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  2. Not sure if I should start Corbin today but I'm leaning towards yes. He's been lights out and I think he could do decently well even at Coors
  3. Shouldn't even have been down there with the spring he had
  4. dropped him last week. 1B are now Walker and Dozier. So I'm happy
  5. I would lean to Winker. Good luck!
  6. It's a weird spot because they aren't worth trading anything good for. What do you give up to get a 30 year old DH? Also, I think the Cardinals giving away Voit who's now a fixture of the heart of the lineup doesn't sit well with them. I want to see Jose Martinez traded to a DH so badly, but at the same time, I can't see a team in the AL who will trade anything of value for him and the Cardinals are fine keeping him to pinch hit or play random days. Sad for fantasy. Can only be owned in daily leagues, probably deeper ones.
  7. I could see a David Price Rookie year like Role later this year if they are in the thick of it i really hope they bring McKay and Lowe up if we have a shot later this season EDIT: Honeyboy is probably going to get the call ala Price rookie season before McKay tho but Natty Lowe def should be on radars for a callup if Choi Garcia etc struggle
  8. Looking for a replacement owner in my 20-team league. It's still early enough to turn it around. Link to the team is below. Message me or email
  9. I just dont get why an AL team doesnt go after him....perfect DH.
  10. I'm in and not sure why we'd need to apologize for starting a guy with >10K/9. Sign me up.
  11. prefer winker in the long run for sure
  12. agreed - held him hoping for starter upside but hes been lousy all around
  13. Seems like 2 people are for NO Veto and the small majority are for the veto. Would like more discussion before I act on this. Any further thoughts from other members? Thanks for your help guys!
  14. did you see this ?
  15. He currently is not on the 40 man.
  16. I don't really think the stats you presented mean anything. If you look at all the receivers that have come through Pitt under Tomlin and analyze their rookie seasons they will likely fall within that range if they had a similar amount of playing time. 167 receiving yards to 824 receiving yards and 0 TD to 6 TD are some big spreads.
  17. Yeah I think that is a definite possibility and would certainly be in a multi-inning RP type role imo...though I am not certain of his roster status, that is only thing (other than performance or service time suppression) that could complicate his ascension to bigs.
  18. funny enough Castro has a 130 WRC+ too. They are getting ridiculous offensive production from 3 catchers.
  19. Wait, what? You dropped him for Swihart.... why?
  20. Your point? Garver deserves to see ABs. Based on Garver's production this season nobody is saying Astudillo should get all the PT over him. The consensus has been that Castro has no business stealing ABs from either, regardless of his catching ability.
  21. May have broken hand April 23, 2019 Bichette is believed to have suffered a broken left hand in his game Monday with Triple-A Buffalo after preliminary tests revealed a fracture, Robert Murray and Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic report. ANALYSIS Per, Bichette was in considerable pain after taking an up-and-in fastball to the hand during his second at-bat in Monday's 7-3 loss to Syracuse. He'll undergo a second opinion on the injury, but if follow-up tests confirm the fracture, he'll likely be facing a multi-week absence. Bichette has slashed .250/.310/.404 with a home run and three steals through his first 14 games with Buffalo and had been expected to make his MLB debut at some point in 2019, but the injury could ultimately delay his timeline for arrival.
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