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  2. Hey friends, Who (RB/WR) is Hunter Henry worth in a 12 team std. league with 5pt bonus for 80 receiving yards??? I already have Hooper and Henry just put up the best TE game of the year so I am trying to sell. I have offers out for Lindsay, Coleman and Michel - no bites so far. I could really use a RB but also open to WR. Let me know what you think, thanks! WHIR+ thoughts.
  3. tough looks now that Rivers' boyfriend hunter is back
  4. One of our owners departed suddenly after last night's live draft. He actually has a good team (Luka Doncic, Lonzo, Jonas Valenciunas., Kuzma, etc.). With the season starting in a week, we want to be fully loaded and ready to go. We are a 12-team Keeper in H2H Each Category format. We've been together for over a decade and end up replacing 1 or 2 owners every year. Here is the link to the league. If interested in taking over the team "Not Trading Luka," please leave your email address below so you can receive an invite. Thanks. The Commish League:
  5. This plus Godwin has less competition for targets.
  6. thinking about striking while the iron is hot/he is still healthy and moving him for value but have the feeling we could be in for the mother of all pop offs
  7. Yeah but they always try and get CMac going on the ground. The Cardinals have no intention of forcing that with Edmonds, so DJ might bang into Suh and Vita Vea but Edmonds will be running patterns against the corners. He's more of a reciever for them. And given that Arians seems to be struggling with the turnover issue, you could see some goal line passing scenarios.
  8. We should send a Grand Marnier care package to the Pats with Gordon's name on it. Obviously he's not the same talent without his fuel.
  9. This backfield is not friendly, its Russian roulette at this point. I have both mccoy and damien, this may hurt to hear but I think mccoy is taking the backfield.. damien is a version of tarik cohen that's the best way to view him. And shady is shady simple as that .. damien has more upside due to receptions and the type of routes he runs whereas mccoy will probably be a flex type rb solid but not great just average ..all in all this backfield needs an injury to happen quick awful to say
  10. Jameis gonna Jameis. Single handedly preserving his fantasy value through garbage time scenarios he himself created.
  11. I currently have Dak with Brees waiting to return. Have made some trades and team looking a lot better now but I need to put together a win streak. Looking ahead to week 8 (Dak bye week, Brees probably not back) i can stash J. Allen or Stafford for free right now. Allen vs Philly, Stafford vs G-men week 8. What do you think? Also, if I grab Allen, is he worth a start over Dak next week, with Amari banged up and the Cowboys looking like a mess right now? Allen gets the Dolphins. Thanks!
  12. All but TB. Looking at what they did to CMC yesterday had me impressed. He did fine from a fantasy perspective, but not real life. Chase could probably produce with volume, but it is scary how bad Tampa made CMC look. That was the second time this year they made him look bad.
  13. Hyde caught 59 balls just 2 season ago. I know Houston probably won't throw that many to all their RBs combined, but Hyde is a capable receiver out of the backfield. Wouldn't mind seeing 3-4 catches/game.
  14. In terms of positions have people had success dominating in one area and going for value in the other? For example i have 11th pick in a 10 cat 12 team league with DD. I could realistically start out with Drummond Vucevic Capela and Aldridge, and end up with guards like Lonzo morant smart Murray etc. I’d lock down fg rebounds blocks double doubles steals and be ok at assists. Is a team like that effective or is it better to be somewhat balanced in the early rounds?
  15. 14 team league, 0.5 PPR My overall record: 3-3 (I already won this week) My current team: QB: Tom Brady WR: Mike Evans WR: Stefon Diggs RB: Marlon Mack RB: Josh Jacobs TE: Mark Andrews Flex: David Montgomery Bench: AJ Green, Adrian Peterson, Delanie Walker, Cole Beasley, Mark Walton THE OFFER: Davante Adams for Stefon Diggs and David Montgomery ** I get a true WR1 in Adams but he is suffering from turf toe. They said 2-6 weeks timetable but that is really vague. Is it worth it?
  16. Both have good schedules but Godwin's looks like cake. Plus Houston in Game 16. Whereas Cupp has SF again.
  17. As a Mixon owner I could not agree more.
  18. I am scooping him up in most leagues, especially deeper ones. Unfortunately dynasty leagues he's long gone. Anyone that can come in on your last roster spot and potentially win you steals/blocks is gold.
  19. Yes, I don't really want to double down on Bengals, so I'd stick with Hopkins and hope for a turnaround.
  20. I'm with you on this. Hopefully he's okay and usable as a bye-week filler if he checks out this week as good-to-go. Pats haven't had a need to throw the ball but it's coming over the 2nd half of the season when they start playing some real football teams.
  21. Maybe he's getting pointers from Cooper.
  22. That's fair. I wouldn't play him against SF. Pittsburgh is starting to gel defensively and I'd be on the fence about Seattle and New Orleans. But definitely worth a crack in NYG, TB, LAR, and CLE.
  23. Maybe it’s time for turnovers to hurt more in scoring settings. Who’s with me? Probably not me.
  24. I think it is mental with Gallup. He's maybe thinking about his knee. Because before he got hurt he was looking amazing and running crisp routes.
  25. I was just thinking of Barkley. There may some others but he was the easiest to think of. Bell, I suppose.
  26. Just found this for an official source.
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