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  2. So many tricks in his bags. Natural born scorer.
  3. Edmonds so long as DJ is out, otherwise Coleman.
  4. His time will come. Important thing is LNJ fills up the stat sheet when he's on the court. Watch out when the three starts falling!
  5. I am glad I didn’t draft him expecting assists. Preseason was a good indication of what to expect and he is delivering. This dude no doubt is going to average 20 PPG.
  6. Same. I have no clue what Fizdale is doing but I’m not staying to figure it out.
  7. The strategy worked well and badly for me last year. Drafted Markkanen in the 8th which was great. But later on, I had too many people on IL so I lost Mitch Rob before he took off.
  8. I dont think even the bears offense scored more than 12 points this year
  9. Last year Alex Collins was a 3rd round fantasy draft pick and plodded to a 3.6 YPC over 10 games. He was then supplanted by undrafted rookie Gus Edwards, who finished the season at 5.2 YPC and provided RB2 value at the end of the season. Alex Collins is now out of football. Phillip Lindsay was also a UDFA who overtook 3rd rounder Royce Freeman. Ekeler went undrafted. Chris Carson was a 7th round pick. Sometimes these guys just need a chance to show what they can do.
  10. Elfrid Payton making DSJ and Trier (lol) and Ntinlika (lol) forgettable.
  11. What about Mccoy and Miles Sander or Walton for Stills and E Sanders? Think that would have a shot or no?
  12. It was mentioned on probably every page during the preseason
  13. I'd love to see some links, because EVERY article and prediction I saw had Johnson as something between about the 5th and 10th best fantasy RB. People were all over this guy, ooooh new coach, great new mobile QB, they're going to "use him right" now, a lot of touches and on and on and on. Funny how quiet they are now lol But I don't buy that he is sailing off into the sunset and suddenly the "Edmonds era" has begun. People are as usual way overreacting to one or two big weeks by a guy
  14. The perfect landing spot for him would be Chicago. Think about it...with an offensive guru in nagy and a rocket arm in trubisky, theres no limit to his upside.
  15. Freeman has had a nice floor this season but I'd start McLaurin easily over him right now.
  16. Where the hell is the INJ tag Yahoo, he's supposedly out until the end of October.
  17. Yeah I don't get it either. Mattison is a solid cuff and he's actually available in half my leagues. Edmonds is currently an RB1 with DJ out and still a flex with DJ.
  18. Grabbed him - monster steals and assists guys. Poor mans westbrook. He’s gonna be starting soon. Run don’t walk!!
  19. Not bad at all playing against opponents’ 2nd unit, around 25min a game... he will be fine 3rd pg in your team
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