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  2. 12 team Superflex Devy/Dynasty startup will be hosted on Myfantasyleague.comWe will use Groupme for the league chat.Lg already has a core group of owners from a few of my other leagues and we're only looking to add owners who are engaging.Email draft will start on April 28th. This is 1 day following the NFL draft.Buyin is $30 with a year ahead buyin (60 up front) to protect draft picks and liqidation sales.(LEAGUESAFE)We're looking for owners who are going to bring great energy to the league.Scoring will be Full ppr & 6pt td passWaivers will use blind bid dollars. It will run 3 times a week year round.Starting lineup: 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 superflex, 2 flexRosters: 30 active, 3 IR, and a 10 man taxiTaxi squad will be for devy players as well as 1st and 2nd year players. We can have more devy players on our rosters but we must fit them on our active roster.We're doing a Heisman theme and having our graphics done by a professional. Matching Skin, League Banner, Standings banner and 12 premium team banners/logos comes out to a one time $8.50 per)We will be using #MarksGraphicsYou can find his work on twitter @Mark_in_MI**DRAFT INFO**Placeholder devy picks will be available in the startup draft. We will have our devy draft immediately following the startup.There will be a max of 3 devy placeholders taken in the startup per team. After the startup it's business as usual and you can trade for however many you would like.There won't be any trading during the startup. There's mixed reviews on this approach, but I've found that it decreases the chances of someone ruining their team right out of the gate. Which someone usually does. LolEmail me at if u are interested. Thanks!
  3. Lol...Joshua. Still sour his 50 td Luck projection blew up in his face a few seasons ago...sounds like he invested high in Moncrief then also.
  4. Just wanted to jump back on this. Because the reason I made the echo joke is because I feel like it's an empty room. Like it's the same as the Jose Ramirez situation... where people think they're on the same page because they see a player a bit better than Simmons. "Yeah I agree he's a nice little player." But I don't think he's a nice little player. I think he's going to approach like... barely under Lindor potentially in the next couple years. Dude has it all as a hitter and is really starting to figure it out.
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  6. Last year Moncrief hardly set Jacksonville on fire. Neither did Washington in Pit, but at least he was a 22yo rookie. Moncrief to me is WW material, Washington at least is a long shot you could take a flyer on if he shows something in the pre-season - but even him I expect to see on the wire at some point. If in a very deep league (16+) or maybe keeper, I'll always go for Washington though.
  7. Interested to see how he will handle his remaining 100 innings or so
  8. 😂 I wonder who’s winning the DL bingo game these days. (Jacoby is the caller.)
  9. Go Bauer and Taillon.
  10. I agree it will affect his run production and overall line to an extend but it won't affect his launch angle, exit velocity, eyes at the plates ect ... Dude is a One Man Show!
  11. Vlad went 2/5 with a homer in his farewell AAA game. Not a bad way to go out.
  12. Mets have multiple legit major leaguers around him. Conforto is a stud, Cano is borderline Hall of famer at this point. Mets 5th in runs per game average. Blue Jays near the bottom. There’s no positive angle to take here with supporting cast. It’s an absolute awful lineup, it’s filled with horrific losers. If he overcomes this in 2019 he’s a legend. But doesn’t change the fact that everyone around him is a total scrub.
  13. The Yankees' luck in the health department is becoming comical.
  14. Pete Alonso is doing better at MLB level than at AAA ... Ball react better at the MLB level than at AAA level because the ball is jacked !!!! And pitchers actually throw more strikes than at the AAA levels DUVALLLL
  15. If Pete Alonso did it straight out of the gate with way more question marks Vlad will sure as hell not dissapoint!
  16. If Yahoo can't link two records together that's some pretty crappy data jockeying.
  17. I just noticed that there is already a thread discussing the LAA topic, my apologies. But I guess looking for responses relating specifically to my roster.
  18. Kyle Tucker 0-5, 2K 2-4, 2B, HR, BB, SB 😮 Carter Kieboom 2-4, HR, BB, 2 RBI
  19. Thanks, buddy. Been doing this for 20 years, I appreciate your insight. You also have to get to the playoffs, too. All league dependant, and how long your season goes.
  20. With Allen losing his job, this bullpen looks like it will be a committee for the foreseeable future. I think after a few weeks of being a committee one will rise to become their traditional closer like Allen was. The one that's slightly favored seems to be Buttrey, but Robles pitched last tonight. Should I drop someone from my roster to grab one them? Can't see any droppables right now to be honest... But if I had to choose probably ERod, Happ, or Swarzak. WHIR 1000%
  21. Frazier to the IL. Expected out 10-14 days. Short trip to IL, what I expected.
  22. My man has looked sharp in the past three outings. Major changes since start of the season. Better control/command. Not a Boston fan but I do make it a custom to put on my starting pitchers whenever they pitch Haha. Very pleased tonight and going forwards with him.
  23. What waiver pickups? 12HR is really low considering he hit 15 last year in a half season. You're really selling him short. It's tough wasting a bench spot on an injured player but at this point he shouldn't be too far off. And not like there's constant updates on injured players. You just wakeup one day and hear good news.
  24. You're publicly admitting to reaching for them?
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