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  2. Seems a bit weak on 3Pt and Steals. Saric would be a good choice over Bazemore. Thoughts:
  3. 1 PPR, Pick 1 TE and 2 RB/WR/TE Flex spots: Right now I have Waller at TE and Freeman and Tate in Flex. Would you change it? Darren Waller @GB (GB is 6th against TE this season) Hunter Henry @TEN (TEN is also strong against TE) Royce Freeman vs KC (KC run D is horrible, but I'm concerned Lindsey will get the TDs) Golden Tate vs ARI Damien Williams @DEN (DEN is great against the run, but he may get a lot of catches) Devin Singletary vs MIA (MIA is horrible but how much will Devin share the field?
  4. Not convinced Ryan Grant would demand double-coverage?
  5. Yah I don't know the injuries worry me for sure. This entire season has been struck by them. Can you trade Conner or Hooper for a low end WR1 or high end WR2??
  6. Snake draft Sunday October 20th @ 830PM CST - draft order determined randomly 1 hour before draft. Link to league settings: Link to League Safe : $50 buy in 1st: $275 2nd: $175 3rd: $75 Best regular season record: $75 Payouts done by majority approval at season conclusion. Post here or PM me if interested.
  7. I agree with above - Assists and Blocks seem like possible punts. Maybe try to trade Rubio for another big to up the FG%. Thoughts:
  8. I almost wish one of those guys would play just to keep some attention off Lazard
  9. Make Cameron Brate again. I'd bet the Hawks would be looking for cheaper options to fill the Disly role, Brate to Seahawks, which would help Howard a little. But if OJ got traded to Seattle, man would he have some huge upside. I'd pretty much immediately try and scoop up any decent TE that got traded to Seahawks.
  10. Lol. I'm not really here to argue that Mark Walton is good or not good, I just think it's funny that you took the time to point out that it's just an opinion that Kenyan Drake is no better than the Chiefs RBs, but you're doubling down that it's a fact that Mark Walton (who is on his 2nd team btw) is not that good. Dude has 30 career carries and perhaps most importantly (for fantasy) he seems pretty adept as a pass catcher.
  11. I remember when Ronnie Lott whacked off the tip of his pinky so he wouldn't miss any games. True Legend! Players today are so soft. 😂 I'm just kidding by the way...I know he needs his toe.
  12. They had Kyle Long's corpse playing RG. They finally, mercifully, put him on IR. He was embarrassingly bad all year (because of injury). Hopefully, they can at least get replacement level play from Larsen or Bars. The rest of the O-line is bad, but not quite disaster level bad.
  13. This is not the popular opinion but I think Jamaal is the RB to own in this backfield.
  14. True, he was around 200th with Clippers in 9cat. Still he is a 3pt specialist than is negative in 6 categories. Absolutely no stocks and counting stats. Maybe he raises the points a bit to get average there. You see he can become even average in anything else? He is not even drawing fouls to boost the value of his good ft%.
  15. 0.5 PPR Who do I flex? Stefon Diggs vs DET Miles Sanders vs DAL Leave your link. Thanks!
  16. GOt the BYE week blues, and I need some reassurance. I can start one of McCoy @ DEN, Peterson or McLaurin vs. SF or Mike Williams @ TEN. Obviously KC is the best offense, and usually Thursday games can tend to favor RB's, but a QB like Mahomes can certainly go against that tendency, plus DEN's D has been better of late. But I still feel like he's my best option. SF has been even better than DEN has lately, and WSH is a much worse offense, obviously. I could start Williams, but I'm already starting Henry at TE and TEN D is no slouch against WR's. THere is also the outside chance AJ Green plays, but I'm not counting on it. What do ya's think? Leave links and I'll try and help in return!
  17. I’m trying to ramp up some WR depth on my team and wanted to gauge Ekeler’s value. It’s kinda hard to pinpoint now that Gordon is back. Was thinking of targeting Cortland Sutton - is this a fair offer? Other thoughts?
  18. Hey guys I have a couple of spots open in my espn 10 team H2H 8-CAT snake redraft league. We are experienced competitive players. It's free as well. May offer a money reward for first place this year. We just love fantasy basketball. Come join us if your interested. Draft is this Saturday Oct 19th at 6PM EST.
  19. He simply won't be able to extend plays anymore. The only saving grace is that Hill is back and he's the only guy on that team that can consistently beat man coverage.
  20. H2H League - 9 Cats (including FG%, FT%, Pts, Rebs, Assts, Blocks, 3PTM, Stls, TOs) Ended up getting AD at #3 - which was a bit of a shock (Giannis went #1 and Curry #2) - I debated KAT and Harden at #3, but couldn't let AD slip past me ...... team ended up as follows: Point Guards: Trae Young, De-Aaron Fox, Ja Morant Shooting Guards: Buddy Hield, JJ Redick, Eric Gordon Small Forward: Kuzma, Fournier, Prince Power Forward: AD, Julius Randle, Tobias Harris. Centre: Whiteside, Jarret Allen, Kanter Overall pleased - got sniped a few times, but overall I like the team - although it is somewhat predicated on Trae Young, Fox, Hield, and Randle - living up to the hype/progressing as planned.
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