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  2. Kennedy is still the best bet, imo. He’s actually been pitching well - far better than I thought he’d do. Whatever magic dust Peralta was using at the end of last year is long gone.
  3. Not entirely sure I get the lack of power comments. Sure, he's not Aaron Judge or Joey Gallo. But he has potential. His raw totals in the minors were never great, but he's always been a bit young for his level and he did have an isolated power of .263 last year in AAA (in an injury marred year). It was .216 the prior year. Those are good numbers
  4. Wish I had the foresight to pick him up. Too late now. Enjoy the the ride Frazier owners.
  5. I know Bichette will most likely be up this year, but which has more long term value in your opinion?
  6. kennedy -- who has a save, great ratios and been speculated as closer candidate earlier in season -- ended up losing the game giving up a walk off single in the 10th. barlow pitched in the 9th of a tie game, K'd 2 and allowing only 1 H, 0 ERs. anyone think barlow might get next SVO?
  7. My guess is we see the Rangers “give him a break from closing” and try to get him right in lower leverage situations. Kelley should get the opportunities in the meantime. If LeClerc can get right, he’ll be given every opportunity to get his job back.
  8. Just picked him up in my save hungry money league no harm no foul if it don’t happen, but we will see
  9. Would have to think so. LeClerc had no business keeping the closer's role after the two meltdowns against Arizona honestly.
  10. LeClunk for the Hold lol. HR and 4 walks. That’s how you hold a lead fellas!
  11. At least Leclerc got credit for the Hold before I jettison him to waivers.
  12. I give Leclerc credit for actually coming out of the dugout after they got the win. Figured he was crying in the shower in fetal I am.
  13. If he can relax and stop trying to do too much he'd be a lot better. He should really talk to a sports psychologist, do some more yoga and focus on his breathing. He's full of testosterone and just always wanting that feeling of a homerun.
  14. Man. Good points. I just heard so much hype. My fault.
  15. Yeah, I’m really kicking myself for investing in him too. The warning signs were most definitely there - high bb/9 combined with high fly ball rate pitching in a little league stadium = high volatility.
  16. I never expected Jose LeClerc to last this long into the season as closer but today has to be the final straw
  17. That’s one of the most infuriating things to me. And now Kelly gets the easy Chirinos out and the save. Fml.
  18. sagrim

    Ty France

    Went 2-3 today with 2 bombs.
  19. Barnes owners trying to find something wrong with Braiser's latest save...…..
  20. I ditched him last week. Writing was on the wall. I've been worried about him since spring.
  21. Totally and then Leclerc the clerk of closers still walks him. 4 GD walks. Bum.
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