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  2. Starting Homer Bailey tonight across multiple leagues against one of the top 5 offenses in baseball. What could go wrong?
  3. I'd be surprised if he's a long man. I think he'll likely end up closing, though it is possible he'll be more of a 2018 Hader-esque relief ace. The first few appearances will likely be middle relief but personally I think St Louis is going to prefer Hicks in the more flexible role and Martinez in a more set one inning role---which closer for the most part can be.
  4. I dropped him for Moronta so I guess no I don’t have the faith he will. I am monitoring closely on the wire
  5. Frazier isn't special. Nor do I think he should be batting leadoff over Tucker long term. One issue is Hurdle is lazy. Once everybody is back, he has his positions that bat in specific spots in the lineup no matter who it is. The SS was batting 8th all season up until Gonzalez got hurt. Frazier was out over the weekend, so he had no choice but to change things up a bit, but now him and Polanco are back, so things are back to normal so to speak. Tucker will likely be a top of the order hitter at some point. Not going to say otherwise, as he has the ability to be a special player. I just don't think it's going to be right now. Maybe later in the season if Tucker keeps rolling, or next season at worst.
  6. Missing another game today. Also not on the minor league DL. Hope he is back soon. with his injury history the longer he is out well means he is out a long time.
  7. Why is this being mocked? OPS of .872 this year, .830 in 280 ABs last year. The guy can still kill LHP
  8. I have both, but think I trust Stripling more, because we know Hill &/or Kershaw will hit the IL again. I hope CMart comes back strong, but not sure how STL will use him or if they will watch his innings? Would imagine you may be able to offer a 2-1 trade, to help open up a slot for Turners return.
  9. what makes Adam Frazier special. I think the smart thing to do would be to have Tucker 1st followed by Frazier and then Marte/Polanco. there should be guys with good OBP in front of guys that can drive them in. Tucker batting 8th in front of the pitcher doesn't help him succeed.
  10. I am getting crushed this season. Currently in last place looking to turn it around. My pitching has been awful. Who is a someone I could look to move and what should I look to get in return? WHIR. 12 team head to head R, H, HR, RBI, SB SV, K, ERA, WHIP, QS C Meija 1B Carpenter, Cron 2B Profar, Wong SS Correa 3B Bregman OF Harper, Pham, Jimenez, Frazier, Schwarber SP Nola, Kershaw, Darvish, Archer, Minor, Soroka RP Hand, Iglesias, Barnes, Neris DL Meadows, F. Perlta, Heaney NA Whitley
  11. Have the following 8 players, for 7 spots(OF-5 & UT-2): E Rosario, Buxton, Winker, Eaton, Robles, Kepler, Avisail, & G Polanco. Who sits tonight? Think Robles, as he has been in funk. Trying to do a 2-1, to land a SP.
  12. Not if you keep talking about him like that. He'd rather sit out than be called a fat tub of lard by one of his fantasy owners.... In all seriousness, that seems to be the indication as of the last day or two. I haven't seen anything since they said he was going to play in a rehab game on Monday, but I guess it doesn't help that I don't own him right now.
  13. Everyone seems to be forgetting that AAA is now using the juiced MLB ball as well right now. Temper expectations on AAA prospects.
  14. True, but as good as he is, his usage so far this year has made him fantasy un-rosterable. I cut bait last night and picked up Stephenson.
  15. Ya, he had an opt out, Yankees cut him before he opted out however since he was being a headache. He's 33, so past his prime and was good enough to pitch to an era of 4.21 with a 1.44 Whip last year. That's not good man, and you're trying to make it seem like it is. All the teams you just posted have worse options in their rotation, I mean, he's knocking out either Vargas from the Mets who has a 9.58 ERA or Adrian Houser from the Brewers who has an era around 11. Just because you are the best bad option out there doesn't make you a good one.
  16. Because they aren't dropping Frazier, Marte, or Polanco from the top 3 when everybody is healthy anytime soon. Tucker is an ideal #1 or #2 hitter. Not going to argue that or anything. I just think that is days of batting at the top of the lineup, at least for this season, are clearly over unless there's more injuries.
  17. I was wondering to myself why Odell Beckham's absence from voluntary workouts with his new team, the Cleveland Browns, is not bothering me as much as Bell's decision. Then I recalled that Bell has been away from football for well over a year, and counting. Did Bell really miss playing that much?
  18. JohnnyD289


    Minor league injuries. Which site keeps you posters up to date?
  19. Probably put on a bunch of weight and doesn’t want anyone to know. So he’s staying away for now while trying to lose the chunk.
  20. The Reds and the Cubs have power threats, and obviously the Cubs have a lefty threat in Rizzo (and Heyward, especially at the time Musgrove faced them). Arizona has a lefty power threat in Peralta. Obviously Musgrove is going to suffer some regression. No starting pitcher finishes a season with the stats he currently has. It's just a matter of how much he regresses over time, which given how good his slider has been, I don't think he all of a sudden turns into a pumpkin. Nor should you bench him until he gives you a reason to. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being a very solid SP2 over the course of the season. Sure, that's way above expectations coming into the season, but it's not like he's gone up against a bunch of crappy offenses or been getting by on mediocre stuff. His velocity is down, but it really doesn't matter if his other pitches continue to be good, which they have been (especially the slider).
  21. That’s true but I’m not huge on Maeda, I’m not sure he’s really gonna get me that many more points than I can from streaming
  22. Always possible, though not sure why they'd jerk around Hicks when he's been quite good... The RW blurb insinuates that he'll operate as a sort of long-man or early bridge to the later innings, but that seems speculative...
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