't the point to wait for the good ones? If you're waiting for players to hit a Kershaw curve on the corner or whatever for the player to be legit, you're going to miss out on some guys. Even then, it's usually smart to lay off the difficult pitches.
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