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  2. Lucky to pick up both Crowder and Murray on waivers. Love upside of Crowder ROS and Murray with Kamara out. Question is, who would you play in Flex and at WR? Have one WR. And one FLEX open: Crowder Murray Mike Williams WHIR
  3. Of all the obscure player hype trains there have been, to me this is the one that seems most likely to take off and keep rolling full steam ahead
  4. Since it's a double double le league Harden Jokic Porzingis Those are top 3 JJJ WCJ Vuc That's a solid six keepers. Butler and Donovan are overvalued in double double leagues. They are good, but not better than these 6. I can debate more if needed.
  5. I like Coleman for your team, since you have WR covered, plus AJG hopefully returning.
  6. Levert looks good but dipo is playing 5 on 5 now. He could be back in November. White will be irrelevant for fantasy purposes unless Murray gets hurt. What's the rest of your team look like?
  7. I's scared of the match up for McLaurin so I would got Lazard if 2 of 3 GB WR sit. Adams is already out
  8. I don't think that would do it but it would have to at least be this. The other team has no RB after Saquon. They wouldn't want to start Ekeler and Coleman every week, I don't think this alone would do it since MG3 has looked bad these past few weeks. If he has a blow up game this week and you try and sell high on MG3 I can see it. Maybe: Saquon/Kupp for MG3/Kelce/Julio
  9. Who knows.. this kid performs when he gets the chance. I don't take preseason too seriously. Let's see how many minutes he gets on opening night.. way too much upside to not hold on to see if things change.
  10. May God have mercy on everyone’s soul who thy not drafted him. You shall reap what you sorrow!
  11. Thanks for the response! Remember - "True shotcallers shoot on concrete floor with chain hoop" (passionate fantasy gamers do not need money to show their true color 😃
  12. Theyv’e been inconsistent at best . GB hasn’t had a true WR2 since Jordy left. No idea if this man beast LAZARD is the truth or not , but he does look promising. And who doesn’t love a good wide reciever breakout story. Okkkkk Lazard !!! Lets go !!
  13. I would get Harden Kat or Steph, but when AD is healthy, he’s the best. You have a great position with the 2/3 turn as back to back. I would generally draft the best players possible in the first 4-5 rounds as long as they compliment my top pick’s strengths/boost deficiencies. I went Steph then Myles/Siakam in the one draft I got 1st (14teams). Wasnt my favorite pairing this year to be honest but banking on breakout seasons from those 2.
  14. None my brotha. If you had to I’d say grant
  15. Who's your other TE or would be be Herndon? If it would be Herdon I think I would stay put and hope for better days with Gordon
  16. I don’t fully agree with that. I get it and I kinda agree but a thigh bruise isn’t an injury that you can make worse by playing on it, once you have it the damage is done and you can’t make the original injury much worse by playing on it. But it is a terribly painful thing to have happen, so I guess you could play through it but it seems like it would be uncomfortable to a point where it wouldn’t be worth it to me.
  17. Melvin Gordon since its non PPR. Has the best chance to score
  18. The schedule is cakey. If he does anything short of earning the LEAGUEWINNER tag then I'm holding him and everyone recommending him personally accountable.
  19. He’s right, you should grab J Will and sow up this GB backfield. Then you can rest easy my son
  20. Lazard is your best play this week since there is no one else to throw to in GB. Adams is out and both MVS and Allison are hurt and not on the same page as Rodgers.
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