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  2. Okay so see him in 6-8 weeks. Cool.
  3. I agree Zion COULD be a top 20 candidate, but there’s also the possibility he’s a top 75 player. I’m not risking a 2nd round pick on somebody who can fall out of top 30 value yet alone top 75. I’ll take kemba/jrue/kyrie all day over Zion
  4. He had a .786 OPS entering the game. I’ll be curious to see what it’s up to after he went 3-4 with a HR & double. Average up to .260. Again, he’s no longer a .290-.300 hitter, but why not .275?
  5. Reminding myself to stay patient with him... don't wanna let him go too soon, a la George Springer when he struggled when he first got called up in '14 just to see him start mashing once we drop him!
  6. PCL strain is typically a 2-3 week injury.
  7. OPS by month: .731 - .869 - 1.022 (so far) - last 7 games 1.848 Top hitter in my league over the last month. I love this man. Imagine if he played half his games in Coors!
  8. LOLOLOL so no new damage turned into new damage in a couple hours. Comical. This is the Yankees, not the Mets?
  9. Almost dropped Dyson this morning, glad I held on!
  10. Finally Renfroe! Glad to see you’re still alive!
  11. Yep, his control was off today. Sometimes that happens with him. And unfortunately he does not handle adversity well at all.
  12. Anyone else think XB is underrated? He's only 26 years old and seems to have found his power stroke. Some might disagree but he's a top 3 SS in my books.
  13. The earned runs can be explained by the weather but the walks are harder to swallow with that excuse.
  14. Too funny. Honestly I saw Paxton's line today and really didn't think much of it. Just a run of the mill blowup these days. Just last year people would be besides themselves.
  15. Got squeezed a lot, that is why the walk count was so high. Should've gotten couple more Ks and couple less walks. That difference would be the one between great start and mediocre
  16. If I’m understanding Sinatra correctly, the fact that they’ve made it in NY answers this question.
  17. Yes. Since the day he signed. I mean Houston only really signed his brother Yuli hoping it would give them an in to sign Lourdes. It didn't but that was how teams were thinking of him. Their father was a star in the Cuban leagues for years too. It is in the DNA.
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