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  2. "We had Miles playing a lot of ‘four’ this summer," Borrego said. "He’s playing a little more ‘three’ now. So it affects him a little more on the offensive end. Defensively, not so much. But defensively some spots when we are in the halfcourt. That’s probably the biggest area that it’s different for Miles. But he’ll figure it out." This quote implies that PJ Washington will see a good amount of time at the four, but Bridges spending more time at the three may affect his efficiency initially. BINGO
  3. I don't think Matthews is going to impact Bledsoe much. Matthews is more of an off the ball player than Brogdon is.
  4. -Jonathan Isaac will make an all-defensive team. Covington type numbers. Top 45. -Zach Collins - fantasy friendly game, easy top 75 if he gets the minutes he's been seeing in the pre-season. -PJ Washington - top 100 guy with the minutes. -Matisse Thybulle - top 100 even if he only plays 25 min/game.
  5. This pig has been ruled out tonight......... The fact he's ruled out early is concerning.
  6. Yeah I'm out. I'll stream that position from now on, he'll make you miss the playoffs if you drafted him early and have other injuries. I wish I would have cut bait weeks ago
  7. Who knows if he even worded it that way? Reporter: Hi James. How are you feeling, do you think you'll be ready to play this weekend? James: Sheeeeeeeeeeet yeah. Reporter(typing): James Conner expects to play this weekend...
  8. i don't need no stinkin' 10 magick foosball pernts per game ... i already have a few ham n' eggers on my roster that can deliver those kinda mumbers. meh. but .. nobody out there has the LEGIT CEILING that AB brings. nobody. i don't need a sacrifice bunt, i need a bottom of the 9th, game 7, GRAND SALAMI! 10 ppg? hell, AB hangs up a twin fin just rolling outta bed.
  9. Too much to pay for a Defense. New England is a top defense, for sure, but they've also benefited from playing an unusually light schedule of ridiculously bad offenses at just the times that on top of being ridiculously bad those offenses have also had injuries making them even easier pickings. Their schedule of playing some actual offenses that aren't terrible runs from week 9 through 14. They don't get to play Miami, the Jets, the Giants and Washington again during the fantasy season (the other Miami game is week 17) so you can't count on everyone gifting them such easy defensive TDs and sacks with so little resistance (though they do get the Bengals in week 15).
  10. Agreed....that was the one thing I worried about is having him and Lowry on defense against some teams. You have to figure they'll still play them both together for some minutes anyway and Fred will get any time Lowry is out, so even in a worst case lineup, he should be able to get mid to high 20's.
  11. He didn't do anything in the 2nd half. 3rd q it's because he was too passive and in 4th lebron ruined the game and didn't pass to AD, instead he would drive and kick to guarded shooters like KCP, Cook, and Green. Green I understand because he was on fire and hit like 5 3s in the 3rd but bron played really bad to close that game and made bad decisions. A lot of people were saying Lebron looks old now and he will just rely on AD to carry him, not sure that is the case, bron still must have a lot left in the tank they just need more time to gel with the new squad. It is possible his boards drop, he was often not under the basket for rebs and was sort of leading out for the outlet passes. His long 2s were all clanking, i wish he wouldn't take those, just go inside or shoot 3s.
  12. Also keep in mind if LBJ continues to try to showcase AD by basically giving him the ball every single time they are on the court together, it makes AD work extra hard to create his own shot which means faster fatigue and muscle stress which means more likely he might get injured. If I was an AD owner I love the usage rate but I would worry all hell about it too given his history of injury. Sometimes less is more.
  13. The facts that he said he “expects” to play is mildly discouraging. Kinda thought he would be certain to play after the bye.
  14. Running into the same damn issue with this guy and Kyle anderson. I cut bait on Slomo, but would like to give Grant a couple games to see how it pans out. He’s young and full of upside...plays defense...and is behind old man Millsap....
  15. Woke up to an offer Lavine for Holiday 😐
  16. I thought Hood had passed him pretty clearly and Hezonja was on the rise. Those two factors made me ignore him this year, but he's still available in all of my leagues. He's one I am watching for sure, but I didn't get a good indication that he was in for enough minutes to get the numbers.
  17. 4th round on all 3 teams 😬, 39th, 39th and 43rd, got @StifleTower2value play Lowry on 2 teams in the 5th both times and he actually went in the 3rd of the draft I didn't land him. I feel the 2nd round value reward is worth the 4th round draft risk.
  18. I think pending on matchups. Tbh their defence got exposed a bit with a short/short back court of Lowry with FVF. It worked alright in the finals when nurse started him to start the 2nd halves but they had Kahwi to help on D.
  19. 11 team 8 cat roto league PG: D.Fox, D.Murray SG: L.Doncic, M.Brogdon, E.Fournier SF: B.Bogdanovic, W.Barton, R.Hachimura PF: D.Green, Z.Williamson C KAT, S. Adams, D. Dedmon
  20. Exactly why context should be added to all recommendations here. AB as a WR4 in 14++ team leagues. 10 team or less makes no sense. There's gotta be guys on the Waiver getting 10 FP a game!
  21. Not if you count the Brain as part of the skill. Then AB falls down the ranks hard.
  22. Do you have any openings in a h2h each cat snake draft ESPN preferably
  23. I'd roll all 3 WRs and Freeman. Argument could be made for Henry instead of Freeman. But I wouldn't put any of these RBs over the WRs. Thx on mine bro!
  24. Stop. Just stop it. This is soooo much worse. Through 7 games last year, Howard was top 12 in rushing attempts. Literally one carry behind Melvin Gordon. Through 7 games this year, Montgomery is 28th in rushing attempts. People got mad at Nagy because Howard wasn't productive last year. But he got tons of volume. Montgomery got 2 carries last game.
  25. Tate vs Lions DeDe vs Jets Ty vs Giants
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